Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Wednesday, November 15th, 2006

Episode #10,443
Taped 10/17
Director – Albert Alarr

John & Marlena begin their winter adventure, while Chelsea has a revealing dinner with her mom, Stephanie gets released to go home with Bo & Hope & Steve continues to try and keep Kayla alive.


Am not sure if this is Chez Rouge or the Penthouse Grill, tho think it may be the latter. Billie & Chelsea are having dinner, something they have not done in quite a while. Chelsea happily lets her mother know that she saw her in bed with Bo, smirking as she comments about her mom getting her dad into her bed. Billie emphatically lets Chelsea know that nothing happened, no sex, that they were just comforting each other. Chelsea won’t accept that answer, but does not tell her mom about the picture she took. Patrick comes up to them (now HOW does he know where they are having dinner….or even that they ARE having dinner, lol). He has money missing, and Chelsea rightly guesses he thinks it was her that took it. She denies it, then gives him a hard time about not checking up more on Hope, leaving her to be with Bo. She leaves, and then Patrick takes off, too. He calls Hope, leaving a message on her cell. Of course, Chelsea is hiding behind a post, listening, with that cat that swallowed the canary look on her face. Now Bo arrives, telling Billie that Steve wants to see her, but Billie says no, she will not go, but to tell Steve she wishes him and Kayla all the best. Now Chelsea comes back, and tells them both about Marlena. (see below)


Bo & Hope have brought some clothes for Stephanie to wear home, as she is being discharged. She does not want to leave because her parents are still there. Hope invites her to stay with her, but Stephanie wants to be at the hospital for her mom. Bo promises to come by in the morning and pick her up and bring her back. Stephanie is surprised Bo isn’t coming home with them, and is emphatic that Bo is her uncle, and she wants to be with him. Bo explains that he & Hope are not living together. The doctor comes in, so Bo & Hope leave the room. Outside in the hall, Hope asks Bo to move back in with her, claiming it is for Stephanie. Stephanie thanks Hope for taking her in, then goes into the bathroom to get the rest of her things. Now Patrick arrives, surprising Hope. She tells him she already saw him, and told him she was having dinner with Bo. He pesters her, so she tells him about Bo moving in. Now Patrick gets on her case, protesting his innocence. He argues with her, badgers her about what more Bo has on him. Hope finally tells him about Bo finding his I.D. number on Eve Michaels’ bank statement. They argue even more, with Hope telling him she doesn’t trust him, and cannot see him any more. She tells him they are over, and to leave.

Patch is laying on his bed, playing the harmonica! (so o.k. I have no idea where he got it, but boy, is it good to hear our guy playing it again!) A groggy Kayla turns over, murmuring “put your lips to it and blow”. Steve gets up and goes over to her, and she tells him that is what he told her when she asked him once, how he learned to play, and he had said he taught himself. She asks if he remembers that. Flashback to that time….black & white, both look a bit grubby. Don’t care, love it. LOL. He tells her he remembers some, but not as much as she thinks.

The doctor arrives outside, and tells Steve his latest tests have come thru and he is completely clear of the biotoxins. He urges Steve to leave, but he refuses, he won’t leave Kayla, she could die. The doctor tells him he could become reinfected himself, and could die, and this time the meds he got before would not work for him. Steve insists he will not leave Kayla. The doctor leaves, and Bo arrives, telling Steve that Stephanie has been released and is coming home with him & Hope. Steve asks Bo to get hold of Billie and ask her to come see him, so he can try and make her understand. Bo says o.k. and leaves. Kayla begins to stir again, so Steve climbs in bed with her, holding Kayla as he tells her that the medicine is coming and she should hold on. She asks him if he remembers Feb. 19th, and we see another flashback…..of Kayla giving birth to Stephanie in the hospital. (Steve seemed to remember both of times shown in the flashbacks). He tells Kayla he remembers. He says something about Scout’s Honor, and says he sounds like a Girl Scout. She murmurs that she taught him all about the Girl Scouts, reminding him of the time they were lost in the woods, and she built a shelter, even tho he did not think she could. He tells her she is going to beat this thing, Scout’s Honor. The doctor arrives, telling him that John is on the way with the meds, and he has to try and get Kayla to hold on for a couple more hours.


John is stll calling MayDay as the plane continues to shake, rattle and roll. John says there is too much weight and now they are going down. Marlena insists someone has to jump, and they go back and forth about what would happen if he jumped, she jumped, both stayed, etc. She inisists she has to jump. He says no, that she could be landing in Lake Michigan, or they could crash in Lake Michigan. (O.K. a timeout here….If I remember right, Ottawa is in Ontario, and is the capitol of Canada. It is located not too far from the U.S. border on the other side of nearly all the Great Lakes. And I think one has to not only fly over Lake Michigan, but Lake Huron as well. I think they would have to be flying over the southern end of the Lake. If they already saw mountains, and are still crossing Lake Michigan, I really do not know where the mountains came in. LOL..end of comment) Marlena tells John that she has a GPS system on her cell phone and that he could mark the coordinates where she jumps, and then track her so she could be rescued. John refuses, and both declare their love as the plane continues to shake. They declare their love for each other, kiss……and Marlena jumps out, with John yelling No.

Later, John is on the ground, in an office, as the meds arrive. He is on the phone, urging folks to find Marlena. A man tells him the meds have to be kept cold, John nods. Off the phone now, he takes the meds and leaves. Meanwhile, Marlena is in the very snowy woods, she falls, having sprained her ankle. She realizes she lost her phone, probably where she landed, and tells herself she must keep moving. (HUH?). She is lying in the snow, turns over to see a man approaching. He wears a heavy parka. She gasps and passes out, as he comes up to her, and sets his axe down along side her. And the previews show….

Hope: I meant it when I said I wanted you to come home
Bo: What’re you gonna do about Lockhart?

Sami to John: How could you put her in danger again. How dare you come home without her again.

Marlena: Drop the hood – I want to get a look at you. As the man does so, she says….It’s you!

Kayla: I will always love you She seems to stop breathing. Steve yells…..Kayla!


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