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EPISODE: 10,451
DIRECTED BY: Roger Inman
TAPE DATE: October 25, 2006

Chelsea’s picture of Bo and Billie creates tension to all involved at the Salem Inn, Reed Home and the Bradys while John’s recruited for some Italian sleuthing by Abe and Roman.

Marlena’s on the phone making wedding plans when Kate knocks at the door. She’s angry and looking for John to “wring his neck.” Kate tells Marlena about ransacking EJ’s apartment for John and now EJ knows. Marlena smiles, admitting knowing all of it. Kate said EJ told her he was innocent, but Marlena suggests that EJ might be lying (ya think?) Marlena asks how close Kate is with EJ and she says they’re more than partners, they’re friends. Marlena’s back on her game and realizes that Kate’s been sleeping with EJ. Kate refuses to spy on EJ again for John and Marlena points out that John’s off the case, he gave her his word, so not a problem.

John returns home and tells her he talked to Abe and Roman, saying the department closed the case on EJ. He says they wanted him to wash his hands of it and he is. He then says he has to go to Italy as one of their Basic Black branches there is under performing.

Abe, Roman and John stand (doesn’t anyone ever sit?) in front of the fire to discuss Celeste and her tarot card explanations. Roman reminds them that the death card was missing and put them on high alert. If EJ gets that card, they don’t know who will be the target. John takes off his coat and asks if they have any idea whose death is expected. Abe reminds him about the onyx ring Kate found in EJ’s room and Celeste confirmed that EJ is a Dimera and as such, determined to ruin the Brady’s. Roman says their investigation has to go undercover now and that’s where John comes in…being he’s a Dimera himself. John’s surprised by Abe’s change of direction, now wanting him to get involved. John guesses Abe wants him to go to Italy to investigate and is right. John tells them no, he can’t do that to his wife. They suggest he lie to Marlena about a business trip to Italy, but John worries that if he got killed in the process, how Marlena would feel. Roman reminds him what will happen if John doesn’t help. John reluctantly agrees and demands Abe swear that NO ONE knows about it..especially Marlena. The three tap fists in agreement and John keeps saying DAMN, LOL.

Bo returns home to find Hope crying over a note he sent saying he never wants to lose her again and that love is forever. They kiss and she dashes (holding her tummy) upstairs to get into something more provocative. In a little while Hope comes downstairs looking morose. She explains her laptop was open and she had an email..she almost deleted it, not recognizing the sender, but didn’t and shows him the picture of him and Billie (guess her laptop must be hooked up to a printer upstairs). The picture was date stamped and Bo says it was the day at the pub and Billie was there…Hope remembers. He calmly states nothing happened and that he and Billie realized they were just friends. She was upset over Steve and he over Hope. Billie calls and says she saw the picture and he asks if SHE is there and to keep her there..he’s on his way over. Bo leaves to see Chelsea and Patrick arrives. He walks in and tries to take advantage of the situation, but Hope tells him to stay out of her personal life with Bo. He grabs the picture asking if she’s going to take Bo back when he can’t keep his hands off Billie. He isn’t happy when Hope tells him that he shouldn’t think the picture opens a door for him again and he comes at her to change her mind when she backs into the vase with Bo’s flowers backing away from him. It crashes to the floor and breaks. He says it was an accident and she shouts for her to GO, GET OUT and he does so. She squats down and picks up a flower (she’s still wearing HEELS?)

Steve calls Billie to see if they’re still on for lunch. He’s found a place out in the country near a lake and says he’ll pick her up in an hour. Patrick arrives and shows Billie the picture of her and Bo sitting on the bed and when she asks who would do something like that, he glances at a guilty looking Chelsea. (c’mon ISA Billie, Chelsea SHOWED you that picture on her cellphone, didn’t she?) Chelsea snottily plays innocent, but then admits doing it. Patrick leaves after Chelsea admits sending it to Hope and the pirate (Steve) too. Billie lectures Chelsea that Bo might not forgive her so easily after this. The two argue about it and Chelsea is sure Billie wants to be with Bo. Billie looks the brat in the face and says nothing happened as they both know it’s over. Bo arrives after Billie just talked with Steve. He said he can’t come over as planned and when she tells him she needs to talk to him, he rushes off saying he has to go.

