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Friday, November 10, 2006

Days of Our Lives was preempted on Wednesday (in many parts of the county) because of President Bush's television coverage. The show below will air on Friday.

Episode #: 10440
Tape Date: 10/13/06
Air Date: 11/9/06
Director: Roger Inman

Summary: Kate encourages Billie to move on…Kayla’s condition worsens…Sami tells EJ off as she and Lucas get closer…John questions EJ while Kate snoops.

At Sami’s…Lucas has come by with donuts, telling her they need to talk. They talk about what a fun day they had at the park and Sami reminds him how it all turned sour. But he is proud of Sami for keeping her cool and not lashing back at Lexie. Sami is just happy that Lucas and Will are giving her another chance. EJ arrives asking Sami where she has been and why she hasn’t returned any of his calls. She tells him that he is sleeping with the enemy and wants nothing to do with him. He tries to deny it but Sami whips out Kate’s bra that she found. Lucas calls him scum and warns him that if he lays another finger on his mother, he will rip that smug look off his face. Sami shows him the door rather quickly.

Later Lucas and Sami are enjoying their donuts as she talks about how EJ led her on. Lucas asks her what was her attraction to him…was he good in bed? Sami assures him that is not the only thing that attracts her to man and after Lucas shows a bit of his jealous side, Sami assures him that she wouldn’t know about EJ, since they never slept together, which seems to relieve Lucas. She still can’t believe that EJ told her to choose between him and Will. She says she should have listened to Bo, who tried to tell her that EJ was no good. She says she should have known that EJ was too good to be true. But Lucas calls him a moron…saying he doesn’t know what he is missing. She says she is sure that EJ has ulterior motives, she just wishes she knew what they were. Lucas tells her is just glad she didn’t get hurt. He cares about her…a lot. They talk about an upcoming school trip they are taking with Will and laugh about the last one (I think they went camping).

At the Cop Shop…Bo, Roman and John talk about Kayla being conscious due to Steve’s help. Another cop comes with a box of things they cleaned out from Patrick’s locker. They go through it and Bo finds a card with numbers on it. They check it against Eve Michaels’ bank account numbers and they match. Bo makes a call to check on Hope, but she is at the doctors (see below). He finds out that Patrick is with her, so doesn’t tell her anything. He tells her he was just calling to see how she was. After he gets off the phone, he tells the others maybe it was a good thing that Patrick was there, because everytime he tells Hope something about Patrick, he is there to make up lies to cover. This will force him to wait until they have more evidence against him.

At the Hospital…Hope and Patrick are with Dr. Bader having an ultrasound (I think). Dr. Bader recommends an amniocentesis but Patrick is adamantly opposed to that. It is here that she gets the call from Bo. After they hang up, Patrick asks what the hell he wanted. Dr. Bader tells Hope that they are finished and she leaves to let her get dressed. Patrick follows her and demands to know what the hell she is thinking. She tells him she is doing what is best for the mother and the baby. He asks if that test can determine paternity and she says yes, IF someone is looking for that. He says that NO ONE can know that the baby is Bo’s and she agrees, she sure doesn’t want anyone to find out what she has done…just look at Dr. Carver. Patrick asks if she is wanting more money and she asks if he is offering. He agrees, under one condition…SHE do the test and interpret the results. If not, then she is going down.

Kate and Billie meet…(for lunch or breakfast, not sure) and she asks Billie how she is doing…she can tells something is wrong. Billie tells her that she has lost Steve. Billie doesn’t touch her food and Kate wants details. Billie explains about Steve and Kayla still being in quarantine and how he remembers her. She is angry at herself for falling for him. Kate asks if she has talked to him about it and urges her to do so. But Billie says she is just being realistic. She knows that Steve wants to get back with Kayla, she overheard him say so. Kate urges her to be proactive and move on with her life. She says she needs to move on from men who don’t appreciate her.

