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EPISODE: 10,348
DIRECTED BY: Albert Alarr
TAPE DATE: 10/12/06

Kayla’s coming to brings family back to the hospital, Chelsea finds more trouble and her own Superman comes to her rescue, Bonnie denies taking Patrick’s money.

Chelsea arrives at the pub all decked out in a red dress to see “dad” (yup, she needs spending money for the night with her friends at Dune). Caroline warns her that Bo’s upstairs catching up on some much needed sleep and gives her all the cash in the tip glass. Instead of saying thanks, Chelsea whines that it’s not enough. Caroline suggests if she need more money to GET A JOB, but don’t disturb her father.

Billie and Bo are going at it hot and heavy..she only has her sweater off. They stop and realize this is NOT what they both want…they both want a relationship, but not with each other. He tells her that he considers her a friend and asks her to stay and do that novel thing called talking (so put your sweater on over your camisole to TALK Billie). Bo remains, in true Salem fashion, shirtless (just waiting for Chelsea to rush in). They sit at the head of the bed talking head to head as Chelsea arrives to the OPEN DOOR (c’mon on…not at the pub with mom strolling around) and takes a picture of them cozied together with her camera phone before leaving. She returns downstairs and assures Caroline she didn’t disturb dad with a sly grin as she looks at the picture on her phone. She thanks Caroline for the spending money and leaves. Caroline goes to get the tip money from the table, and realizes Chelsea took it.

Back upstairs the two finally put their tops on as he offers to talk to Steve for her, but she knows that would be awkward.

It’s no wonder Mickey’s always working as Maggie’s taken another relative in to live with them, haha. The new arrival is Jessica’s son Nick Fallon (Jessica was Alice’s daughter Marie’s read up on their history..check Dustin or Beth’s websites). Maggie has extended a night out on the town invitation to Nick on Abby’s behalf. She learns that Nick graduated Magna Cum Laude from Poly Tech and has already gotten a job with the Horton Foundation. We meet Nick, who looks and acts like super geeks are meant to look…frumpy mix matched clothes (brown plaid short sleeved shirt and bright blue sweater vest) and glasses. He gives cousin Abby a hug. She doesn’t think this is the best night to do this, saying she’s not staying out late. Nick is glad to hear that, because if he doesn’t get precisely 8 ¾ hrs. sleep a night, he’s a total mess the next day. He rushes upstairs to change (after saying how he loves to dance and had auditioned for America’s Got Talent). Abby pleads with Aunt Maggie about her cousin being a geek, but Maggie plays the family card. She reminds Abby that her own father was different, but Abby says he’s just unique. Maggie cites how Julia Roberts married Lyle Lovett and Abby clarifies for like a minute and a half (Julia’s a big DOOL fan, so will appreciate that mention I’m sure). Nick rushes downstairs dressed in the brightest blue suit possible and a print shirt opened up (think geek disco fans)…saying watch out for the Fallonator as he grabs Abby’s hand and pulls her out.

(isn't that a phoenix on his shirt?)
Patrick is freaking over the missing cash. He explains to Hope why it’s not in the bank (IRS, etc.) and somewhat blaming Bo. He says the $$ was for their trip and their baby. She laughs, saying he’s acting like a high school boy trying to impress his girlfriend. She reminds him that a relationship is based on love and support, not money. He agrees and says he knows her family doesn’t think he’s worthy of her and that’s why he’s trying harder. Hope gets a call from the hospital about Kayla waking up and after not even giving Bo two rings to answer his phone, rushes out to find him. She apologizes and Patrick is calm until she leaves the house, then throws something across the room in anger. Bonnie returns home with a shopping bag and Patrick asks her where his money is. She gives him something she found in the laundry and denies taking his other money, acting dumb about it. He said he had tens of thousands of dollars (and you stupidly left it in a box in the living room drawer?) Bonnie calls him on where he got the money. Changing the subject, he knows it wasn’t an outside job and Bonnie denies taking it. When he says Mimi was the only other one who knew about it, but knows she wouldn’t take it, Bonnie not only says she did, but says Mimi’s husband dumped her and she needed the money (ah, motherly love).

Steve encourages a newly woken Kayla when she starts gasping for air. The doctor and nurse (still in their space suits?) rush in to attend her as Steve watches anxiously. They inject some epi into her IV as Steve yells he can’t lose her again, he loves her. Surprised himself I think, the doctor said whatever he did, it gave her the strength to continue. He gives the nurse a phone number asking her to tell the Brady’s to get there fast, Kayla needs them.

