Thursday, November 16, 2006


Friday, November 17, 2006

Episode: 10,445
Directed by: Herb Stein
Tape Date: 10/18/06

Wow, I was on vacation for a week and can’t believe how much went on in my absence to get caught up…this IS a new Salem!

Tomorrow we find John and Marlena flying back to Salem, Bo moving back home, Kayla up and about and our top cops at work..

Marlena walks into a room nervously and screams at what she sees….John is wearing a hospital gown and lying on a bed with a knife stuck in his heart. She awakens from her nightmare as we see her and John are flying home to Salem in first class section of a commercial airline. She tries to make him promise not to be involved in the investigation, but he can’t do so. She tells him to have Bo find another sidekick, but he explains to her about they’re not innocent bystanders anymore and their plane was sabatoged, he can’t let it go. He feels it was the same people that kidnapped her in New Jersey among other Salem happenings. She reminds him SHE’S his partner and he has a daughter too…she doesn’t want to lose him. He knows if he steps back they’ll keep trying anyway and will succeed. That Onyx ring means EJ is part of DiMera’s organization. John says he’s Tony’s ½ brother and know how he thinks. Marlena doesn’t want him stirring things up and saying that she’s finally beginning to feel like herself. He apologizes but is going to follow his instincts.

Bo returns home with suitcase in hand. Hope checks the mirror before answering the door. They both admit how strange it feels. He gives her a kiss on the cheek, telling her he appreciates her giving them another chance. They talk about how Stephanie and Kayla are doing so well and they might not be together if the other stuff hadn’t happened. Cute scene as he asks her where he should put his bag, not wanting to pressure her..he’ll sleep anywhere. She tells him the master bedroom. He asks if she’s sure and she repeats it’s his house too. She warns him she hasn’t changed any of her habits, so be forewarned and he warns her about the things he does that annoyed her will match hers. He smells coffee in the kitchen and asks if he can have some and she reminds him it’s his house too. He goes to get some as Stephanie barrels down the stairs (my, I think her release from the hospital was WAY overdue, LOL). She had already heard about her mom’s full recovery and can’t wait for them to be a family again, just like Bo and Hope are…as they exchange glances at each other. Bo tells Stephanie not to be too anxious for her parents to live together yet, but she rambles on about how Steve saved her mom’s life. She can’t understand why he’s so negative as he tells her they’ll need time to find their way back to each other. She asks Hope for the car keys so she can warm up the car saying how cold it is out there. Hope asks Bo why he’s so negative and he explains that Steve still has some feelings left for Billie.

Bo and Hope talk about Steve’s memory return, worried it might not be true. She doesn’t want to keep Stephanie waiting, but asks Bo if he’d like to have dinner with her later. He naturally replies you bet he would…as they kiss lightly staring into each others eyes teasingly before she leaves. A very happy Bo takes off his jacket and flops on the couch.

Marlena stops by. He asks about her foot and she tells him it’s just a sprain and he jokes about that’ll happen sometimes when you jump out of a plane, LOL. She said John’s at the station meeting with Roman and Abe. Bo’s anxious to join them then and she asks a favor. Can he convince John to get off the case, making it sound like it’s his idea? She doesn’t want to lose John and this is important to her. Bo says John’s a great investigator and they need him on this. Again, she tells Bo she doesn’t want to lose John and knows he’ll put up a good fight, but asks him to do what she asks. She’s not in the habit of asking for return favors, but she helped save his sister’s life, now help her keep John alive. He agrees to talking to Roman and Abe, but that’s as much as he can promise to do. She asks if he has his badge back yet and he said he’ll ask for it back and maybe they won’t feel so short handed and need John. She notices his suitcase and hugs him when he explains he’s moved back in.