Outside Patrick calls Dr. Bader and reminds her to do the amnio herself and make sure that she confirms he’s the father, not Bo. He promises to send her the money after he gets an advance from his boss.

Bo arrives and when he hears Billie tells Chelsea…”are you happy now, you got what you wanted.” He tells Chelsea to STOP WHINING and to realize that she can’t break up him and Hope. He lectures her and then looks across the room and strolls over saying there IS something she is going to have to learn to live without, closes her laptop and THROWS it out the front door (ouch…just take it with you bud…don’t hurt a perfectly good laptop, LOL). She rants her whole life was on THAT computer…he asks why he should care the way she’s trying to destroy others lives. Bo takes off and Billie tells her that’s it..from now on they have zero tolerance for her. Chelsea takes her coat and leaves.

Chelsea runs into Grandma Kate out front and whines she’s a failure, not as good as Kate is. She whines more about how mad Bo is at her. Kate says she didn’t plan for the possibility of getting caught and next time needs a plan B. She has to look at her long term goal, a family who loves her. She has to reenergize and go after her goal.

Inside Billie is crying to Patrick. He tells her she deserves better if Chelsea scared Steve off.

Steve knocks on Kayla’s door and we find Lexie taking her blood pressure. Both ladies are thankful to have each other. Steve asks Kayla if she minds if he goes out for a while being she’s in such good hands and before Kayla can reply, Stephanie tells him no, that mom needs him. Kayla tells Stephanie that Steve was cooped up in the hospital too and needs some space too. Stephanie leaves after Steve says he doesn’t need to rush out. Kayla recalls a time when they were on the run and he had her hide out in a bathroom. He lit a match to start the fire sprinklers, then dashed and jumped into the tub with her when they went off. Back to present, she’s laughing asking if he remembered that, saying they were soaked. We know he doesn’t, but he just smiles and repeats they were soaked. She remembers how he got the soap and kidding about being they were wet…and back to present again says water always did that to them. Steve’s still looking glum and she suggests he go for that drive and it might help and he thinks so too. Stephanie walks out of the bedroom saying she was trying to open an internet account for Steve (he wishes her luck) and said a picture was waiting for him (he’s surprised as no one knew he even had email…yeah..pretty amazing indeed)….and wow, there was a picture of him and Billie. Kayla grows agitated and having trouble breathing over what the picture might do. Steve wants to go get more info on the picture, but he and Stephanie call Lexie. Next we see Lexie listening to Kayla’s heart and not sure if Kayla needs an ambulance. We return to Lexie giving Kayla a shot and recommending they don’t talk about distressing topics in front of Kayla until she’s stronger. Stephanie tells her mom that dad’s here and nothing else matters. Later she and Steve step 10 feet from Kayla and talk. Stephanie’s confident that he and her mom will be together forever now that he has his memory back.

Bo returns home to see Hope picking up the vase and flowers. She tells him that Patrick was there after seeing the picture and when she told him it was a mistake and he should leave, flowers went flying. Bo asks if Patrick got physical with her and he gets furious saying she’s pregnant and he did that? Bo storms out as Hope calls out to him…as the previews roll:

ABBY TO NICK: You do realize that she’s using you, right?
NICK: Chelsea will look at Nick Fallon and realize what she’s been missing out on.

KATE TO CHELSEA: You’ve got to smooth out those rough edges or you’re going to spend the rest of your life alone.

EJ TO PATRICK: You’ve been running around leaving a wake of chaos all around you. There’s a price to be paid for that Patrick…as he backhands him.

HOPE (on the phone) to BO: I don’t know you anymore Brady. You better find yourself a good attorney.
BO: Hope, what is go….as the credits roll….


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