We find a totally embarrassed Abby sitting with Nick at Dune. He’s digging the music and tells her about his fraternity party days at college in upstate NY, showing her his PIKE ring, singing their little song about going to the mike at graduation. After his drink misses his mouth and he drenches his shirt, a new song starts and he HAS to dance to it and drags Abby to the dance floor..which clears out as they all watch him gyrate to the music. Abby is mortified as Nick does a combination DIRTY DANCING does REVENGE OF THE NERDS, LOL. Chelsea walks in and she and Abby exchange knowing looks (for those who haven’t read the news flashes…this is going to be Chelsea’s new beau). Showing off Nick does the splits and naturally we hear a riiiiip as he splits his pants, exposing his boxers. Chelsea is introduced to him and she point blank tells him she doesn’t date, much less talk, to geeks. She shows Abby the picture of her parents she took in bed and Abby suggests deleting it, but Chelsea plans on it being the first step to getting her family united. She pulls the tip money she lifted from the pub to go get one drink and Nick offers to buy the first round. He asks what kind of soda they like and Chelsea says she drinks Cosmos. She shows Abby her fake ID saying she’s 27 and Abby warns her of the consequences if the police find out. Chelsea tells Abby she sounds like Caroline and one has to take chances in life. After she goes to the bar, Abby tells Nick that Chelsea has a record (which she says getting longer by the day) after he tells her that judges are pretty lenient with first time offenders of a fake ID. The bartender cards Chelsea (who teases him that he just wants her phone number) and returns it to her saying he’ll make her a Shirley Temple, but that’s it and to go away little girl. She tells him that he’ll be sorry and runs into the waitress with a tray of drinks as she hops off the stool. The bartender warns her that she’s paying for them, thinking that’s what she meant by he’ll be sorry, as she panics. After helping the waitress, the bartender looks at the tab and says Chelsea owes him $88. She only has $10 and won’t give it to him, saying it was an accident. The bartender threatens to call the cops and Nick comes to the rescue. He tells the bartender she has a record and he can’t call the cops…can’t they work it out man to man? Chelsea smiles.

We return to Bo and Billie after they’ve finished dressing and she’s touching up her lipstick. Hope arrives and knocks on the door (when did it get closed?) and rushes into Bo’s arms when he opens it. She tells him Kayla’s awake and then seeing Billie sitting on the bed (fully dressed) apologizes for interrupting. Bo says it’s not how it looks and she tells them about Kayla’s awake, but not out of the woods. The nurse said the drug didn’t work, but Steve’s telling Kayla that he loved her brought her out of it. Camera pans to Billie’s crestfallen face.

Maggie went to the pub to visit Caroline and tells her how busy Mickey’s been (guess they’re reading how the fans are noticing his absence). Bo comes downstairs to tell Ma about Kayla waking up and needs her family. Caroline rushes off with Bo and Hope as Maggie and Billie chat. Maggie recognizes the look on Billie’s face and from one former addict to another, says Billie’s using Bo as a substitute. Billie tells Maggie that it’s over with Bo and now with Steve as he got his memory back. She had promised herself to step aside if Steve did that. She asks why she’s attracted to men who are attracted to other women? Maggie psycho analyzes she’s afraid of being caught. Maggie suggests Billie asks God for help in finding the right man for her.

Kayla opens her eyes and sees the space suited doctor and nurse over her. She freaks as she sees the needles coming towards her until the doctor explains who they are and what happened. She asks, pulling off her oxygen mask to be clear, how long she has until they find an antidote and he says 2-3 days. She asks where Steve is and they pull the curtain aside as he walks over. He tells her he’s glad she’s awake and how worried he’s been. He holds her hand and tells her she scared the hell out of him. She tells him she couldn’t have gotten through this without him as he stares down at her. Kayla tells Steve how hearing his voice brought her out of the fog and she fought so hard to get back to him.

She tells him no matter what happens now,she’s grateful just knowing that he remembered her/them. He assures her he’s got his memory back and she tells him that if she doesn’t make it, she’ll die happy knowing he remembered.

Bo, Caroline and Hope arrive and talk to Kayla through the speaker. They tell her Stephanie is coming as well as Pop with Frankie and Max. Kayla starts gasping and Steve puts the mask on her face and gets the doctor. Steve tells them her breathing is rough and she can’t stay awake very long due to the sedatives. He says Kayla’s mind is good and Bo tells Steve that knowing she and Steve have a future together is what’s keeping her going. Steve turns and stares at Kayla, probably wondering what he got himself into…as the previews roll…

LEXIE TO ABE (at restaurant glaring at Sami who’s eating with Lucas): Miss Samantha Gene Brady’s over there stuffing her face. I’d like to heave this champagne bottle straight at her head!

LUCAS TO SAMI: I apologized so why don’t you try to do the same thing with Lexie. March right over to that table to Lexie right now and say you’re sorry.

BELLE TO SHAWN: Victor is the only tie Claire has to Philip.
SHAWN: Philip is the one that walked out on that little girl.

ABBY TO CHELSEA: If it wasn’t for Nick, you’d be cuffed and in jail right Chelsea smiles like a cat that just ate the canary….

As the credits roll..

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