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Episode #: 10450
Tape Date: 10/25/06
Air Date: 11/27/06
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: Mimi and Max find more info on the photograph…Willow works Shawn hard to keep him away from Belle…Victor calls in a specialist for Philip…Celeste gives the Salem PD a private Tarot card reading. (Way too much there to report it all…doing the best I can. It makes it difficult since I know absolutely NOTHING about Tarot cards).

Mimi and Max…track down the photographer and convince him to meet with them (they are supposedly going to give him a “TINA” award for his photo). Mimi finally admits it’s a lie (in fact, she explains that TINA means “There Is No Award”, lol). They tell him they are there for his help but he says forget it. He tells them to get lost…that is until Max offers a cash reward. They ask about the guy in the photo and he tells them that the Marine in the photo does have a prosthetic leg as well…and was skittish about being photographed…but his name was Andrew Spivey from Oklahoma. He has more photos and they go through them and find a better one and Mimi is sure that it is Philip. With the photo in hand, they leave.

At the Penthouse…Belle is there staring at the newspaper photo as Marlene comes in and asks her what’s wrong. She admits that she is worried about Philip and says if he gets killed it’s all her fault. Marlena reminds her that Philip is a grown man and responsible for his own actions. But Belle blames herself and says that she is taking all her frustrations out on Shawn…she wouldn’t even let him spend time with Claire on Thanksgiving. She says she has made a lot of bad decisions and seems to blame him for them. She says she the intention of doing what is best for Claire, but she was only fooling herself. She says that Claire misses Philip terribly and even notes that when she picks her up at Victors, all she keeps saying is “da-da” (Hmmm…wonder why that is?) Marlena tries to assure her that it’s not her fault and to stop being so hard on herself…children are resilient. But Belle’s mind is set that it is all her fault. She says she doesn’t even have a job and is living off her parents, even though she put so many demands on Shawn. Marlena tells her that her JOB is to be a mother to Claire. But Belle says she is depending on them and it’s wrong. But Marlena tells her that Claire can have both her parents in her life.

At Shawn’s Place…he and Willow have coffee as she tries to talk him into going back to bed…unless he wants her to hide in the closet…in case Belle comes by. But Shawn is sure that Belle wants nothing to do with him. He tells her that Belle wouldn’t even let him see Claire yesterday (Thanksgiving) and all he wants to do is be a good father to her. But Willow thinks there is more to it…and that he is still hung up on Belle, even though he denies it. Bo shows up unexpectedly as Willow prances around the room (it seems like to annoy Bo) and then goes to get dressed. Shawn tells Bo that he knows he doesn’t like Willow being there, so maybe he should call before coming over. Bo tells him that they were all disappointed that he didn’t come to dinner yesterday, but he says he had more important things to do than hang with the ‘Dysfunctional Brady Bunch’. Bo asks, like what?...hang with your hooker girlfriend? Shawn gets angry when Bo advises him to get rid of her and work things out with Belle. They argue over his job with EJ as well, before he drags Shawn down with him. Shawn has heard enough and tells Bo to leave. But before going, Bo tells him HE HAS BEEN WARNED! When Willow returns, she urges Shawn not to let Belle and his dad get him down. She urges him to spend his money on himself…go and buy that convertible and they will go on a road trip. (To me, it seems that she clearly has an agenda...there is more to Willow than meets the eye). But he gets a call from Belle asking if he wants to come over and see Claire. She says after that, they can talk. As he leaves, Willow warns him that Belle is just messing with his head, but he goes anyway.

Back at the Penthouse…Marlena tells Belle that she is proud of her for calling Shawn…they need to get along…they have a child together and that will never change. Belle says she screwed things up with Philip and doesn’t want to do the same with Shawn, he needs time with his daughter. She gets a call from Max and Mimi, telling her that they have info from the photographer and to meet them at the garage. She rushes off, not telling Marlena where she is going (says it’s better if Shawn doesn’t know). She tells her to let Shawn spend all the time he wants with Claire and rushes out. Shawn arrives and asks about Belle, but Marlena says she had to leave. He has a book of fairy tales for Claire, even though he says Belle doesn’t believe in them these days. Later, Marlena tells him that Belle feels bad because she feels so dependent on others and assures him that Belle does care about him still. She tells him that she is a mother…she can tell and that they have a very special relationship…and she thinks that someday they will find their way back to each other. But Shawn says he isn’t going to waste his time trying as he kisses Claire goodbye and leaves.

At the Garage…Belle meets with Mimi and Max and they fill her in on what they learned about ‘Andrew Spivey”. They are all sure now that it is Philip in the photos and Belle worries that he is going to get himself killed and it will all be her fault. Mimi says no, it’s her fault as well and suggests that they contact Victor for help. But Belle says no, she doesn’t trust him…this is something they have to do on their own. She leaves to go back to her mom’s and after she is gone, Max says that if she finds Philip and convinces him to come home, Shawn is not going to like it.

Belle goes back to the penthouse as Marlena asks where she went. She tells her what she learned from Max and Mimi and says that Philip has suffered enough…it is time for him to come home. Shawn returns to his apartment and informs Willow that Belle wasn’t there (which she is happy about). She tells him to stop letting Belle yank him around and tells him he should live for himself and starts listing all the things he should spend his money on…car, new clothes, etc. They start kissing and fall to the sofa.

