Thursday, November 30, 2006


Friday, December 1, 2006

Episode: 10,454
Directed by: Albert Alarr
Tape Date: 10/30/06

Realization Day in Salem as Lexie learns of Abe’s vision problems, John realizes Marlena is back stronger than ever; Steve finds Billie wants all or none and Kayla just wants the truth.

John visits Bo in jail and tells him he knows he didn’t beat up Patrick and about his trip to Italy. John asks Bo to cover for him with Marlena. John asks him to tell Marlena he’s not helping the cops. Bo replies on one condition, that you take me with you. John figures Bo’s got enough to deal with in Salem. Marlena visits Bo and knows John’s real reason to go to Europe after Bo tries to bluff her. Bo caves and says that John asked him to look out for her. Marlena glares at him and said if anything happened to John, she’s NEVER have forgiven Bo. She puts the shoe on the other foot asking if Hope was in trouble, she’d help him. Bo tells her the truth as to John’s trip to Italy and she rushes off.

Abe’s doing paper work in his office and the words blur on the page. Tek walks in and he asks if it’s Roman, but a surprised Tek replies no, he’s not as white and a few years younger, LOL. He whines about not having any luck getting another job in law enforcement and wants a referral from Abe. Tek reminds him that he worked hard and did a good job, despite their personal issues. Abe snarls, warning Tek that he’s lucky he didn’t throw his butt in jail. Tek pulls the old, I use to look up to you and we were friends card, asking for him to do the right thing and give him a recommendation. Abe says memorizing the handbook and good shooting skills does not make a good cop, what matters is in his heart and he slept with the commander’s wife. He’s responsible for his own actions and the result of them. Tek doesn’t give up easily and informs Abe that the State contacted him about how he feels Abe’s doing after the EJ Wells debacle. Abe knows they wouldn’t listen to an ex-cop with hard feelings. Tek said they would listen to him knowing he’s a good cop with good record who was let go for personal reasons. Abe finally agrees to write up a letter for him and says he’ll mail it when Tek tells him he’ll pick it up.

Lexie visits Abe and not happy when he tells her about Tek’s visit and the letter he’s going to write. Abe keeps rubbing his eyes and bumps into the desk. She joins him on the floor as he’s picking up papers that fell off and when she asks, he tells her about his eyes are getting worse. He’s nervous about giving the brass any more ammunition against him and if he took medical leave, would be the end of his career. He wants to wait until things calm down before getting his eyes checked out. He asks if she can help him out of there without bumping into things. She does him one better and says she’ll make sure he gets to and from his office every day. He tells her he loves her as they leave arm in arm.

Back to the cell block, Billie visits Bo and apologizes for the pictures Chelsea emailed. He isn’t worried about his situation, saying he always bounces back when the guard comes to take him to his arraignment. He tells Billie to wish him luck and she retorts he doesn’t need luck, he needs bail money (opening her purse)..saying she didn’t come down to see his pretty face (and she earns this money how??). He laughs as he’s walked away, saying thanks.

Kayla’s doing some yoga and Lexie arrives, saying it’s too soon. Kayla’s tired of lying around on the couch and worried about how it’s affecting Steve. She wisely suspects that Steve lied for her sake. Later the two share a yummy looking room service breakfast (which neither of them eats) as Kayla tells Lexie she knows Steve so well and can tell by his face he’s in pain and lying. Lexie asks if Kayla could really let him go. Lexie warns Kayla she needs to relax and Kayla agrees, saying she needs to get away on a little vacation…with Steve. Someplace they’ve been before to see if he does remember. Lexie thinks it’s too soon and insists on going with her if she does go. Kayla agrees, saying if Steve is lying, she’ll need a friend to lean on as well.

Steve returns and Kayla explains her cabin fever and Lexie approved a few days away. She wants to go to the mountains and him to go with her. She urges him to level with her. He can’t tell her and says they should go away. He offers to make the arrangements, but she has something special in mind and will make them. They hug. (don’t think Lexie can be in both places at the same time, do you?)

Billie towels her hair rushing to the front door as someone bangs on it…calling out for them to keep their shirt on. She opens it to find Steve, asking if he has to. She’s in a hurry to get to Salem PD after hearing Bo was arrested and takes a minute to clarify the picture Chelsea sent meant nothing and why she did it. Steve doesn’t care, he just wants her to know he still has feelings for her. They talk about how he lied to Kayla about getting his memory back. Billie warns Steve that if she can’t have all of him, she doesn’t want any of him. She dismisses him to return to Kayla and says he needs to be with her until she’s well enough to tell her the truth. She knows he’s hiding at her house as he feels safe, nothing to lose. (I expected to hear Helen Reddy singing I AM WOMAN in the background) as she blasts him with being tired of being #2 and she wants to be #1 in someone’s life and happy…it’s her turn!!! (atta girl Billie…). He agrees and says he just needed to see how she felt about him. He just wants to know if she still feels anything for him and he’ll take care of the rest. She admits to still having feelings for him and it’s killing her. He walks up behind her, saying he’s going to make this right and to trust him. She turns with tears in her eyes and says okay.

Marlena joins John on the Basic Black jet. He tries to get her to wait until he returns before they go on a trip together, but she wants to go DiMera hunting in Italy with him. He asks who told her, but she says she could tell on her own. He refers to her as a psychiatrist/psychic, LOL. She says they may not be married, but they’re of one mind and going together. She crosses her heart and said no sense into trying to talk her out of it. He sets ground rules…no jumping off the damn plane and not to do anything dangerous. She sits down to buckle up and says let’s head to Italy….as John sighs..

BO to BILLIE: Why can’t I keep it in my pants around you? She’s lost all faith in me.

HOPE TO PATRICK: I came to ask a favor. Please don’t press charges against Bo.

SAMI TO LUCAS: What if EJ wants the money back?
LUCAS: Forget about it, ok? I make enough money for the three of us. Call EJ back and tell him you quit.

KATE TO EJ: If you’re serious about bring Samantha Brady back into this company, it will be over my dead body.

As the credits roll…

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