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Monday, November 20, 2006

EPISODE: 10,446
DIRECTED BY: Phil Sogard
TAPE DATE: 10/19/06

Sami and Lucas are drawn together; Salem's finest brainstorm; Kate's antenna picks up signals from Victor; and Belle and Willow both know how to yank Shawn's chain.

Sami single handedly painted Will's room to make it nicer when he stays with her. Will reminds her that it's only a few days a week, but she's hoping to prove she's a new and improved mom, one he can look up to (ironic as he's so much taller than her now that she's looking up to him). He asks if she's trying to get dad to move back too. Sami confirms she and Lucas are trying hard to be good parents to him and he's what pulls them together. Will knows his parents love each other, that's how they keep coming back to each other. He takes off, promising to call her later. Kiss kiss, I love yous are exchanged as he takes off for school as she reminds him he forgot his books.

There's a knock at the door and thinking it's Will, she opens the door asking what he forgot now. It's EJ saying he forgot the champagne, but being it's so early, they'll just move on as he pulls her into a kiss. Sami tries to get rid of him, but he closes the door and while stroking her cheek, asks why she was distracting him before. Someone was obviously searching his apartment and he asks if she was helping her Uncle Bo or John Black? Sami nervously tries to avoid looking at him and later backs up nervously, denying any knowledge of what he's talking about. He continues to try and unbutton her shirt while insisting she does know and demands an answer. Lucas approaches the door and overhears what's going on and slams open the door and tells EJ to get his hands off of her as EJ has Sami gripped in his hands.

Lucas tells EJ to leave and Sami tells him never to come back. EJ does so after calling Sami a tease and she showed her true colors. Sami breaks down in Lucas' arms and tells him about what she did for Uncle Bo, kissing EJ to save someone's life. He tells her he's proud of her. She's nervous about living down the hall from EJ now and Lucas has a plan (holding the paint can she using (man, mine is never that clean after just painting, haha) ) telling her not to be worried. He knocks on EJ's door and walks in after EJ says come in. EJ's sitting at his computer and Lucas points out he's showing his “true colors” and pours the rest of the paint over EJ's head, saying if he goes near Sami again, the next can of paint will be over his coffin and leaves (hmm..guessing that outburst was captured on John's hidden camera). He leaves and EJ slams his fist on his computer. Sami joins Lucas in the hall and looks at him with admiring eyes after hearing what he did. She points out he's got paint on his shoes and softly offers to help him clean them up as they go back to her apartment. EJ opens his door with paint dripping down his head.

Lucas is wrapping up a meeting with Victor and is given an extra task, to pick up a VIP, a doctor, at the airport next week. Lucas asks why the chauffeur can't do it, but Victor explains it needs the utmost secrecy and to be glad he's trusting him. He's picking up a Dr. Hubert Weinstein. Lucas asks for some time off the next week to take Sami and Will skiing and Victor approves, saying he'll be tied up with Dr. Weinstein anyway. (would have been more secret to have the chauffeur pick him up, don't ya think?)

Kate comes rushing in with a newspaper called the San Diego Standard, saying she's sure Philip's picture is in a group of other serviceman. Victor disses the idea that Philip rejoined the service. He's checked with the Pentagon and knows for sure. She wants him to check again as Victor calmly tells her to accept the idea that Philip's possibly gone for good. Kate is wise to Victor and figures he knows more about where Philip is. He denies knowing anything or lying to Philip's mother. Belle and Claire are visiting everyone today and pop by. Victor is delighted to have his great granddaughter visit. Kate is surprised Victor shows so much interest in her and after leaving, wisely puts two and two together (at least that's what her expression appears to be).

Belle tells Victor she misses Philip's friendship and hates the way things ended and worried about him. Victor assures her that his son is strong and will be okay wherever he is and things will be right for him soon. He thanks her for bringing Claire for a few hours (Claire seems more comfortable in his arms than anyone elses, too cute) as he helps her wave bye bye to mommy. Outside Belle finds Kate waiting for her. She shows the newspaper to Belle. Belle agrees it looks like Philip and Kate says Victor didn't think so and knows he knows more than he's saying. We see Victor opening the secret door and telling Philip he's got a surprise for him. Look who's come to visit her daddy. Poor Claire looks at this mummy and smiles..apparently knowing it's daddy, LOL.

