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Tuesday, November 14

Episode #: 10442

Tape Date: 10/16/06

Air Date: 11/14/06

Director: Jim Baffico

Summary: Belle and Willow go head to head again…Victor has a secret for Claire’s eyes only…Bo tells Hope about the info on Patrick…Steve gets a surprise visit from his past…John and Marlena find themselves in danger.

At the Kiriakis MansionBelle takes Claire by to see Victor and asks if he has heard anything from Philip, but he tells her no. He reaches for Claire, but she tells him before he can spend time with her, she has some ground rules. She says that when it comes to Claire, SHE calls the shots…she can’t stay overnight and must stay on a regular schedule. She knows that Victor will spoil her but not to overdo it. She says it’s okay to let her ride on a merry-go-round, but NOT to buy her the entire carrousel. And she adds…he is not to leave Salem with her. Victor agrees to everything and just grateful to spend time with her, noting that he missed out on Isabella and Bo’s childhoods and most of Philip’s. As Belle leaves, she asks Victor to never let Claire forget Philip. After she is gone, Victor says not to worry…she will NEVER forget him. Later, he is playing with her, reminding her that she is a Kiriakis and one day she will see how important family is. He says that he has a big surprise for her and it starts today. He wants her to meet someone, telling her she will be surprised…but is sure that she will like it. He takes her to a room, telling her that her surprise is inside and she must tell no one…especially mommy. He takes her inside telling her to say hello to her surprise as we see someone bandaged from head to toe…sitting in a wheelchair.

At Shawn’s New Apartment…Shawn shows Willow around and tells her that Belle is coming over later to check it out. Willow takes the hint that he doesn’t want her there when Belle comes and is offended. She gets upset and he tells her not to make him choose between her and Claire. But Willow thinks it’s all about Belle. He says the need time to work things out with Belle (in regards to Claire) but she gets angry and storms out. She left her bag, so he hides it in the cabinet when Belle gets there. Belle is impressed with the place and asks how he can afford it…he tells her EJ pays well. She tells him that Claire is at Victor’s. But before they can talk, Patrick calls and wants Shawn to come to the hospital and pick something up to deliver to EJ. He asks her to stay there and wait for him to get back. After he is gone, Belle is looking around the place and finds Willow’s bag in the cabinet. Willow comes back and they exchange insults at the door before Willow snatches her bag from her. They argue as Belle refers to Willow as Shawn’s “dirty little secret”. Willow says she is not ashamed of it so Belle asks her if that’s why Shawn didn’t mentioned that Willow had been there. Willow says the only difference in them is that she doesn’t have a rich family to bail her out. Belle says that she would never stoop to selling her body and Willow says she can’t say that…she has never been there before. They start yelling at each other and Belle says that as long as she is staying there with Shawn…Claire will NOT be…just as he walks in, asking what is going on. Willow tells Belle not to worry…they won’t be living together or doing ANYTHING together and storms out. Belle tells Shawn that Willow is unstable and she doesn’t want her anywhere near Claire.

