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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Episode #10,439
Tape date 10/12
Director-Phil Sogard

Lots of apologies around town, as Nick manages to get Chelsea out of a jam, Belle & Shawn take their checks back to Victor, while Sami, Lucas & Will end their fun day out with dinner at Chez Rouge.


Nick Fallon tries to pacify the bartender with a promise to pay for the broken glassware with his first paycheck. The bartender will have none of that, so Chelsea offers to wash dishes, which also is no deal. Nick talks on & on, making all sorts of excuses, claiming he knows the guy does not want to send Chelsea to jail, but yes he does. LOL. As he starts to call the cops, Nick jumps in again about giving people chances, and working things out to everyone’s advantage. The bartender keeps referring to Chelsea as Nick’s girlfriend, which Chelsea indignantly denies, repeatedly. The bartender finally admires Nick’s watch, wanting it in exchange. Nick just got it from his parents for graduation, & it is even has an inscription. It cost thousands….not exactly a fair exchange for $88 worth of glassware. The bartender decides to make a bet with Nick for the watch/glassware. He picks up a brandy snifter and an olive, small green one stuffed with pimento) telling Nick he has to get the olive inside the brandy glass without touching the olive. Nick studies the glass and olive on the bar for a few seconds….then agrees. Abby & Chelsea do not want him to do this….but he seems pretty confident. (So, o.k. I know how part of this is going to be solved, lol). The bartender asks if the watch has a stop watch on it…..and sets the watch for 2 minutes. Nick gets down to eye level with the olive & glass, then stands up, puts the glass upside down over the olive, (I knew that part, ha) and then proceeds to begin to move the glass in a circular motion, never lifting it up. As he does so, the olive begins to rise, and he goes a bit faster, telling everyone it is inertia. The crowd around them is chanting “Let’s go, Nick” (one wonders how they all knew his name, hmmmm), as the olive goes higher and higher in the glass. When it gets high enough, Nick quickly turns the glass over, and voila! The olive is in the bottom of the glass and Nick has not touched it. Everyone cheers, bartender agrees he has done it, and won the bet, giving him his watch back. Nick leaves, telling Chelsea he will see her around. Chelsea looks impressed. Abby & Chelsea follow Nick outside, but he is going home via cab, so he says, and tells them to stay and have a good time. The girls do not understand how Nick came up with the way to do the trick, but Nick says he & his college friends played those kinds of games all the time at the frat parties. Now Chelsea is impressed by him having belonged to a frat, but Abby lets her know it was a brainiac frat. LOL Abby tells Chelsea to thank Nick, which she finally does, in her own snippy way, even apologizing for calling him a geek, then leaves, telling Nick to lose the glasses. Abby tells Nick they had a good time, in a weird way, while he thinks Chelsea is amazing. Seems he never met a girl with a police record before, and it is like one never knows what Chelsea is going to do.


