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Tuesday, November 21st

EPISODE: 10,447
DIRECTED BY: Albert Alarr
TAPE DATE: 10/20/06

Lami fans will love this show as they admit their true feelings to each other, Hope has good news for Lexie, Tek hears YOU'RE FIRED..but not by the Donald; John and Bo get a new clue on EJ.

The show starts with a fully clothed Sami with her legs wrapped around Lucas going at it hot and heavy. She stops the action, saying she needs an answer. He asks what the question was. Lucas says he knows what he wants, her…and to make love all night long. Sami starts to let her emotions take over, even unzipping Lucas’ jeans..but pulls herself away saying they have to talk, and fully dressed. They both are caught up in the moment, but Sami says they have to get a few thingsto get straight now. Lucas says he is “straight” and it’s painful. Sami chuckles . Lucas starts to take her denim shirt off and says he wants her and she stands firm saying she needs to know his feelings for her. They finally talk and share they both have deep feelings for each other, not just sexual ones and want to make another go of it. They both call themselves the biggest idiot in Salem for what’s happened in the past. Lucas starts touching her waist under her shirt and saying how soft her skin is when she tells him she’s glad he understands they can’t have sex now..they have to let their relationship build. He’s disappointed in hearing that. (Sami and Lucas lovers have to watch this scene to get the full impact…) They agree they can’t cheapen their relationship with casual sex and he goes to take a cold shower as she collapses on the couch holding herself smiling).

We find Shawn gazing at Claire’s picture when Willow returns home from shopping. She found the ideal housewarming present for him….a baby monitor. She figures Belle will be totally impressed seeing Shawn has one to monitor Claire when she’s sleeping and it’ll also serve as an early warning detection device should she be in the bedroom and someone walks in. If so, she’ll scoot down the fire escape and be the “invisible woman”. Later she asks if she can take a shower and he says okay, tho she doesn’t need permission to do so. She no sooner goes into the bedroom and shuts the door when another woman bangs on his door…it’s Hope. She tells him how proud she is of him and about Bo’s moving back in. Zack’s gone, but they’re still a family. Now that he has Claire, that’s more important than anything. Cue Willow to exit the bathroom talking as she’s wrapped only in a towel and one wrapped on her head as well. She slips into the bedroom and closes the door. Hope asks him how he considers this being responsible? Shawn says Willow’s only there until she finds her own place. Hope knows that won’t be anytime soon being she has a nice place to crash and a nice guy to live with. She asks if Belle knows about this and he says no, asking her to keep it to herself. She thought he had grown up and knows Belle wouldn’t want their beautiful little girl hanging around a hooker. He tells her he’s paying child support and got a new job, doesn’t he get credit for that? She tells him your duty is to your baby and her mother. He replies..just like YOUR duty is to your baby and Patrick Lockhart? Then why are you having dad move in with you? You’re living with one man and having another man’s baby. You don’t sound so responsible yourself mom. How does it feel to have someone else judge you? I think you should clean up your own mess and stay the hell out of mine. Hope lifts her eyebrow, grabs her coat and purse and leaves.

Willow apologizes for causing a problem…but Shawn rants about how he’s tired of having to hide everything he does…Willow living there, Belle’s long list of rules, not being able to visit Max at the garage as his ex wife works there, not telling anyone what he does for EJ, etc. He just wants his life back. Willow asks why doesn’t he then? She asks what does he dream of but never talk about as people would give him crap about it? He says a convertible with 8 cylinder 10.3 liter engine with 19” mags. She tells him to go for it and before she leaves to go to work, promises to call before coming home to make sure it’s clear. He promises to get batteries for the baby monitor after she leaves. He pulls out a drawer with an envelope underneath taped to it…(he’s a bit smarter than Patrick with a box in his drawer, haha) to look at the pile of big bills he’s got in it. .

Bo, John and Frankie talk softly at a restaurant table over the papers Frankie had prepared for them to get into EJ’s safe deposit box. The bank is on the outskirts of town, so they shouldn’t be recognized, but beware of security cameras. John said the wires to them will be cut before they even enter. Frankie just wants the guy who tried to kill his sister caught!

Obviously needs an overhaul with tighter security. EJ Well strolls into Commissioner Abe Carvers office (any city with high rise penthouses with have more secure offices for their top brass) and empties a bag with the microphones and cameras he found in his apartment. Abe calmly points out there’s a procedure for complaints and to see the desk sergeant (he’s probably out getting more donuts). EJ flutters his long eyelashes at Commander Carver and EJ says he’s planning on suing their department. Abe flat out tells him the department doesn’t do that type of thing and EJ knows Bo isn’t above doing so anyway. EJ mentions John Black and after Abe states John’s not on the force, refers to him as a James Bond persona. Abe flicks EJ aside and turns to his computer, so EJ threatens to take the items to the DA. Abe merely smiles and says, “make my day…I’d pay to get you on the witness stand.” This does concern EJ and his face shows that. They challenge each other with who has more evidence than the other. Abe has EJ sit down and closes the door. He asks what he has on the DiMera family? EJ asks why he’d think he has anything to do with DiMeras, but Abe just smiles and tells EJ to go ahead to the DA to take him and the department to court…just be prepared to lose. An officer asks to speak privately with Abe, so Abe steps outside his office, leaving EJ alone. (uh, no…you ask EJ to leave) Naturally they step outside and EJ looks on Abe’s desk and finds the file about the safe deposit box . Apparently the cop told Abe about the call to Chez Rouge as that’s where we see him next. EJ probably took the file or is still there reading it, LOL.