At the Kiriakis Mansion…Dr. Weinstein arrives as Victor goes on and on about what a great doctor he is. He informs Victor that because of his research, he has very little time for surgery, especially if it is for vanity sake. Victor tells him this is his son and explains what has happened…that he is a Marine who lost his leg but was determined to serve and because of this, convinced his superiors to allow him to serve in Afganistan in military intelligence (no comment from me ;-). But his jeep was bombed and his face was disfigured…beyond recognition. Victor needs the doctor’s help and says that the only way to help him now is with a face transplant (sorry, that just sounds SO FUNNY). They go to see Philip as the doctor wants to examine him and begins to remove the bandages. Victor gets a call from the photographer, who informs him that he got a visit from Max Brady and Mimi Lockhart, asking questions. Victor says that no one can find out. The doctor removes the bandages and stares at Philip. Victor asks if he can help and he says he will try…but there are no guarantees…facial transplantation is still experimental and very expensive. Victor says that money is no object and whips out his check book. The doctor will put him on the transplant list, but Victor wants him at the top of the list and writes him a check “to help fund his research”. It must have been as substantial one, because the doctor says he will see what he can do to move him up the list. After he leaves, Victor goes back to Philip (back in Mummy mode now) and tells him that he promises he will get better…and they are going to take Claire away from Belle and Shawn…they don’t deserve her.

At the Carver House…Abe, Roman and Celeste meet, as she is clearly very edgy and frightened. She tells them she had a very disturbing dream about Alexandra and Theodore being in danger and is reluctant to help them. They finally convince her to help but she has one condition…they must promise to protect Lexie & Theo, whatever it takes. She takes the photos of the cards and notes that the vibrations are very strong…even though they are merely photos. She can only imagine the power that the actual cards have. After they assure her that they are in the same order they were in the envelopes, she starts to go through them. She lays out cards, telling them that they tell a story of calamaties, She turns over the “chariot”, noting that is EJ and it is a card of power and control. She says that he begins by destroying relationships…he isn’t finished and that there is more danger to come. They press her to be more specific, so she explains about the Tarot cards as she tries to explain what the cards represent, and how important it is what they are next to. She turns over another (don’t remember what she called it, perhaps the "Empress") and says it represents the loss of motherhood. They think it could represent Hope or even Belle or Mimi. (Celeste thinks it’s Belle). That card is accompanied by the “hanged man” which represents someone who has sacrificed and has experienced loss as well (Philip or Shawn?). Abe doesn’t think this is working, because it all sounds too general but she gets upset with him and says that she is even taking a risk by helping. Abe asks if EJ has threatened her. Later, Bo arrives and Celeste continues her reading. She lays out a series of cards and explains what they mean, saying that one represents Carrie & Lucas’s marriage and Austin’s proposal to Sami. But they were joined by the “3 of sands(?)” that represents heartbreak and loneliness. Then she turns over the “temperance” card, saying it stands for health and balance (which Abe says sounds good)…but Celeste says it is accompanied by the “5 pinnacles”, meaning illness and sacrifice (see?...this is way too deep for me, lol). They think that could be Steve and Kayla. Then she turns over the “tower” which means downfall and Abe suggests that represents John and Marlena’s plane going down. Since all these cards are pointing to things that have happened to them, they think that maybe someone was sending these cards to EJ as coded instructions of what to do. Celeste continues and says that there are many calamities to come…lies, betrayal, kidnapping, adultery, disappearances..many tears to be shed, but it is what the cards don’t tell her that frightens her the most. For, one card is missing…but she feels it is on its way and may already be here. It is the death card…and that is what the future holds. They think maybe that was Eve’s death, but she says no, it will be someone that they all care about. She gets very uncomfortable when they ask her who she thinks is sending EJ the cards. Roman says that Stefano is dead and Tony is in prison, who could it be. Abe asks her if EJ is a DiMera and she says he must be. They say they must stop him before it goes any further as Celeste stares off into space. (okay, she told them a lot, but I am sure there is a LOT she isn’t telling them). She tells them that she gave them this info, they can do what they wish with it, but to leave her out of it…she took a risk helping but she is finished and leaves. Abe tells Bo and Roman that this really doesn’t help them much…there is no way that the DA will bring a case against EJ based on an anonymous Tarot card reading. Bo says that leaves them with only one option. Bo says they have to call John…he is the only one who can help, after all he is a DiMera. They talk about how Marlena will be upset but they say they must put a stop to this before someone ends up dead. Freeze frame on the Tarot cards…as the previews show…

Kayla (looking at the photo): Who would have taken this and why would they have sent it to Steve?...(Steve): I’m going to find out…

Hope (to Bo, as she holds up the photo): Can you explain THIS? Bo gulps…

Marlena (to Kate): I know exactly what’s going on here…(Kate): What?...(Marlena): You are sleeping with EJ Wells aren’t you?...

John (to Roman and Abe): You have got to swear tome that NO ONE knows about this…especially Marlena…(Abe & Roman): Deal…(as the 3 of them bump fists)…and the credits roll…


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