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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Episode #10452
Taped 10/27
Director Herb Stein

Bo is set up by Patrick to take the fall for EJ, Nick does Chelsea a favor, Willow encourages Shawn, who gets berated by EJ, while Kate fails her daughter, in order to plot with her granddaughter.


Hope is trying to call Bo, who is not answering his cell, when Billie arrives. Hope is not too happy to see her, but Billie wants to apologize for Chelsea sending the picture. Hope is sick of it, sick of Chelsea’s schemes. She is trying to work things out with Bo, and they are well on their way, in spite of her carrying Patrick’s baby. She had to chase Patrick out, and then Bo went after him. If anything happens to either one, Billie will be responsible. Billie tries to explain, but Hope will not have any of it, and asks Billie to leave. She does. Later, Bo comes home to an empty house. Hope has gone to see Shawn.


Kate sarcastically reads aloud from the newspaper how EJ Wells feeds the homeless. EJ shrugs, saying he threw a bit of money at the Salem Food Bank, insuring the homeless would have turkey and gravy. She realizes it was a publicity ploy, and was milking it for good public relations. EJ’s cell rings, he is not happy to see who it is, and leaves to take it in private. He answers, angry that Patrick is calling him, and hangs up on him.


Willow is snuggling up to Shawn, trying to convince him to buy the super expensive convertible which has a humungous down payment. Knock, Knock. It is EJ at the door, saying that if you want to keep making the bucks, my friend, you will have to improve your work ethic. He comes in, admiring the apt, furniture, and notes the convertible brochures. He tells Shawn that he has a great place, plenty of cash, a pretty thing to spend it on, and remarks that he gave Shawn all of this, but now he has fallen down on the job. Shawn replies that it is complicated, but EJ says no, it isn’t. Why have you not been taking calls from Patrick. Shawn tells him that Patrick calls at all hours, even middle of night, and hasn’t been paying him. Shawn had not heard from EJ, so figured something was wrong (yeah, right!). EJ gives him a wad of bills, to make up for his lack of payments. Shawn mentions having seen the TV, and was glad EJ was cleared of any wrongdoing. EJ tells him to try and convince his dad, but Shawn bad mouths Bo, saying his dad has been on the wrong side of everything of late. EJ leaves.

Later, another knock, knock. Willow again wants to hide, (thinking it might be Belle) but Shawn says no. This time it is Hope, looking for Bo. Shawn tells her he has not seen Bo, that they do not see eye to eye much. Hope gives Willow a “look”. Her cell rings, it is Patrick, saying he needs her, he thinks he is dying. (See below)


Patrick has been trying to call Shawn, who is not answering his phone. Bonnie comes out, and they have words about his stolen money. She claims he misplaced it, but he knows better. She denies taking it, saying she would never steal from her children. (yeah, right). Patrick tells her she would sell them all for the right price. She angrily tells him to get a 9 to 5 and he will get in the black again. She stalks out, running into Bo, tells him Patrick is inside. Bo barges in, with Patrick saying, hey, this isn’t your house. Bo tells him it isn’t his either, it belongs to his mommy. LOL. He (calmly, for Bo) tells Patrick to stay away from his wife, to call her if he is concerned about her pregnancy, and if Hope wants to talk to him, she will answer. If not, then leave a message like normal people. He goes on to say he will take Hope to Dr. appointments. Patrick reminds him that Hope is NOT carrying his baby, (low blow) but Bo replies that Hope is HIS wife. He tells Patrick that after the baby is born, they will arrange visitation for him, but that is it. Leave Hope alone. Bo leaves, and Patrick locks the door behind him. As he stands there, EJ’s voice is behind him, saying that locking the door will not fix the mess he has gotten himself into. EJ says he came in through a bedroom window, as no one should know they are in contact. He reams Patrick out for not paying Shawn, and is not sympathetic to Patrick’s claim of having his money stolen and being broke. Patrick needs a few thousand, which EJ gives him, but then angrily tells him that he has been handling things poorly, and could jeopardize the operation. And for that there is a price to pay. He backhands Patrick who falls to the floor. Later we see him, laying there, all bloodied, calling Hope. The money is scattered near him, and crumples it all up, stuffing it into his pocket. Later, Hope rushes in…..shocked at what she sees. Patrick murmurs “Bo, Bo did this”. Now Bonnie rushes in, sees Patrick, and babbles about Bo being outside when she left, and he must have done this. She calls 911 for an ambulance, and also wants the cops, as someone beat up her son.