Lucas, Sami & Will are having dinner, laughing over their fun day at the amusement park. Sami is blowing on a pinwheel, as they talk about the various rides, etc. At another table, Abe & Lexie are just finishing up their dinner, as Lexie spots Sami having a good time, and becomes upset. Lucas notes Abe & Lexie, warning Sami and telling her not to turn around. Lexie is angry, and bemoans her lot in life, having to prove herself over and over because of having Stefano for a father and Tony for a brother, so Abe figures it is a good time to give her an envelope that Bo gave him. It turns out to be a Thank You card from Caroline & Shawn Brady for all she had done to help Steve & Kayla. Lexie talks about them forgiving her, but continues to beat herself up. Abe gives her a pep talk, but she cannot stand seeing Sami having a good time, would like to heave the bottle of champagne at her. Meanwhile, Lucas is trying to encourage Sami to go over and apologize to Lexie. Will makes up an excuse to leave them alone, so they can talk. Lucas finally convinces Sami it would be the right thing to do, she agrees and goes over to the Carvers’ table. She says a few words to Abe, then turns to Lexie, telling her how sorry she is for what has happened between them. Lexie looks bored, and when Sami asks Lexie to forgive her, Lexie gives her a resounding No, telling her this will not get her job back. Abe looks rather surprised, but says nothing. Sami retaliates by telling Lexie she would not have been able to blackmail her, if she had been faithful to her husband, and not snuck around having an affair with Tek. Abe says this is over, and gets up, telling Lexie they will leave now. Sami apologizes to Abe, a couple of times. Sami turns, leaves for the ladies room. Lexie follows her. Sami is using a towel to dry her face, when Lexie comes up behind her, and gleefully pours a bottle of champagne on Sami’s head. Sami screams, Lexie laughs and goes back to her table, telling Abe what she had done. Abe is shocked, saying it was a $200 bottle of champagne. Lexie laughs & replies…..and worth every penny. Sami comes out, and goes to her table. Will has returned, and tells his mom she is wet. She claims she decided to take a champagne shower, and one has not lived til they try it. Lucas realizes all did not go well, but Sami says it is o.k. because she is with her family, and that is all that matters. Sami (whose hair is in a pony tail) squeezes some liquid onto Will, and they all laugh. They talk about what a good time they had today all together. Sami kisses Will, who does the awwww, mom, cut it out routine.


Belle visits Victor, who is glad to see her. In comes Shawn, surprised to see her there, but both are very angry, and are returning Victor’s $10,000 checks to him. Shawn figures Victor wants something, and he does. He wants to be a part of Claire’s life. Victor & Shawn argue about Vic keeping the paternity secret, and Victor apologizes. They want to leave, but Vic asks them to stay, saying something about a new beginning. He talks about how he was not there for his daughter Isabella growing up (i.e. Victor did not know he was father of either Isabella or Bo til they were grown adults), and Belle is named after her. He bemoans also not being able to be there for Bo, and how he spent all those years in a nursing home when Philip was growing up. (Victor had a stroke) He tells them how he has hired a top private detective here in the U.S. and 6 others in Europe, and there is no trace whatsoever of Philip. He got off the plane at Kennedy airport, and disappeared off the face of the earth. He becomes emotional, and leaves the room. He returns shortly, telling them all he wants is to spend some time with Claire. Shawn wants to leave, and says no, but Belle tells him it is not his call, it is hers. Victor leaves for a meeting down the hall, and promises to be back soon. Shawn & Belle argue, as Belle tells him that she has spent every day with Claire, and how connected Claire is to Phil. She recites how when Philip left, her mother & father gave her money to buy diapers & toys for Claire, but what did Shawn do? Drives a car that does not belong to him thru the wall of a private home, and then risks his life at sea to impress a prostitute he picked up. She tells him that being partners means being able to trust, and she does not trust him.

Shawn wants to show her he has changed, tells her about his new job with EJ Wells, and how he is looking for an apt. in a good neighborhood. He fudges, saying the job is about being a mechanic, and gives her the lst child support payment. Belle is shocked, as it is a lot of money. Now Belle whines about she, herself, should have been getting a job. She talks about her dreams of being a designer. She asks Shawn if he is still staying at the Y with Willow, and lets him know in no uncertain terms that Willow selling her body for money is not the sort of influence she wants around Claire, and if Willow is there, Claire won’t be. Shawn assures her it will not be a problem. Victor returns, asking if he will be allowed to see Claire. Belle says, o.k., but as long as he abides by her rules. Belle & Shawn leave. Victor closes the door, with a very satisfied smile on his face. Freeze frame. (and an uh oh….what does Victor have in mind?) The previews roll…..

Kate to EJ: John Black is asking questions about you

Bo to John as they watch Kate & EJ on the video feed: What the hell is she doing? John replies this could be interesting.

Hope to Billie: I know how much you care about Steve, you mean a lot to him, too. He told me (please, Days, do NOT go there with this)

Lucas to EJ: You lay another finger on my mother, I’m gonna rip that smug look off your face.

Stephanie, as the hazmet people work on Kayla: Dad, do something!



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