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Monday, November 13, 2006

Episode #: 10441
Tape Date: 10/13/06
Air Date: 11/13/06
Director: Roger Inman

Summary: Patrick accuses Bonnie of taking his money…Sami unknowingly helps Kate get out of a tight spot…The Brady clan is gathered around Kayla at the hospital…as Nick has an idea that may save her.

At the Lockharts…Patrick is tearing the place up looking for his money, when Mimi comes in asking what’s he doing. She swears she didn’t take his money and the only other person that could have is Bonnie. She is outside on the phone haggling with her accountant. It seems she owes a lot of money for payroll taxes and doesn’t have it. But, she tells him, things are about to change…she could be in bed soon with a Kiriakis (I sure hope she doesn’t mean that LITERALLY). Patrick can’t believe that his mother would steal from him, but Mimi reminds him that she did steal from her and bought lottery tickets. Bonnie goes in as Patrick accuses her of taking his money and wants it back. She denies taking it and Mimi is totally insulted that Bonnie insinuated that SHE took it. Then Bonnie tries to shift suspicion to Chelsea and Billie (I guess they are still living there). She goes to the phone to call Abe, saying the police can investigate it. But Patrick panics and yanks the phone away from her, saying he sure doesn’t want Bo Brady there. They hear a car pull up outside and Mimi looks out, saying that it is Shawn. Patrick rushes out, and then we see him with an envelope (we never see Shawn). He opens it to find a not that reads, “Get info on John Black. Find out how he and Bo Brady know…ASAP” and he leaves. Back inside, Mimi worries about Patrick and thinks that his money was stolen money and now that Bonnie took it, she is in just as much trouble as Patrick. Bonnie tells her to calm down, she has been watching too much Law and Order but Mimi can tell Bonnie is nervous about it too (since she is smoking). Bonnie declares that she didn’t take the money but Mimi isn’t buying it…she is sure she did. Bonnie puffs as Mimi talks about how bad it is. Bonnie says she has to get to work and grabs her things and leaves, saying she has enough to worry about.

At EJ’s Apartment…Kate is rummaging around in his bedroom when she hears him in the other room. Bo and John see all this and say they have to do something to help her. So Bo calls Sami and asks her if she will go over and distract EJ (he never mentions that it is to save Kate’s butt). He begs her, telling her it is a matter of life and death. She goes over and asks to come in but he tells her it is a bad time. But she barges on in and he asks if she is wanting to give them another chance. She plays coy and says maybe. She explains that she has been having a rough month but he reminds her how she tossed him aside for Lucas and Will, even though he has been her friend and been there for her time and time again. But Sami says she can’t cut Lucas out of her life, he is Will’s father and they have to get along for Will’s sake. (Kate is listening to all this). She says that she and Lucas are just friends and was hoping that maybe she and EJ could try again. He tells her no, but she kisses him and changes his mind. LOL as Bo is watching and says “woah, Sami…nice work kid” (LOL). As Sami and EJ canoodle, John is at the window trying to coax Kate out onto the fire escape. EJ tells Sami that was quite a kiss, but she says he is probably used to women throwing themselves at him…like Kate. He tries to explain, but she says she doesn’t even want to think about him and Kate. He tries to take her to the bedroom, but she thinks they should slow down. Besides, she has to go but will call him soon. She thanks him for being so understanding and leaves (she looks like she is about to throw up as she goes out the door, lol). In the bedroom, Kate is reluctant to crawl out onto the fire escape, so John practically yanks her out. In the process, she knocks something over and EJ hears it. He goes to investigate but they are already gone. Back in the van, John tells Kate she owes Sami for saving her, then talks about what a risk Kate was taking. She tells them she didn’t find anything but this…and holds up a ring. John is taken aback by it…it’s Stefano’s…or one just like it. He and Bo examine it, and are sure that it is a DiMera ring. Bo says it all makes sense that he is involved with Patrick, since he was on the DiMera payroll. Kate asks John what he wants her to do now and he says nothing in particular…just keep her eyes and ears open. They warn her to be careful. Roman calls Bo and tells him to get over to the hospital…Kayla has taken a turn for the worse. Roman tells him he will be there soon, he has a stop to make on the way. That stop is to see Sami and thank her. She wants to know what it was all about but he only tells her that there was someone searching EJ’s apartment and they needed her help to get them out (doesn’t tell her it was Kate though). He hugs her, telling her he is proud of her, which gets a smile out of Sami. He tells her about Kayla and asks her to go with him. She is a bit reluctant, but he convinces her.