Nick, Abby & Chelsea are having dinner at Chez Rouge. As usual, Chelsea is whining about not having a computer, can’t IM anyone, she has no way of knowing what is going on in the world, she might as well be living in a cave. Abby tells her to buy another, but alas, no money. Abby suggests getting a job…”Like I have time” replies Chelsea. Nick offers to let her borrow one of his, one that he bought and paid for from his salary. He has one at home he rarely uses, as he mostly uses the one at work. Chelsea is surprised, and agrees, as he offers to go get it NOW. (poor guy, cannot even finish his dinner). Now Abby scolds her for taking advantage of Nick. She accuses her of playing him. Chelsea denies it, but Abby warns her that Nick has a big crush on her. Oooh, news to Chelsea. When did this happen? Abby explains how intrigued Nick was at meeting her, how he has helped her out with the bartender at Dune, inviting her to the Brady Thanksgiving and now the computer. Chelsea is surprised, but delighted. Nick returns with the laptop, with Chelsea giving Nick another peck on the cheek, making him very happy. Chelsea leaves with the laptop, and Abby tries to make Nick realize what is going on., but he is too enthralled. He leaves.


Billie comes to see Kate, shows her the picture, telling her all that Chelsea did, and asks her to not be sympathetic to Chelsea. She says her daughter looks up to Kate, and asks her help in straightening her out. In walks Chelsea, bearing her borrowed laptop, bragging about how she got it. Billie scolds her a bit, then Kate wants to talk to Chelsea alone. Chelsea is all snotty about how she took the picture, and why she sent it to Hope, Patrick & the pirate. Kate seems at first to be going to give her a dressing down, but ends up telling Chelsea that she is gutsy and determined, and congratulates her on what she did. Bravissimo, she says, calling her a diamond in the rough. Now comes lecture on being sneaky, but appearing to be nice, staying focused on her goal, and the advice to start a blog, telling everyone how she feels….. and to treat her parents with kid gloves.


Patrick is on the bed, all cleaned up, with Bonnie telling him how they are going to sue the Brady’s, not to worry, she will take care of legal stuff, and has just been waiting for a chance like this. He weakly calls for Hope. Outside in the hall, Hope has called Bo, who has no idea what she is talking about. When she says she is at hospital with Patrick, he thinks for an appt., and tells her he TOLD her he would go with her. Miscommunication going on, of course, as Hope tells him not to pretend he does not know what she is talking about. Bonnie comes out for her..and she hangs up. Hope goes in to see Patrick, who tells her he has broken ribs, some internal bleeding, and says Bo has probably gone on the lam. Hope says she doubts it. He asks her to stay with him til the cat scan reports comes in, telling her she is all he has. (sure, no mom, sis, brother, etc. )

Billie comes home, sees the place in a shambles, then the blood on the floor. She calls Bo, telling him, then sees a note from Bonnie saying she took Patrick to the hospital. She realizes it must be Patrick’s blood.

Shawn has bought that convertible, and is out joyriding with Willow. She wants to go to Chez Rouge, as would like to be served, instead of serving others. Life is perfect, except for one thing. He decides to put the pedal to the metal. (And it is end of November in the Midwest…have not seen a single convertible with the top down. Shawn & Willow must be really warm blooded people, lol)

EJ comes into Kate’s office, looking a bit rumpled, tie askew, hair a bit messed. She comments about it. He takes off his tie, inviting her over to his place, but she says, why leave. We can stay here, as they begin to make out. (looks like that desk will get cleared off soon again, Ha. AND…..with Patrick as beat up as he is, why do EJ’s hands look so good? It would seem there would at least be some abrasions, etc. )

Chelsea is in her bedroom, prettying herself up, then sits cross legged on her lovely bed, and begins talking to her set up cell phone. She evidently is making a video blog, as she says her name is Chelsea, she is 19, this is her room, she lives with her mom and some other people not worth mentioning. She says she doesn’t get along with her mom, all people are hypocrites, and something about wearing steel toed boots to kick some butt. We see Nick avidly watching at work, as he eats his sandwich. (Now how the heck does he even KNOW she is doing this? Sigghhhh)

Bo is trying to get Billie to tell him what is going on. Knock, Knock. There is Officer Schulz to arrest a very puzzled Bo. He thinks it is a joke. No joke.

Shawn & Willow are having a fancy dinner at Chez Rouge, as she mentions she cannot believe she is eating escargot. Shawn informs her that is snails. LOL. He looks over the menu, noting the brains and sweetbreads, deciding he will just have a steak. Abby comes up, telling him there is a message for him from Bo, that he wants to see him. Shawn is ready to ignore it, but Abby says his father has been arrested, and needs him. And the previews roll…….

MAX: Don’t worry about me, Abby, I know what I’m doing, okay? Abby: If that’s true, then why do you seem to not have a clue that mimi is falling for you?

ABE, angrily, TO JOHN: We’re done talking about EJ Wells. It’s over. Now do I make myself clear. (Bo is in the background)

EJ TO SAMI: I’m not beyond forgiveness….am I?

HOPE TO BO: I can’t continue on this ride with you any longer. It’s over.


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