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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Episode #: 10453
Tape Date: 10/27/06
Air Date: 11/30/06
Director: Herb Stein

Summary: EJ pleads with Sami to forgive him…Max and Mimi learn what happened to Philip…Bonnie cleans out Patrick yet again…Bo enlists Shawn’s aid to help with Hope, but she has had about all she can take. (I wasn't going to use this poster yet, but since this movie is mentioned in today's show, I couldn't resist).

At Sami’s…She and Lucas are packing Will up for his ski trip and as he takes the skis down to strap on the car, Sami continues with her checklist. Lucas wants to do something special with her tonight…maybe pizza and a movie. He suggests the movie “The Godfather” and she laughs about how he is obsessed with that movie. She puts her foot down and he says she can pick out whatever chick flick she wants. He says whatever they watch won’t matter, because it will just be a prelude to other entertainment. They start kissing and wind up on the sofa. She stops him, saying Will could walk in at any moment. Lucas complains as she resumes packing Will’s bag and tells him to go and help Will with the skis. Later, she heads out with the bag and runs into EJ in the hall…but she doesn’t want to talk to him.

He tells her about how the police have been harassing him for the past few days and that he is just paranoid. He apologizes for the way he treated her and asks her to forgive him. She confesses that the police asked her for help and says she regrets helping them and is glad that he was cleared but after the way he treated her in her apartment, she just isn’t comfortable around him. He whines that he thought if anyone, she would understand, considering how many times she has been betrayed by her friends and family. He says he never meant to hurt or frighten her and it will never happen again. He begs for her forgiveness and she says sure, ok, she forgives him. But he can see that she isn’t sincere. She finally says ok, she does forgive him but makes it clear that they will be nothing more than civil to each other. But he wants more than that and asks if they can at least be friends. About that time Lucas walks up asking what is going on and tells EJ to stay away from Sami. EJ says he was just trying to apologize and wants a clean slate. Lucas says sure…you can have a clean slate…then I will hit you with it (LOL) as he and Sami leave.

Earlier at a restaurant…EJ was reading the paper (the headline says “Salem PD Apologizes – EJ Wells Cleared of Criminal Charges”) as John walks in telling EJ that he will be ready for him the next time. EJ says he is in a good mood and John asks him if that is because Patrick Lockhart is in the hospital. EJ acts surprised and asks if Bo beat him up but John says he KNOWS that EJ did it. EJ scoffs at that, but John says that his arrogant behavior just convinced him of it…then John leaves.

At the Garage…Max and Mimi are making calls trying to locate Philip. Bonnie calls and tells Mimi about Patrick being beat up and tells her to get to the hospital. Mimi rushes out just as Abby comes in with lunch. Max asks Abby if she can help with the search for Philip and she asks just why is he doing this. Abby thinks he is going overboard with this and neglecting his work at the garage. She asks if he is doing all this because he has feelings for Mimi…because quite frankly, he barely even knew Philip. Max comes out with some kind of lame excuse about how since his accident…his fiascos with both Chelsea and Stefanie…he is searching for direction in his life. Max asks what Abby has against Mimi and she says nothing, other than she didn’t treat Shawn very well. But Max tells her not to worry. Abby says that he doesn’t have a clue that Mimi is falling for him. He seems shocked to hear this, but Abby says she can see it…even though Max says they are just friends. Abby says she just wants him to find someone who will love him. He asks her if she has any ideas of just who that would be.