At the Hospital…the mystery guy watches as the Brady’s hang around the waiting area for news on Kayla. He takes off as Patrick walks up, who watches as John and Marlena get ready to go. Caroline is so grateful to them and Bo tells John that the storm has worsened and doesn’t think they will make it. Hope and Stephanie tell Steve to just keep Kayla hanging on. Caroline says that they may be running out of time and they are so close to saving her, they can’t give up. John has another plan and explains that he has a friend in Ogden who has a private plane and they can take off from a private strip. He wants Marlena to stay there but she is having none of that and insists on going with him. John assures them all it will work out and tries to talk Marlena out of going, but she won’t back down. Bo tells him that he will keep an eye on Wells and Lockhart while he is gone. John and Marlena rush out as Bo catches a glimpse of Patrick lurking around in the hall. He goes to talk to Steve, who tells him that he will do everything to save Kayla, but wants Bo to do him a favor…and talks about everyone standing around staring at him through the window. Bo agrees to clear the peanut gallery for him to ease the pressure. He talks Caroline into leaving, so she says she is going to the pub to fix dinner and for everyone to come over there and eat. He also promises Steve to get Stephanie back to her room (and WHY is she still in the hospital?) Hope runs into Patrick and asks why he is still there and he says he was worried about her and the baby. She assures him they are ok and tells him that she is going to the pub to eat…with Bo. He seems to be fishing around for an invitation, but never gets one. Shawn arrives as Patrick prepares a note for him to take to EJ it reads: “John Black flying private plane to Ottowa – Time to take him DOWN?” He stuffs it into an envelope and gives it to Shawn to deliver. Steve is sitting by Kayla, and calls her sweetness. He says she does seem sweet, but he doesn’t know for sure. He says he is what is keeping her alive and worries about what will happen when she wakes up. There is a knock on the glass and he looks over and the mystery guy is there. As Steve starts over, the guy begins to use sign language. You can see recognition in Steve’s eyes and he begins to sign back and says BENJI…I remember. Steve asks why he is there and he explains that he read about him in the paper and couldn’t believe it. He says he heard that Steve couldn’t remember and Steve smiles saying “I remember YOU Benji-monkey”, getting a smile. He asks about Kayla, saying that they were so good to him. Benji tells him to have faith and that their love was the kind to last a lifetime…he knows because he was a part of it. He talks about one special Christmas they had together as Steve has a flashback to that time of the three of them together. He turns toward Kayla’s bed and says “I remember”. In the hallway, Patrick meets up with Dr. Bader. She is wanting her money but he tells her he is having a cash flow problem. She demands her money soon or she will tell Hope the truth when she has her amnio. He assures her that she will get paid. She tells him she didn’t want to get messed up in this, but he had better follow through or he will go down with her. Benji tells Steve that he has to go but to tell Kayla how much she means to him. After he leaves, Steve goes back to her side and holds her hand, telling her he remembered and describes the memory like watching a movie…as Stephanie watches from the window. Kayla wakes up, mumbling to him. He tells her that Benji was there and he recognized him and they signed to each other. He tells her to rest and save her strength. She tells him that HE is her strength. She says that if he promises to stay…so will she, and drifts back off. Steve sees Stephanie at the window and goes to her. She thanks him for giving mom hope and a reason to live. She says that John and Marlena will be back soon with the antidote and nothing will stop them.

At the Pub…Hope and Bo talk about good times with Kayla, sure that she will recover and Bo thanks Hope for her support. She tell him that Patrick said Bo was still trying to put him in jail…is that true? By his non-response, she sees that it is. Bo says that he didn’t tell her but they do have new evidence but he doesn’t want to go into it. But she insists so he tells her about Patrick’s id number written on one of Eve’s deposit slips. Hope isn’t so convinced and says that there may be a logical explanation, but Bo tells her that John and Roman are with him on this and he fears for her safety. If he is wrong, then he is a fool – AGAIN – but if he is right, she and her baby could be in danger. Bo tells her he didn’t tell her because they are still gathering evidence. She says that she didn’t want to listen to him but Bo was telling her for months that Patrick was dangerous. She takes his hand and thanks him for confiding in her…she has a bad feeling that something bad will happen.

Da Plane…Da Plane…John and Marlena are on the plane ready to take off as he tries one more time to talk her out of going. He gives her a hard time for practically tricking him into this mission instead of being in Salem with the threat of a DiMera. She says she would do anything to keep him safe. With a kiss for luck, they are on their way. The flight is rough as they bounce around as they talk about the ring and how frightened she was to see it. She could tell that it shook him as well. She fears that something go wrong and fears for his safety (is this foreshadowing?) She says she doesn’t want to lose him again and he says she won’t…when they get back to Salem, he is going to tell Bo he is bowing out of it. As they kiss, we see the oil pressure light blinking. The plane begins to pitch and sputter and he tells her they are flying into the mouth of the storm…hang on to her seat. The instrument panel begins to go wild as John tells her to brace herself…they are going down…as he is radioing “mayday…mayday”…and the previews show…

Patrick (to Hope): You shouldn’t do this by yourself. (Hope): I’m not…I have asked Bo to move back in with me…

Billie (to Chelsea): Bo and I did NOT have sex…and a lot of people would get hurt if you went around telling people that we did…(Chelsea): Mom, a lot of people ARE going to get hurt…

Dr. Myers (to Steve): You are free to go Mr. Johnson…(Steve): If I leave, Kayla could die…(Dr. Myers): If you stay YOU could die…

And the credits roll…


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