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Friday, November 3, 2006

EPISODE: 10,436
DIRECTED BY: Jim Baffico
TAPE DATE: 10/9/06

It’s nighttime in Salem, but our Salemites are working away (making up for lost years of not doing so?) at the garage, at Titan, etc., while Bo and Hope brainstorm Kayla and Steve memories (as we’re treated to seeing them as well). Belle realizes she has to take charge of her life as Sami makes an interesting discovery. Good show..try to watch if you can.


Mimi and Max chat about her job. He asks if she took it as a way to get back with Shawn. She tells him she knows what’s done is done and asks Max to give Shawn a break.

Belle tells Marlena about her chat with John as he suggested she draw up a list of conditions for Shawn to be a part of Claire’s life. It dawned on her that she’s asking Shawn to do something she isn’t even doing herself. She’s a single, unemployed mother and frankly, it scares her to death (isn’t that a bit dramatic when your father is so rich?)

Bo meets up with Hope at the Pub. He apologizes for not meeting her sooner, but he had his cell turned off at the hospital. He asks if she and the baby are okay and she acknowledges that, saying she’s worried about Steve and Kayla (as she sips a big milkshake). She explains Steve’s epiphany for his feelings for Billie and how she encouraged him to give Kayla something to live for until they can find a drug she’s not allergic to.

Patrick is surprised to find Shawn at his front door bearing an envelope for him. He opens it and reads EJ’s note explaining Shawn’s their new courier and recommends Patrick pay Shawn $500 to keep his allegiance. He questions Shawn about this new job or if Bo put him up to it, but Shawn says EJ hired him and he needed the money. Patrick doesn’t have a reply message, but complies with EJ’s recommendation about paying Shawn regardless and pulls out a money box loaded with $20 bills (ATM special?) He hands the money to Shawn hoping he doesn’t mind all 20’s and Shawn doesn’t care, saying the baby needs new clothes (yeah, Claire’s rolling around in rags in the penthouse, LOL..maybe they can recycle that headband into a nightie) In true Salem fashion, the front door wasn’t closed all the way and Mimi arrived home just in time to see her brother paying Shawn the money. Outside she asks Shawn about the money and not even raising his voice, says he earned it or something and leaves. Inside Mimi confronts her brother about the money and Patrick’s stash. He explains it as stock investments when she calls him on being thrown out of the academy and mentioning the plane she heard he hired. He admitted it was true and she calls him on his lecture about honesty he gave her, hoping he’s taking his own advice. (Is that a double headed Phoenix on his shirt? Nobody has said anything about that to him if so. He leaves and Mimi opens the drawer and taps on the money box.

John sits in his borrowed satellite truck that he borrow from Kate. He gets an eyeful watching Kate and EJ going at it inside EJ’s apartment (yes, Boston Legal fans..another “peepy”), LOL. John calls Bo to tell him about an interesting development and asks him to join him in the truck (where’s the popcorn?). Bo apologizes to Hope, saying he has to go and she says she has to get back to the hospital too. Saying this was her second lunch anyway, LOL, she grabs some food off her plate to eat on the way to the door as he helps her with her sweater.

Sami arrives home and pauses outside EJ’s apartment door. She pounds on the door calling his name and Kate tells him to answer the door as she slithers into the bedroom. When he opens the door, she asks him why the cops want him. John’s frustrated response is “Sami, what the hell are you doing?” as he watches from the van (probably upset Bo will miss the heavy breathing action).

Steve is sitting next to Kayla’s bedside, stroking her face, giving her encouragement. Stephanie is rolled up outside the window. She apologizes to him for her earlier outburst and stresses how mom can’t die. She tells him he has to give mom a reason to live. Mom’s never given up on him and he’s let her down. She has the nurse take her back to her room. Hope arrives and shows Steve the necklace she got for him for Billie. He thanks her and says he needs another favor, this time for Kayla. He tells her about Stephanie’s visit and thinking Kayla might respond if he talks about their past with her, asks Hope to generate a list of things she knew about him and Kayla. With tears of happiness in her eyes, Hope readily agrees and says she and Bo will sit down together and create that list for him. Steve thanks Hope and she tells him no, thank you. And maybe these memories will help you remember too.

Elsewhere, Victor and Lucas chat. Victor asks if Lucas has hired Carrie’s replacement yet as he has a meeting he’d like to attend with the new employee. Lucas apologizes for not having done that yet, but will get right on it. Victor then hands a manila envelope to Lucas, asking he deliver to Belle. Philip sent it to Victor for Belle being he didn’t know where she’s staying. He asks that Lucas tell Belle that Philip sent the envelope to him as he knows she’d not accept it if she knew it came from him. Lucas agrees.

Bo joins John and gets briefed on what’s going on. They both watch as Sami confronts EJ about why Uncle Bo was asking about his fingerprints on the envelope she had tested. Bo is trying to subliminally tell Sami to shut up as they watch helplessly (uh, call her cell phone and distract her perhaps?) Upstairs EJ tries to get Sami to leave, saying she chose Lucas over him (she corrects him saying she chose WILL over him) and notices a woman’s article of clothing on the couch. She asks who’s in the bedroom (is it really your concern?) as we see Granny Kate listening in from the doorway. The two peepys talk. Bo can’t believe Sami went to EJ after he talked with her and he and John exchange looks saying..okay, they believe it. John tells Bo about Kate’s romantic involvement with EJ and Bo comments that it’s been a while since he and Kate broke up, but John’s still worried about her safety and wants to warn her. Bo disagrees, saying look what happened with Sami, but John feels Kate will be discreet if asked.

