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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Episode #: 10444
Tape Date: 10/18/06
Air Date: 11/16/06
Director: Herb Stein

Summary: The rush is on to get the serum to Kayla in time to save her life…Shawn becomes suspicious of Victor’s strange behavior, as we learn the identity of the “mummy” he is hiding…Marlena is surprised to learn the identity of her rescuer, as she and John have a sweet reunion…the cops learn that the plane was sabotaged…and Hope makes a promise to Bo. (Also nice to see Sami and Belle acting as sisters for once!)

At the Kiriakis Mansion…Belle returns to pick up Claire and as she and Victor talk, Sami comes rushing in, telling Belle about Marlena. Victor offers to send rescue crews but Sami tells him that they are already looking for her but having no luck. A frantic Sami goes on to say that there is 30 feet of snow on the ground, it’s dark and below zero…she fears the worst. She says if anything happens to her mom, she will kill John. Victor offers to keep Claire a while longer as they are going to the airport. After they leave, Victor tells Claire that she is lucky because she will get to spend more time with her new friend and takes her back to the secret room with the “mummy”.

At Shawn’s new apartment…he is working when Willow arrives, suitcase in hand. He stresses how important Claire is to him and she is offended that he doesn’t want her around. He tells her he is sorry for hurting her feelings, but she says if she isn’t good enough to be his girlfriend, then she isn’t going to be his whore. He tries to backtrack, but she says she will just put her stuff in the back closet and sleep on the sofa. And as soon as she has enough money, she is out of there. Belle calls and tells him about Marlena missing. She and Sami are going to the airport to get John and asks Shawn if he can pick up Claire at Victor’s. When he gets off the phone, he asks Willow not to be there when he gets back.

Shawn goes over to Victor’s to get Claire but Victor tells him she is taking a nap. He wants to go and get her anyway, but Victor is acting strange and reminds him that this is HIS house…HE will get her. He comes back with Claire as Shawn gathers her things and they leave. After they are gone, Victor goes to the secret room where the “mummy” is holding a picture of Claire. Victor tells him not to worry…she will be back. Later, Victor sits with “mummy” and says not to worry, Claire just needs more time to get used to him…then she will be his again…”and no one will ever take her away from you…PHILIP.

At the Airport…John comes rushing in where Bo is waiting for the serum. He grabs it and takes off for the hospital. John asks Abe and Roman if there is any word on Marlena and they tell him that the search team found her cell phone and parachute, but not her. They try to convince him that she will be okay. Abe has a report from the airport in Ottowa and they have learned that the plane he was flying was sabotaged. John is troubled to hear that…then Abe tells him that there’s more…a black leather glove was found in the engine compartment. John is sure that Wells and Lockhart are behind it and as soon as he finds Marlena, he is going after them. Later, Sami and Belle arrive as John promises them he will find Marlena. But Sami is having a fit, asking HOW he could have come home without her. Roman tries to calm her down as she is asking why John even let her go along and WHY did he let her jump from the plane? John says she had her mind made up and was determined and he couldn’t stop her…just like Sami. After Sami calms down somewhat, she tells her dad that she feels bad because she and Marlena had words and she was mean to her mom. Roman tells her there is a lesson to be learned…be careful how you treat people…they could be taken away at any moment. Sami promises she is going to be a better daughter and Roman hugs her. John is beating himself up over all of it and says he shouldn’t have put off the wedding. Abe gets off the phone and tells them that Bo made it to the hospital…and that he just got a call…Marlena has been found and they will NEVER believe who has her (see below).

Belle and Sami go by Shawn’s to pick up Claire and tells him about Marlena being found. He also gives them an update on Kayla. They are leaving to go set up a “thank you” party for them at the Penthouse Grill. Belle asks if everything went okay and Shawn tells her that Victor was acting weird and wouldn’t let him go and get Claire. He says it was like he didn’t want him to see where she was. He warns Belle to keep an eye on him. After Sami and Belle leave, Willow returns as Shawn is worried if Belle saw her. (She says she hid at the end of the hall). She asks if she can take a shower…or should she just grab a bar of soap and stand under the rain gutter?