Lexie tells a drunken Tek to leave, she’s got a restraining order against him. (For being drunk, he explains his feelings about not understanding her change of attitude about him well). She reminds him her job meant a lot to her too and she lost it as well. He babbles on and comes toward her and she slaps him. The bartender calls for a cop. We return as Lexie tells Tek to leave or she will. He puts his arms out to her to stop her and babbles on when Abe arrives and tells him to go home and sleep it off. Tek loudly says why, so he can return to the station that Abe owns? He tells him to fire him, kill him, whatever. Tek’s got everyone’s attention as he babbles on, saying he’s got some info about Commander Carver and his wife…when Abe finally punches Tek in the face and he falls to the floor. The bartender helps him up when Abe tells him to put Tek in a cab and send him home. He kneels next to Tek and says he got his wish, he’s fired and to come in and clean out his desk the next day. Tek leaves applauding the captain and his fine work (apparently not knowing what title Abe is now). Abe offers to take Lexie home, but she says she’s okay. He says he wants to go back to the station and start paperwork on getting rid of Mr. Tek Kramer. She asks him not to have Tek arrested, they’re both over him and let it be.

Hope joins Lexie (who was waiting for her) . Lexie tells Hope what happened earlier and how she hasn’t found a job within a 20 mile radius. The word is out that Lexie Carver is an unethical doctor and cheated on her husband. Hope has good news. She found her a job. She asks Lexie to take care of Kayla when she’s released. Lexie doesn’t think the Brady’s would agree to that, but Hope said they’re happy about it and Kayla’s released tomorrow.

Abe and John are watching a security guard drill into the safe deposit box and as it’s opened up, Bo tells “Mr. Avery” they have the box as he calmly lifts it out and places it on the table. (Bo is wearing a suit and the biggest yellow tie I’ve ever seen…and John is dressed to be older, grayer and wearing glasses). Just as they go to open it, the bank woman tells them there’s a problem with the paperwork. They exchange a glance. The woman noticed a missing signature on the death certificate. John points out all the irregularities and lack of procedures being followed in the bank on his way in and threatens (nicely of course) to tell the head office about them unless she lets them do their job without having to take an extra hour running around to get that overseen missing signature. The woman finally agrees and John asks for a place to look at the box and she points the room out to him. They open the box to find a stack of envelopes from Italy. John kids he would have liked a gun or a written confession, LOL…Bo suggested Stephano DiMera’s brain..and John adlibs “or another part of him”. Each has got an Italian Tarot Card in it. The two they open are a Jester (Bo thought it was a Joker, LOL) and a High Priestess. John holds the cards as Bo asks if they have the time to go through them all tonight (bank is open late?) or take them with them. (uh, no CAMERA on you secret agents?) They realize EJ went to a hell of a lot of trouble to hide them. John pulls out his camera (aha, good man) as Bo lays out the cards.

John and Bo sit with Frankie and tell him what they found. AMAZING…not only had they fled the safe deposit box examining room and returned to the cop shop, but the lab has already made copies of the pictures of the cards! They fill Abe and Frankie in that the writing is in Italian and Abe calls for a translator (uh…if they entered the box illegally, should Abe even be involved in ANY of this? John can afford to get a translator) Aha, Abe called his mother in law who reads tarot cards for help (hooray..welcome back Celeste!!!)

We see EJ being led into the safe deposit room by a teller and noticing the box missing. The teller goes to get the bank manager and says he can’t be EJ Wells, he’s dead. EJ rants and they lead him towards the room John and Bo were in. EJ pushes them aside and barrels in. All they find is the box with the stack of envelopes in it. EJ smoulders. He backs the manager out of the room as she tells him the cameras will have the video of the men who did this. He knows they’re smart enough to turn off the cameras first and closes the door on him and his box.
The credits roll…FRANKIE to Ma and Pop: I just hope I can find what the two of you h ave.
Pop: I do too son.

BO TO SHAWN: The authorities are closing in on Wells. I don’t want you to get caught in the crossfires. I think you should walk away.

BILLIE TO HOPE: So this has all been an act, a lie. How can he do this to Kayla?

CHELSEA to NICK: Try your best not to dress like a loser today, okay?
NICK: Oh, so I shouldn’t wear my turkey costume?

As the credits roll..

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