Billie goes to the hospital and runs into Hope. Billie apologizes for what happened at the pub “the other day” (how long has it been?)…she says that Bo was just being a friend and letting her cry on his shoulder, when she was upset over Steve. Hope tells her not to worry about it…and that she knows that Billie meant a lot to Steve as well…he told her so.

In the Quarantine Room…Steve is by Kayla’s side as she is sort of drifting in and out of consciousness. She asks him if he remembers their first wedding and mumbles something about a charm (I think). He says of course he remembers as she continues to mumble. He tells her to go back to sleep. He steps away and asks what is he doing…he can’t keep lying to her. Stephanie comes by to see them and Steve gives her an update on her condition. She says she can’t wait for them all to be back together again as a family. But Steve cautions her that her mom is not well and still needs lots of care.

Billie comes by to see Steve, telling him that she has been busy. He pulls out the necklace for her. She tells him that it is beautiful but she can’t accept it because she knows he has gotten his memory back. He asks who told her and she tells him she overheard him talking to Kayla. He tries to explain but she cuts him off. Stephanie walks back in so Steve drops the conversation. Stephanie bluntly tells Billie that Steve belongs with her mom and Billie says yes he does. With that she leaves.

After Billie leaves, Stephanie tells him that Billie made the right choice and tries to assure him that she will land on her feet. Kayla wakes up and Steve goes to her. She starts telling him that she was dreaming about the ocean and then suddenly she can’t breathe. The alarms go off as the doctors rush in and she is having trouble breathing. Stephanie cries as Steve goes to her and tells her that everything will be okay through the glass. Hope is now there with Stephanie as she cries. The doctors tell them that her condition has worsened and her lungs are filling with fluid. He suggests that they notify the family. Stephanie balls as Steve tries to calm her down, telling her “daddy’s here”.

Bo meets up with John…in the surveillance van asking if there’s anything good on TV (LOL). They are watching EJ when Kate shows up. He asks her why the police are asking questions about him and she tells him that John is interested and told her to stay clear of him. Bo asks “what the hell is she doing?” and John says “just what I expected” as he smiles. EJ demands that Kate tell him everything she knows as Bo says they need to shut her up. Kate tells EJ that John suspects that he is behind the “gloved hand” crimes and somehow responsible for the car crash but he denies it all. EJ says that it is John and Bo that are on the wrong side of the law and is grateful for her help. John calls EJ and asks him to meet him for drinks at the Penthouse Grill. EJ’s interest is piqued so he tells him yes. Before leaving, John explains to Bo that Kate is working with him…he had asked her to tell him enough so that EJ would meet with him…and while he is gone, Kate is going to snoop around his apartment. But Bo thinks it is all a bad idea and doesn’t trust Kate. John leaves, telling Bo to keep an eye on Kate. He says that he may want to give her a warning call if EJ comes back early…tell her to jump in his bed or something (LOL).
John and EJ meet as John tells him he has been hearing a lot about him. He tells John to ask him anything, so John asks him if he has ever had any dealings with the Bradys. EJ says he has met some of them but no as far as business, however he did just hire Shawn Brady. EJ brings up Kate and John insinuates that EJ is using her. John also asks about Patrick and if he has any dealings with him. EJ is getting tired of all the questions and finally says he has to go. When he leaves, John calls Bo and tells him he is on his way and Bo tells him that Kate is still looking around. John returns to the van as Bo tells him he tried to call Kate but it went straight to voice mail. John is trying to call her as well as we see her snooping around in the apartment with EJ at the door. Bo says they have trouble…Kate just ran out of time…as the previews show…

Mimi (to Bonnie): I am worried about Patrick…what if all that money he had was stolen?...You may be in just as much trouble as he is…

Bo (to Patrick): Eve Michaels as good as named you as her killer (as Patrick glares)…

Steve (to unconscious Kayla): I don’t know what to do baby…I don’t really remember a damned thing…I don’t want to break your heart all over again…

John (to Marlena): Take a look at this (as he holds up a ring, I think Stefano’s Phoenix ring)…Marlena: Oh my gosh…where did you find that?...

And the credits roll…

Meet Salem's newest resident...Nick Fallon.

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