Kayla kisses Steve awake. He tries to get her back to bed, but she’s got more on her mind as she kisses him again. We return to him telling her she has to walk before she can run (must have gave her some of Stephanie’s meds, LOL) She tells Steve hearing him encouraging her to live is what brought her back. He reminds her how she helped him too. She admits she was close to letting him go before this happened. Now she doesn’t want to ever be apart from him. She wants to walk and talk and do a little jig as she starts to fall…he helps her back to the bed urging her to go slow. She calls him on changing the subject about being together again. She’s sorry if she scared him about suggesting they get together. He might have remembered , but it doesn’t mean he feels the same now. She reminds him how they use to talk about everything and asks him to do that now with her. As he’s about to talk Stephanie and Hope arrive at the window. Stephanie calls out to Kayla and Steve walks her to the window. Stephanie is bubbling with joy as she tells Kayla how Steve saved her from dying and Kayla looks up saying he’s her hero. Stephanie asks when Kayla’s getting out of there and coming home and the three of them will be together, right? Kayla reminds Stephanie they don’t have a “home” there and can’t rush Steve. Stephanie’s not discouraged. Kayla gets wobbly and he helps her back to bed saying she needs a nap. Stephanie rushes to call Caroline to suggest she prepare for the Johnson family. The doctor tells Hope that Steve can leave any time but that Kayla will need time for her lungs and organs to return to normal and will need oxygen therapy. She asks if they had a private nurse to oversee that, could she be released and he agrees to that. The doctor gets paged to ICU and Steve thanks Hope saying he couldn’t stand another week there. (Kayla’s back in bed sleeping) He admits not remembering everything, just a few things and doesn’t have the feelings that go along with them. He just wanted her to live and worries how long before everyone realizes he’s a liar. Steve says that Kayla senses what’s up and gave him an out. He senses Kayla is special to him and Hope is encouraged, saying he does have feelings for her. He admits waking up thinking about Billie though. He would have died for Kayla and it wouldn’t have mattered if he had. He and Kayla have gone through so much together but for some reason he can’t get this “Billie woman” out of his head. She tells him Billie refuses to come see him. He asks a favor of Hope, to go tell Billie what’s happening and what he just said. Stephanie returns after calling Caroline and Hope excuses herself to run some errands, looking at Steve so he knows she will see Billie for him.

Abe orders Tek to investigate Wells solo, saying they don’t have anyone else who can do it right now. Tek refuses saying he’s a street cop, not a paper pusher and why doesn’t Abe just fire him as that’s what he wants to do. He yells at Abe that he’s just trying to punish him because of what happened with Lexie. Abe calmly tells him to leave Lexie out of this. Roman steps in and orders Tek out of Abe’s office and (go get him Tiger) lectures Tek that while this may be desk work and may be Abe’s way of showing who’s boss, that this IS a big case involving a cop killer and to just DO IT and stop thumping his chest (LOL…that’s what it did seem like too) Abe and Roman exchange glances through the window. Roman and Abe are frustrated as they can’t find the smoking gun. Later John joins them and Roman tells him Kayla’s doing great. John tells them this is personal now and he wants to be deputized and on the inside right now! Roman said it’s up to Abe and Abe says NO. He told Abe he can’t have him going off half cocked and reminds him what happened with the Alex North case. Abe refuses to let John on the case. We return to John munching one of the cop shop donuts (yum, a chocolate one to boot!) as he tells Abe he’s not going to sit around on his terrace waiting for him and Marlena to get bumped off, it’s not going to happen. They have two him in or he’ll work on the outside. Tek brings in EJ’s bank statement and found a safe deposit box he’s got. John’s hoping something in there will tell why he’s trying to destroy their lives…as the previews roll…

BELLE’S holding Claire and asks Shawn “You want to tell me what the hell is really going on?” as she sees Willow in the doorway.

KATE TO VICTOR: What I’m implying is I think you know a little bit more about Philip’s whereabouts than you’re letting on…(cue the “mummy” overhearing nearby).

JOHN TO BO: “By the time we finish with EJ Wells he’s going to wish he were dead.”

EJ holding SAMI saying…”I don’t think I’m ready to leave,’re going to give me some answers.”
LUCAS rushes in the door “NO, get your damn hands off of her!”

As the credits roll

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