Marlena…wakes up in a cabin and is startled that she doesn’t know where she is. Looking out the window, she sees a hooded figure with an axe. She tries the phone but it is dead. The figure heads inside and she grabs the fire poker and waits with that deer-in-the-headlights look. The stranger approaches, axe in hand, as she yells for him to stay away and tells him to drop the axe. She orders him to remove the hood and is stunned to see Smokey Robinson standing before her. He asks who was she expecting?...Neil Diamond? (LOL). She stammers around, telling him that she is a huge fan and he helps her to the sofa as she explains how she ended up in the woods. She apologizes for overreacting as he explains that the phone is out because of the storm, he had an axe because he was chopping firewood and the coat and hood?...well, baby, it’s cold outside! She says that John must be worried sick and asks if she can borrow his cell phone, but he says no signal. He goes to fix her something to eat as she turns and says UNBELIEVABLE! Later, he is wrapping her ankle as she asks why he is there and he explains he has been coming there for years and how it is great for writing or rehearsing. She happens to remember that he is going to be honored at the Kennedy Center next month and congratulates him. He finishes her wrap and then signs it for her. He tells her that he has a PDA that operates off radio band and they may be able to get word out on that, so he will try to send a message. She tells him to be sure to notify Abe Carver at the Salem PD. She hopes that John got the serum back in time.

Later, she is dozing on the sofa and calls out to Smokey, but looks up and instead, there is John. She jumps up and they hug. He tells her they got her message and he got there ASAP…he even ripped a page out of her book and jumped. She asks about Kayla and he says so far so good. Smokey goes over to the piano and plays as John asks Marlena to dance. She says she can’t…her ankle. But he tells her not to worry, it will never touch the ground as he scoops her up and dances as Smokey plays and sings ‘I Love Your Face’ (a must-see for J&M fans) as the song ends with a kiss.

At the Hospital…Hope, Frankie and Stephanie watch through the glass as Kayla struggles for each breath. Max and Mimi arrive as well as they all talk about how great Steve has been to Kayla’s family. Steve encourages her to hang on as she mumbles about being so tired. He tries to keep her talking and reminds her about their wedding and the scripture that was read (from Corinthians). She tries to sleep, but he continues to try and keep her awake so he starts reciting it to her and she joins in. Her head drops and the machines start going crazy as he yells KAYLA!...and for the nurses. PopShawn and Caroline also arrive about this time. The doctor checks and says she has no pulse and he is calling it. He says time of death is 19:43…but Steve is freaking out, crying NO, NO and holds her close. He looks over at Stephanie through the glass and both have tears rolling down their cheeks. Bo rushes in with the serum, but a frantic Caroline tells him it’s too late…Kayla is gone. Steve refuses to give up and grabs Kayla and kisses her. We see a series of old flashbacks of them kissing, and ending with their wedding vows. Her eyes flutter open and the doctor says she’s back as everyone celebrates. Steve whispers “welcome back” as Bo assures Stephanie that her mom will be okay…Steve saved her life and is keeping her alive. Hope hugs Bo and tells him that she meant it when she told him that she wanted him to come home. Bo asks what are they going to do about Lockhart? Max and Mimi talk as she says she wishes she were still a Brady. She envies the love between Steve and Kayla and hopes for that as well someday. Max assures her that she is a terrific person and thanks her for everything she has done for him.

Hope tells Bo that she told Patrick about Bo moving home and how he reacted. She tells him that he may be the baby’s father, but THEY (she and Bo) will be the parents as Bo smiles a huge smile. She slows Bo down just a bit, telling him that Patrick will still be involved in the baby’s life…just not HERS. But one condition…Bo is NOT to fight with Patrick anymore. She says IF he is involved in all this, as Bo says…then he is dangerous and she can’t risk losing him again. Abe and Roman arrive, telling everyone that Marlena is safe and John is with her. Bo tells them that the serum seems to be working as well. Abe pulls Bo aside and tells him about the glove being found in the engine compartment of the plane. He says they are determined to put a stop to this and wants Bo to be in on it. Bo says he can count on it. Dr. Myer tells Steve that Kayla is doing better and she asks him not to leave. He promises to stay with her. The doctor tells him that they don’t think there is any permanent damage. He tells him that what he did for her was just short of a miracle. The medicine helped, but she needs him as well. He goes over to her side and whispers “looks like you are stuck with me, Sweetness”…as the previews show…

Tek (to John, Abe and Roman): I was going through EJ Wells’ bank statements and found this…(John): It’ll not only tell us who he is but why the hell he wants to destroy our lives…

Hope (to Bo): Possibly Steve and Kayla wouldn’t be together right now…(Bo): It’s a turning point for us as well…

Kayla (to Steve): Now that you remember, I don’t want us to ever be apart again…

John (to Marlena): You and I aren’t innocent bystanders anymore…Now this has become personal and I am NOT going to walk away from it…

As the credits roll…

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