Marlena rationalizes that Belle is still grieving the loss of her baby and her marriage. She says she and Claire are welcome there as long as they want. Belle appreciates that, but needs a plan. When she had post partum depression after having Claire, Philip took charge and it’s only been recently that she’s felt maternal. She realizes she wasn’t ready to be pregnant and had dropped out of school. She doesn’t want to run to daddy now when she needs help and needs to explore her options. Ding’s Lucas at the door. He hands her the envelope from Philip, only saying he was asked to deliver it to her. She invites him in and apologizes for interrupting. Marlena shrugs it off and gladly complies when Belle asks her to check on Claire..the non-stop sleeping baby. She opens the envelope to find signed divorce papers and a $100,000 settlement check. They talk about how both of their marriages didn’t work out due to lies and raising their children alone. He says Sami is interested in EJ Wells and when Belle asks if he and Sami will ever get back together, sensing his feelings toward her sister, Lucas says never. Belle said if she’s learned nothing else, she’s learned never to say never.

Later Marlena returns downstairs to report Claire’s all tucked in. Belle fills her in on what Philip sent her..signed divorce papers and buy out money, saying he didn’t need to send that as the baby isn’t even his. Marlena is surprised, not realizing that Philip had access to that kind of money. Wise Belle knows he didn’t and Victor did. She’s not going to let him interfere.

Sami sits on the couch and discreetly grabs the bra on the couch before EJ tells Sami she made her choice and strong arms her out the door. Kate steps out of the bedroom saying the moment is over and she has work to do..but can’t find her bra. In the hallway Sami notices the bra is monogrammed, surprising even her…and realizes it’s Kate’s.

She runs into Lucas outside and when he asks if she and EJ are back together..she flaunts Kate’s bra saying no, he’s sleeping with someone else…your mother!

Hope rushes in, grabbing her mid section (pregnancy pillow slipping?) and joins Bo in a booth. He’s washing down on a burger and fries with some beer (I gotta start eating breakfast before doing EE, they’re driving me crazy!) She excitedly tells him about Steve’s suggestion about memories of his and Kayla’s. Bo is anxious to help and Hope whips out her notepad and pen, asking if he’s ready to go down memory lane. She mentions starting from the beginning, but he figures Victor hiring Patch to go to Cincinnati to scare Kayla should be left out. Next they talk about Stockholm and she says it was a horrible time for them. Bo found out Victor was his father and she miscarried. Steve was there for her then…and Bo comments he wasn’t. Steve encouraged her to fight for her marriage. Bo remembers Marlena was captured by Orpheus and Steve was on the run after being accused of killing Brita (all these storylines can be found on Dustin and Beth’s websites…link to them is on the Early Edition website). Bo tells Hope (who’s eyes are practically sparkling) that all the time they were helping their friends, they found their way back to each other. Then smiling he says Hope found time to be matchmaker during all of that. We’re treated to a flashback as Hope remembers talking to Kayla when Patch was sleeping. She tells Kayla about how Steve is like Bo and tough on the outside, but soft on the inside. To encourage her further, she tells Kayla how Patch was calling out for her despite his pain. Back to present she tells Bo that Kayla never gave up on Steve and thank God he’s not giving up on her now. Bo smiles and puts his hand on Hope’s as they exchange smiles. Later he remembers when he and Steve (both with a lot longer hair styles) insist they’re both looking out for their families and Bo telling Steve to back off. Back to present Bo says it’s funny how we’re bringing up their memories as well as Kayla and Steve’s. Bo tells Fancy Face he misses her.

Shawn arrives at the hospital and Max offers him his old job back. Shawn tells him he got a job with EJ Wells as he pulls out a wad of bills. Max said he was going to up his salary, but that’s a lot of money for working on cars. Shawn walks away, straight into
Victor. He offers to help Shawn out. Shawn spits back that Victor is no longer his grandfather and is nothing to him.

Mimi’s back at work and tells Max his books are a mess. Sensing his disinterest, she asks about Kayla. He says they only give her 48 hours unless another antidote can be found. Mimi gets up to give him a hug. Her brothers mean everything to her and she can only imagine what he’s going through. He tells her about running into Shawn at the hospital and worried about the wad of cash, hoping he’s not running drugs.

Stephanie returns and Steve apologizes and promises to do everything he can to help her mom.

John grabs Kate into the van and she learns he was watching EJ’s place. She asked if he watched everything and he says he turned the monitor off after a while “Mrs. Roberts” (remember Mrs. Robinson in THE GRADUATE), LOL. She asks him if it’s going to be good enough for the internet John? He grimaces, like undecisive, haha. He recommends she keep her distance from him, saying EJ’s dangerous. Kate offers to help, saying if she’s working with him she can watch his every move. John says no, and she leaves, slamming the door on him when he smirkingly tells her to get some rest. She calls EJ outside the van on her cell and he answers..hello darling…She tells him John Black is asking questions about him and they have to talk…as the previews roll….

BONNIE TO MIMI: I’m not going to confront my son like he’s some sort of criminal.
MIMI: You just don’t want to confront him because you don’t want to know the truth.

BILLIE TO HOPE: Steve got me a necklace?
HOPE: Yeah
BILLIE: I’m thrilled that he thought of me.

STEVE TO KAYLA: There’s a lot more kisses where than came from, all you have to do is wake up.

SHAWN TO BO: The amount of money I’m going to be making, I can take care of all my responsibilities.
BO: How much is Well’s paying you?

As the credits roll..

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