Willow is flopping around in her bra and panties listening to the music as Belle and Claire arrive. The door's unlocked, so she walks in commenting on how the door is unlocked and the radio is on. Willow runs to the closet unseen.

Shawn delivers another message to EJ. The note says that BO KNOWS ABOUT EVE AND THE COPS ARE CLOSING IN.

Shawn returns home to find Belle and Claire waiting for him and turns off the radio as Claire cries a bit. Belle shows him the professional Christmas pictures proofs she had taken of Claire. She asks why he left the door unlocked and music on and he tries to bluff her by saying he rushed out to deliver something and must have forgotten. Belle knows better and wants to know what's going on. The subject is changed to the pictures she brought. He pulls out an assortment of toys for Claire he bought for her to play with. He also gives Belle a roll of cash towards child support. She doesn't want to accept it, saying it's too much, but he insists. Willow rolls her eyes in the closet. She questions what he's doing to make so much, but he shines her off, citing his engine invention. She and Claire leave and he closes the door behind them when Willow busts out of the closet (now in a black dress) demanding him to “tell that bitch to call the next time she decides to pop by.”

(Timing is a little off here as Claire and Belle are already at Victor's when Shawn responds to Willow's outburst.) She warns him that after Belle realizes he's a hypocrit, he'll be out of her and Claire's life forever. She tells him she can't stand it there anymore and is going back to the Y. She packs a few things, saying she'll be back for the rest when no one is around and heads for the door. Shawn stops her (LET HER GO!) saying he doesn't want her to go. She breaks down crying that she really wanted a place to go home to and he says he'll tell Belle to call first and promises what happened today, won't happen again. Willow says okay and goes back to the bedroom.

Bo thanks John for what he did to save Kayla. John tells him about the safe deposit box that Wells has. Abe doubts they'll get Judge Fitzpatrick to give them a warrant to open EJ's safe deposit box, so John proposes they do it without a warrant..adding his infamous little smirk. Abe refuses to break the law and “dismisses” Tek. Tek's not happy about that and takes off with Roman right behind him. John and Bo try to convince Abe to let them handle this on their own. Bo tries to get John to step aside, but John's got the Salem Brain this week and realizes Marlena hobbled right to Bo's front door when their plane landed and asked for his help. Bo doesn't lie and understands where Marlena's coming from..but John states he's going to do it with or without Bo. Tek comes right out and tells Abe to show some guts and fire him if that's what he wants. Abe returns to his office.

We find Tek knocking down drinks at the bar (Chez Rouge? Penthouse Grill?) and tells the bartender he's off duty. He sees Lexie walk in and sit at a table. He pays for his drink and asks Lexie if he can join her (very tipsy).

We find him freshly showered and in his suit as he cleans the paint off his desk items. He finds the camera on top of his desk (not hidden very well John!) in a pencil cup and holds it up warning whoever it is, they're going to be damn sorry!

When Abe returns to his office he overhears John say that until EJ Wells and Patrick Lockhart are in jail next to Tony, none of them are safe. Abe calmly says he agrees and asks to hear John's plan to get into EJ's safe deposit box. John tells Bo, Roman and Abe that he could pose as the executor of EJ's will and get into his safe deposit box. All he needs is a probated will and a valid death certificate. Abe asks if that means they have to kill EJ or wait for him to die, but Bo says as fun as that would be, he thinks this plan could work. Bo knows Frankie will help them. Abe's worried about Frankie could get disbarred if he got caught, but Bo knows that Frankie wants this to end and will help. Abe and Roman remind Bo and John if they get caught...and Bo and John finish that they're on their own and he and Abe knew nothing about it. They leave to find Frankie. Roman tells Abe “Well, let's hope it works” as Abe nods.

SHAWN TO HOPE: You're living with one man awhile you're having another man's baby. You need to clean up the mess in your own life and stay the hell out of mine.

SAMI (wrapped in a towel) to shirtless LUCAS: and what do you feel. Do you feel anything for me that doesn't involve the lower anatomy?

TEK TO ABE at the restaurant...FIRE me big man, fire me...
Abe punches Tek and he falls to the floor after stumbling over a table...

as the credits roll...

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