Thursday, November 23, 2006


Friday, November 24th, 2006

EPISODE: 10,449
TAPE DATE: 10/23/06

THANK YOU to the new writing team for bringing holidays back to Salem. (Remember, this show is a day late in airing due to the preemption a week or two ago after the elections). Guess the Hortons’ aren’t celebrating this year as we find some of them at the pub with the Bradys, the Carvers celebrate and Celeste confirms who’s behind what’s going on; while Kate’s suite deals with female woes.

The Carvers count their blessings as they’re home with Theo on Thanksgiving morning. Abe sends Theo in to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade in the other room before he explains the problems at the station due to the EJ Wells case to Lexie (he looks great in his orange sweater!). He tells Lexie he needs to talk to Celeste and about the tarot cards. Abe senses Celeste was too scared to reveal the cards meaning and Lexie agrees to talk to her mother about it. He leaves to help Roman hold down the fort at the station to give her time alone with Celeste. Celeste arrives and Lexie asks for her help explaining that Abe’s job is on the line. Celeste tells her no, just like she did to Abe, and goes to leave when Lexie brings Theo into it. Lexie urges Celeste to help. Celeste admits to Lexie she knows who she is and where she came from when Lexie knows the Dimeras are behind this. Abe overhears from the other side of the door. Abe walks in carrying his briefcase saying they have to talk. He tells her she can’t run away from the law or them. Celeste says the best way to be safe is keep their eyes closed and mouth shut. Celeste warns him to think about Lexie and Theo. Abe urges her to help fight back and she refuses. Theo walks out from the kitchen and Celeste picks him up, hating to leave. Lexie tells her to stay…they are family. Abe says family is the strongest power and Celeste agrees to stay.

Kate’s ticked that Lucas is spending the day with Sami and Will, while Billie looks at the positive side that Will is getting both his parents. Chelsea comes out of her room in a dress for dinner and Billie informs Kate that Bo invited Chelsea to spend Thanksgiving with the Bradys, but when Billie goes to call and thank Bo, Chelsea admits she was invited by Nick, not Bo. Billie can’t believe that Chelsea would crash the Brady’s party. Billie tells Chelsea her being there is wrong and it’s Bo and Hope’s first thanksgiving together since Zack died, but Chelsea feels she’s a Brady and it’s her right to be there. Nick arrives and while looking fine, blinking rapidly. When asked why, he tells Chelsea he got new contacts and literally trips when meeting Billie. Later, Kate and Billie eat dinner as Billie fills Kate in about Steve’s false memories and he still has feelings for her. Kate encourages Billie to take action on what she wants.

Abby and Maggie talk about Nick and Chelsea. Abby has Nick come out to show Aunt Maggie his new brown suit (and vest) before he dashes off to get Chelsea. Maggie congratulates Abby on a job well done.

Bo arrives first, bearing flowers for Ma. The pub is decorated to the max with a beautiful table set. Caroline credits Hope for the set up as next she and Stephanie arrive looking gorgeous. Stephanie is already counting her blessings for all she has to be thankful for. Bo worries that they might have caused more harm than good by supplying Steve with those memories, but Hope knows it saved Kayla’s life. She missed him the night before and he explains working on the EJ Wells case and didn’t want to push it by discussing the case when he got home. She grabs him and says she’ll push it, in bed with him later. She tells him Stephanie will be with her parents and she’s sure what she herself wants. He asks about “what’s his name” and she tells him that he’s out of her life forever. He kisses her and Frankie asks if that’s all he’s got (meaning the kiss) and to show more backbone. Bo obliges and pulls Hope into his arms and bends her down to kiss her when Chelsea and Nick arrive. She mutters softly to Nick that she’s glad he’s a doctor as she’s about to be sick. He tries to explain he’s not that kind of doctor, but she doesn’t care. She wishes Bo and Hope happy thanksgiving and although awkward, Bo hugs her and after she walks off with Nick, Hope assures Bo she’s ok. Nick advises Chelsea not to give reasons for people to hate her and when Abby offers them a donut (ROFLMAO, she’s taking over for Alice apparently), Chelsea refuses by saying she’d rather stab her eye out with a fork, while Nick accepts one. Chelsea takes Nick’s advice and thanks Ma and Pa for letting her stay. Caroline says she’s welcome and she and Pa walk away. Chelsea says “what a cow” and Abby explains why should she be nice to her, she’s always rude. Chelsea spits back they can’t all be little donut makers. Abby justifies that she’s grateful to be included as she misses her parents and little brother and walks away. Wise Nick tells Chelsea “way to win friends and influence enemies.” Chelsea says “they never give me a chance” and Nick tells her “THIS is your chance, don’t blow it.”

