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Wednesday, November 22nd, 2006

Episode #10,448
Tape date-10/23
Director-Herb Stein

Rather hard to keep track of the show today, as we jump around from place to place quite frequently. Bo warns Shawn, EJ makes a threat, Abe seeks help from Celeste, Belle tries to get verification from her friends, Nick invites Chelsea, Frankie tells his parents his plans, Hope delivers a message, Kate admits to EJ, and the Salem PD caves to EJ. Did the best I could......


Belle brings the newspaper photo of the departing Marines, asking Max to take a look, and is that not Philip in the back row. Max disagrees, tho admits it looks a little like him. They argue back and forth. Later, Shawn & Mimi are there, and all are arguing about whether it is really Philip in the picture. Shawn claims Philip ran off, leaving Claire, and with no word, and now everyone is worried about him. He went to rescue Philip once, and will not do it again. Belle reminds him Philip is his best friend, they argue and both leave, continuing to argue outside. She asks him to have some compassion for Philip, as they leave. Mimi has been eavesdropping (when is she not??) and goes back into the garage to ask Max to help her try and find Philip. She thinks it is her fault he left, and perhaps they could track down the photographer who took the picture.


The mummy sits, as Victor comes in asking him why he is out of bed, and is he in pain. The man groans. Victor tells him not to worry, he will help him. Later, when the person is in bed, and looking at a picture of Claire, Victor says he is working on a plan to make his son’s dreams comes true. A nurse gives the man a pain shot and leaves the room. Victor promises to soon have him holding his little girl in his arms. (Hey, Victor, what about that baby that really IS Philip’s, that the surrogate is carrying??)


Nick is helping Mimi, Abby & Chelsea with the decorations for Thanksgiving, fall leaves on the tables, etc. Maggie brings an envelope to Nick, saying it just arrived. Nick opens it to find an invitation from Shawn, Sr. to join them for Thanksgiving Dinner at the Brady house. They are so thankful he helped save Kayla’s life. Chelsea did not know about this, so Abby fills her in. Now Chelsea’s nose is way out of joint, since she is a Brady and was not invited, while Nick is actually a Horton. She whines a bit, but Maggie gives her a pep talk. Nick tries to talk some common sense to her, telling her she is 19, should have a job, and apt, and be concentrating on getting her life together, not trying to get her parents together. Chelsea whines some more, about losing her adoptive parents in the car crash, and wanting a family. Nick apologizes to her. Abby tells her to give Nick a break, so Chelsea asks Nick how to go about getting an invite. He says he will bring her as his guest! Chelsea is horrified at “crashing my dad’s party on the arm of a geek”, but accepts and tells him not to dress like a loser. Nick jokingly asks if that means he cannot wear his turkey costume. LOL Chelsea leaves, and Abby scolds Nick for inviting Chelsea, when she was clearly not wanted there. He still is intrigued by Chelsea, tho, and asks Abby for help in “un-geeking” him, so Chelsea will think of him as “hot”.


Thankfully, Willow is no where in sight, as Shawn is on the phone with a car dealer, asking about the down payment and promising to come take it for a test drive. His father arrives. Bo tries to warn Shawn about EJ, and the investigation, telling him he should quit his job. They argue, as Shawn refuses to quit. Bo’s phone rings, he says “damn it” when he checks it, and has to leave. He again tries to warn Shawn, who refuses to listen.


Kate comes in to find EJ ready to go on TV live, to blast “the scoundrels” in the Salem P.D. who who besmirching his good name. Kate is indignant that he did not check with her first before arranging this. He is determined to save his reputation, and tells her to stick around. After his broadcast (see below) he asks her if she is the one who ransacked his apt. Kate is hesitant, but EJ goes on about her having been engaged to John at one time, but talks about them being business partners, and much more…….ahem……Kate is reluctant, but finally admits to it. EJ tells her she took his ring….which was a fraternity ring. She says that it was a DiMera ring, but he says, no, not unless they belonged to the same fraternity. (Wouldn’t the fraternity initials be on the ring? Maybe not). She tells him that Stefano DiMera was a part of her life long ago, and she does not want to relive any of it again. EJ plays on her emotions, and refers to them being “close”.


Shawn, Sr. arrives with a huge turkey under each arm, telling Caroline he wanted to be sure they did not run out of turkey. They are so happy they are going to be having such a big family get together this year. Billie arrives, then Hope who is meeting her. Hope has a message from Steve, but Billie does not want to hear it. Hope tells her anyway, informing her that Steve doesn’t really remember Kayla. Billie insists she heard the things he was telling Kayla, but Hope lets her know that tho Steve remembers a little bit, most of it was stuff she & Bo had written down for him. That he was encouraging Kayla with what she wanted to hear, and did save her life. Billie is insistent that he will get more memories back, and she does not want to get in the way when he remembers completely. Hope assures her that Steve still has feelings for her, urges her to talk to Steve and be his friend. Billie is reluctant, but says she will think about it, land leaves. Meanwhile, Frankie has come in, and tells Shawn & Caroline about the great job offer he has gotten in D.C. and that he is going to take it. They do not want him to leave, but understand. They talks about him perhaps meeting someone, etc. etc. He tells them he will tell everyone else at Thanksgiving dinner, as Caroline reminds him he always has a home with them.


Abe is showing Celeste the tarot cards, asking her to translate for him, as they are in Italian, and he wants to know what they mean. She has the cards laid out in front of her, but dances around giving Abe a direct answer, making various excuses as to what the cards might indicate. Roman calls Abe to come out and watch EJ on TV, accusing the Salem PD of harassment. His attorney is there, announcing a $40 million dollar lawsuit against the Salem PD, and 4 co-respondents: Commissioner Abe Carver, Commander Roman Brady, suspended police officer Bo Brady, and John Black. Now comes the furious assistant DA, wanting to see the file on EJ. She looks thru it, saying all this is circumstantial evidence, and heads are going to roll. Abe claims that is not all. She leaves. In walks EJ with his attorney, who announces they will play deal or no deal now. They will drop the law suit if the police drop their investigation, turn the case file over to them (huh?) and wants a public apology from Roman & Abe, admitting that EJ is not a suspect, and clearing his good name.

Abe goes back in his office, begging Celeste to give him SOMETHING. She spots EJ looking at them thru the window, and tells Abe, No, I cannot help you. Thus, Roman & Abe cave into EJ’s demands, and go onto live TV with their public apology.

Billie meets Chelsea later in a diner, telling her that Gramma Kate is having a catered turkey dinner at her suite and Chelsea should be there. Chelsea smirks, saying, she can’t come as her father invited her to the Brady Thanksgiving dinner, surprising Billie.

EJ escorts Celeste outside the police station, asking her what she told them. Nothing, she replies. Good, he says, keep your mouth shut. Remember, you’re a part of this family, too.

Kate arrives at the cop shop, angry at Roman for getting her into hot water with her business partner. The DA returns, threatening Abe & Roman again, if there is any more trouble. Freeze frame on the face of an angry Bo. And the previews roll……..

Billie, extending her hand: I’m Billie, I’m Chelsea’s mom…and you are…..

Nick, who trips and recovers: Never better

Hope: You should have talked to me about the investigation
Bo: I didn’t want to push it.
Hope: Then I’ll push it, back in my bed

Stephanie to Steve: We are gonna be so happy, you, me & mom. A family! She hugs her dad.

Celeste to Lexie: One family has caused all that pain – the DiMeras


There will be no new Early Edition on Wednesday 11/22, as Days of Our Lives is pre-empted on Thanksgiving Day. There will be a new edition on Thursday morning for Friday.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers. Have a wonderful day.

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