EJ calls Shawn to check up on him then heads over to Sami’s. Will walks up asking why he is there. He informs EJ that Sami wants nothing to do with him and he should stay away from his mom. EJ tells him that Sami came over and told him that she IS interested in him and there is nothing that Will or “his little father” can do about it and saunters off as Will stews.

Later, Kate is at the Penthouse Grill having a drink when EJ comes in (she had called him to meet her). He tells her about Sami coming by and she asks him about his meeting with John. He tells her that he thinks the meeting was only to get him out of the apartment so someone could search it. She thinks he should call the police and offers to do it for him, but he takes her phone away and tells her he will handle it. He wants a favor from her…to keep her eye on John Black and see what he is up to. EJ leaves, telling her he will see her later as Kate purrs.

At the Hospital…Steve sits by Kayla begging her to come back to them as the Brady clan watches from the peanut gallery (through the glass). Caroline, PopShawn, Roman, Hope and Marlena are among the spectators as the doctor tells them that she is failing fast. But Caroline refuses to give up. Joshua comes in, telling them that he may have an answer that could save Kayla’s life. Most of them have no idea who he is, so he tells them. Hope rushes to him and hugs him saying she hasn’t seen him since he was 8 or 9 years old. Then Caroline welcomes him as well. He tells them that he knows someone (a former professor) who is in research specializing in developing hypoallergenic drugs. He thinks he may be able to help, so he goes to call him. Hope fills Steve in and he says Kayla could use a miracle. She tells him that she talked with Billie and she told her that he remembered and she is thrilled that she and Bo could help. Roman thanks Marlena for being there and she tells him that the Bradys will always be family to her. He asks about her and John and she says there is just so much going on right now. He advises her not to wait too long. Later, Steve has explained to Hope and she apologizes for jumping to the wrong conclusion, but he admits he is committed to Kayla getting well. She asks does he remember anything at all…and as they talk, a guy walks by and looks at Steve strangely. There seems to be a slight bit of recognition on Steve’s face as well, but he shrugs it off. Hope asks if he is okay (I am assuming that this will turn out to be Benji?)

John arrives at the hospital wishing there was something he could do. Marlena assures him that being there for the family is the best thing. She asks if there are any developments and he whips out the ring and shows her, which almost repulses her. He tells her they found it at EJ’s. Steve tells Hope that he thought he saw someone, but is probably just tired. Marlena and John talk about the ring and whether EJ could be a DiMera. Marlena thinks that John shouldn’t be involved in all this and begs him to let the police handle it. He tells her not to worry, he will be careful but she has a bad feeling that something will happen to him. But he says he cannot walk away from it. Bo and Sami arrive as Caroline tells her she is welcome…for Kayla needs all the prayers and support she can get…as Sami hugs her, telling her she is so sorry about everything. Roman asks Bo “what da hell” he brought her for and Bo explains what had happened earlier and how Sami helped them. Roman goes to her and she offers to leave, but he hugs her and tells her that he is proud of her (big hug). Hope explains to Bo about Nick’s idea and they hug…just as Patrick walks through the doors, glaring at Bo.

Steve sits with Kayla begging her to hang on, but asks what will happen when she learns the truth, fearing breaking her heart all over again. Bo asks Patrick why is he there and he says he is there to offer support to Hope. Bo tells Hope to get rid of him and she politely asks him to leave…this is about the Bradys. As he leaves, Bo follows him out into the hallway and tells him that they have new evidence and Eve Michaels practically named him as her killer. As he turns to go back to his family, Bo tells him to “have yourself a nice day” (LOL). Nick comes back to the waiting room and tells everyone that he has good news. They are developing a serum based on Kayla’s blood workup that she won’t reject…they just have to keep her hanging on until it gets there. There is joy all around. That joy is dashed quickly when a nurse whispers something to the doctor, who in turn tells them that there is a blizzard and that all commercial flights have been grounded. It could be 48 hours until the serum gets there. Marlena asks if it would be possible for a private plane to get clearance and suggests John’s jet. John says it’s worth a try and they rush off. Steve sits by Kayla and kisses her hand, begging her to hang in there. John thanks Marlena for her quick thinking…she just may have saved Kayla’s life. She turns and smiles at him and says “....and YOURS”…as the previews show…

Kayla (mumbling to Steve): Are you really starting to remember?...

Belle (to Willow): So as long as you are going to be here with Shawn…Claire won’t be…

Bo (to Hope): You and your baby are in a hell of a lot of danger…

John (to Marlena, in the plane): I think we are flying into the mouth of the storm…hold on to your seat…because we are in for a hell of a bumpy ride (as the plane shudders)…

And the credits roll…

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