Max arrives with Mimi, explaining her family isn’t celebrating Thanksgiving this year (Mimi mumbles..or any year)…and Caroline greets her warmly with a hug saying she could never turn her away. Mimi apologizes to Bo and Hope for not telling them sooner that Claire was their granddaughter and Zack’s liver helped save her life..saying it might have helped…causing more of a damper on the festivities.

Bo and Max chat about the two surprises (Chelsea and Mimi). Max tells Bo that Mimi is just his friend as Bo warns him she’s also a Lockhart. Max approaches Nick saying he heard he’s the GO TO guy and asks for his help in getting the photographer who took the picture they think Philip was in to return their calls. Nick suggests lying as to who they are, saying they’re a big name publisher looking for war coverage photographers or something. Mimi said she’s off lying for a while and Max offers to do it for her, LOL. Chelsea takes a donut from Abby saying she had a bite of Nick’s and it was good. Abby accuses Chelsea’s influence is rubbing off on Nick and he says Chels (which she told him not to call her) taught him the end DOES justify the means.

Steve wheels Kayla in and everyone rushes to greet them, especially Stephanie who hugs Steve saying how happy they’re going to be as a family. Steve and Hope exchange morose glances at that.. Bo toasts Nick and thanks him for saving Kayla’s life. Nick appreciates that, but says he only provided the means, her family’s love was what saved her and quotes the Oklahoma Governor Brad Henry once said: Families are the compass that guide us through the inspiration to reach great heights and the comfort when we occasionally faulter.

He thanks them for letting him be a part of such a wonderful family being his parents are overseas this year and his first one away from them (being he’s Jessica HORTON’s son, it still surprises me he’s not celebrating with them). Chelsea goes to leave and he stops her. She cries she’s tried to be a part of this family for so long and he’s welcomed so quickly. He tells her she’s got to tell them how she feels and she goes to Hope and is happy Kayla’s okay and knows it’s her fault that Zack’s not there… when Steve interrupts, asking if he can talk to Hope (kinda rude IMO). Chelsea rushes out much to Nick’s dismay, but Abby stops him from going after her.

Steve and Hope chat about the situation outside the pub. She lets him know she doesn’t like being the go between and how much Kayla and Stephanie love him. He borrows her cell phone before she goes inside and calls Billie, asking to see her and explain the next morning. With Kate’s urging, she agrees. He says I MISS YOU and Stephanie had walked out to get him and over hears..asking who he misses. He lies and says her Uncle Jack, his brother.

They return inside and everyone is around the table. Frankie announces his move to Washington DC, but says he’ll keep in touch, Max toasts Frankie. (surprised Pop didn’t say grace) Everyone chats as Steve tells Hope that what he did was a temporary fix and it’s not forever.

Kayla tells them about a passage she read about how accepting people for who they are and being thankful for being there with them all. She feels truly blessed.

Kate and Billie chat and Billie says she’s not doing a replay of her and Bo. She wants something that will last forever. Kate encourages her and bets on Billie to be the winner who takes all. Chelsea returns ranting about how rude Hope was and the pirate took her away before she could finish talking to her. Although she said Steve was by Kayla’s side all evening, they tell her he took time to call and is going to see Billie the next day. Chelsea blasts Billie how she blew not getting back together with Bo when she was in bed with him and ruined their whole family being together. Kate tells Chelsea to leave the room until she can hold her tongue and she does so. When Kate complains about Chelsea going off every time she doesn’t get her own way, Billie reminds her SHE was the one who taught Chelsea to go after what she wants. Chelsea goes into her room and looking at the picture on her cell phone of Bo and Hope in bed, says all she has to do is send that picture to Hope and Steve and they’ll know her parents belong together. She hits the enter key on her laptop and sighs…as the previews roll…

BELLE TO MARLENA: I have hurt Philip as badly as I could and all I do is take my anger out on Shawn.

SHAWN TO WILLOW: I don’t think Belle’s going to be stopping by anymore. I don’t think she wants anything more to do with me.

VICTOR overhears MAX TO MIMI: So, we’ll start making the calls and searching the internet to see what happened to Andrew Spivey, aka Philip Kiriakis.

BO to ROMAN and ABE (with a flash of Celeste): We’ve got to crack this thing before someone we love ends up dead.

As the credits roll..

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE…we hope you and YOUR families have a wonderful holiday.

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