At the Hospital…Hope is with Patrick as he whines and moans about Bo beating him up. He talks about what a good time they had when they went on their trip to New York and asks her to believe in him again and that he has never stopped loving her. Hope says she never intended to push him away but she has a history and relationship with Bo. Patrick says he needs to be able to count on him as well. The nurses come in to check on him as Bonnie goes through his pants pockets and finds the wad of blood money and makes a deposit to the First National Bra account. Shawn arrives and talks to Hope in the hall, informing her that Bo has been arrested. Shawn says he doesn’t believe that Bo touched Patrick but Hope is conflicted and doesn’t know who to believe. Mimi arrives as well as she speaks to Hope but all Shawn gets is an icy glare as she goes into Patrick’s room. The nurses finish with Patrick so Bonnie asks Mimi to stay with him while she runs some errands. After she is gone, Mimi asks him what happened and he tells her that Bo beat him up for no reason. But Mimi is skeptical and assumes he had it coming. Shawn gives Hope a note from Bo and she reads it as it talks about how he rescued her from her wedding to Larry and they got on his bike and they began the ride of a lifetime. He says she put her faith in him that day and today he is asking for that again…to believe in him…he never lay a hand on Patrick. He says that even though he is hot-headed…he isn’t stupid. Shawn asks her what she is going to do? Patrick claims that Bo ambushed him, but Mimi just doesn’t believe him, talking about how he has been slobbering all over Hope and has Shawn mixed up in something with EJ. She says she doesn’t believe his “I’m a victim” sob story. Hope tells Shawn that Bo will have to deal with this problem on his own, even though Shawn tells her he thinks Patrick is lying too. She says she can’t continue playing referee between them and can’t handle it…she is finished with Bo. Mimi continues to needle Patrick about his involvement with EJ, even though he contends that it is only racing business. He doesn’t want to talk about it anymore and asks her to get his pants for him. He goes through the pockets and realizes the money is gone. Max calls Mimi and tells her that he has found something about Philip and to get back to the garage. She is excited and says “ok, see ya…love ya” and hangs up and rushes back. Hope tells Shawn that she doesn’t know what she is going to do but she just can’t go through this again. He pleads Bo’s case, talking about how so many people have worked against him, setting him up (Kate, Chelsea) and through it all, he was innocent for all the things he was blamed for. He is sure that dad is innocent this time as well. Hope asks if he knows something and he tells her that if Patrick is involved with EJ Wells…then she had better watch her back. He asks her if she really believes that Bo is a lying, deceitful person…and admits that he gets mad at him as well. But he is a fair person…and why is she so willing to believe Patrick over him? He says she has heard Patrick’s side of the story…she owes that much to dad as well. In his room, Patrick is accusing the nurses of stealing his money when Bonnie comes back and tells them to leave. She tells him to calm down, she will ask around about it. Just trust her…she will find his money.

Back at the Garage…Abby happened to hear what Mimi said on the phone and tells Max, see?...I told you so. Mimi comes in and Max tells her that ‘Andrew Spivey’ aka Philip was sent to Afganistan and about the bombing. He tells her that he tracked him to a Veterans Hospital in Atlanta. Mimi begs him to go with her to check it out. But the tells her that he can’t go running around all over the country, it is getting expensive and he has work. She says she has to find the money somewhere to finance her tirp and she knows just where to get it.

At the Cop Shop…Bo is trying to convince Abe and Roman that he didn’t touch Patrick…even though he wanted to. Shawn arrives as Bo explains to him that he had been trying to reach Hope but she wouldn’t answer…he needs his help. (This is when Shawn went to the hospital). Later, Roman and Abe question Bo about what happened and he swears he never touched him. Abe tells him that he will be arraigned tomorrow and informs him that he is no longer suspended…he is FIRED as Bo stares in disbelief. John comes in as Abe is ranting that the entire PD is in trouble…this is SERIOUS. He reads off the charges against Bo as John says the beating has EJ Wells name all over it. Abe says he has heard enough about EJ Wells. Roman joins John as they try to convince Abe and he finally says that IF they can come up with proof that EJ beat Patrick, then they will talk. Bo wants them to just bring Patrick in and they will see that he is lying. Bon is furious that he can’t help prove his innocence and tells Abe that while they are dragging their feet on this investigation…someone else in his family could get hurt…and if that happens…it will be on HIS head.

Later, Hope shows up to see Bo and tells him that Shawn gave her the note. She is just so confused and nothing is clear to her anymore. She says she can’t continue…she just can’t be jerked around like this anymore. Bo asks her to trust that he is telling the truth. She says she just can’t take it…and that the adventure he talked about in his note is over…she can’t continue on this ride anymore. Abe takes Bo away as Roman tells her if she loves Bo at all…she will talk Patrick into dropping the charges. Otherwise, Shawn’s father will be in jail for a long time. He leaves as Hope cries…and the previews show…

Abe (to Lexie): All I have ever done is be a police officer…I can’t lose that…I WON’T…

Kayla (to Steve): You don’t want to go away with me?...(Steve): It’s not that…(Kayla): You can tell me anything…

Bo (to Billie): I didn’t lay a finger on that cry baby…(Billie): But you are still in a lot of trouble Bo…

Marlena (to John): I thought you had quite lying to me…(John): Who told you?...(Marlena): Nobody had to tell me…I know…

And the credits roll…


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