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Friday, December 15, 2006

EPISODE: 10,464
DIRECTED BY: Albert Alarr
TAPE DATE: 11/9/06

GOOD show as our Salemites brain cells are returning in full force as we find Mythic’s execs on their business trip, Bo and Hope’s compassionate nature returning with the way they handle Shawn’s current dilemma; and John and Marlena outside Stefano’s hospital room door.


Sami officially introduces EJ to the group of men gathered at their business meeting, all potential sponsors for Mythic’s racing team. Lucas quietly enters from outside (interesting the meeting room is right off the front door) and observes as EJ slides his arm around Sami and comments on her beauty to the men. While Sami hands out brochures, EJ notices Lucas “skulking in the shadows” and slips away to acknowledges his presence. Lucas comments on Sami’s good work and EJ suggests that Lucas tell her so, taking his arm to include him in their group. Lucas prefers to keep a low profile. EJ plays the warm host, inviting Lucas to have dinner with them. At first Lucas pretends he doesn’t want to interrupt Sami’s work and will return later, but finally levels that he doesn’t like or trust EJ and only there to protect Sami. EJ calls him on the fact how that will infuriate Sami and she’ll know that Lucas doesn’t trust her. The two men watch Sami handle the sponsors with ease. EJ proceeds to go over Lucas’ previous track record with wives and Sami. He challenges Lucas to show his face, but Lucas calls EJ on his plans to celebrate with Sami later in his suite. EJ tells Lucas he’s on his side and a romantic at heart. If he wants to leave, he promises not to tell Sami that he was there. We see Sami thanking the men and telling them she’ll see them at dinner later. She glances by the door only seeing EJ from the back and calls out his name. A sponsor calls her back, saying he wants to dump a lot of money into Mythic and she thanks him as EJ gives Lucas the opportunity to leave if he wants to. He does, warning EJ to keep his hands off Sami first. Sami joins EJ and asks him who he was talking to. You can see EJ pondering his answer and finally says it was Lucas. Sami is a little flustered that Lucas showed up. EJ suggests just the two of them go up to his suite to celebrate with a bottle of champagne, saying dinners a couple hours away. Sami asks for clarification and EJ assures her he doesn’t mix business with pleasure (yeah, right) and just wants to discuss their business dealings. His cell rings and he excuses himself to take the call. It’s Enrico (the last time he enters Stefano’s room described below), telling him that John Black is there and the old man says it’s time for EJ to leave Salem. Looking around, EJ said not yet, he hasn’t finished what he came for (uh, you’re NOT IN SALEM AT THE MOMENT). We see the inside of the hospital room and it’s dark and gloomy and an old hospital bed (with a raised, draped off section where the head is), with a goon standing on the other side of the door nodding as Enrico reiterates the old man has spoken. Sami walks by the open door to the outside where EJ is talking on his cell and hears him say he doesn’t give a damn about John Black being there and he doesn’t give a damn about Stefano’s orders..he’s not listening to him any more. Sami peers through the door as EJ hangs up and takes his anger on something on the porch.


Hope comes downstairs to find Bo going over maps and paperwork. He explains Roman’s visit and Max & Mimi’s disappearance as to why he didn’t return to bed for Round 2. Frustrated he can’t be more involved in the physical part of the search being he’s not on the force because of Patrick, he reassures Hope it’s not her fault. They both feel bad about what’s happened, taking responsibility for their actions and reaffirm they’re back together now. (Bo and Hope fans will want to watch this episode for the full dialog) Hope respects Bo’s honesty and taking responsibility, but he argues asking why he keeps making the same mistakes over and over. She said she did the same, giving Patrick chance after chance. She credits Bo for going after what he believes in. They talk about Shawn’s current roommate and job…worried about the legal ramifications he’ll face. He fears Shawn is like him and rebelling. Hope explains Shawn loves him and is slowly finding his way back home citing how Shawn was the one to defend Bo when arrested and is kicking Willow out. They hug and kiss and the phone rings. It’s Shawn calling them and Bo tells him they’ll be right there as he and Hope rush upstairs to change first.

Shawn breaks the safety chain after seeing the fire and bursts into the apartment, yelling to Willow if she’s okay. Staring at the fire she says it’s out of control and she can’t stop it. He grabs the handy fire extinguisher and puts out the fire. We return to the fire now out, but the buildings excellent sprinkler system is raining on them. Shawn opens the door and we hear the fire department on the way with sirens and horns blowing. Shawn picks up the framed picture of him and Claire, telling Willow he was going to give this picture to Claire (nice thing about digital pictures is someone else is bound to have one too Shawn). Hearing the sirens he tells Willow they’re going to have some questions for you and you better have some answers!! Later Shawn pulls Willow away from a mothering neighbor who’s comforting Willow and getting her warmed up. He asks how she could burn a baby’s toys, etc. Willow rants she’s tired of competing with a 15 month old and her mother and for him to just deal with it. She lies to the firefighter saying she fell asleep when the fire started and thankfully Shawn got home in time to put the fire out. Shawn stops her and tells her to tell the firefighter the truth. She glares at Shawn as they lead her into another room to talk. Meanwhile, the apartment manager storms in the room upset that Shawn’s loud music, etc., wasn’t bad enough, now this fire ruined two apartments. Shawn’s puzzled and he explains the apartment downstairs sustained water damage from the sprinklers. Shawn offers to pay for the damage and the landlord assures him he will and tells him he’s also demanding he move out as well. Bo and Hope arrive and Bo removes the landlords jabbing finger from his son’s chest, reminding him it’s not nice to point, LOL. The landlord asks if they’re his parents and tells them about how their son’s loud music, having someone live with him whose name wasn’t on the lease and now this is why he’s evicting him. Shawn said HE didn’t start the fire, but the landlord again reminds him that HIS name was on the lease. Hope asks the landlord if he has fire insurance (he does with a high deductible saying that their son is going to pay) and she asks Shawn if he has renters insurance (he does for personal belongings) and tells Hope it’s in his lock box in his bedroom…(his birthday is the combination..tsk tsk…against the golden rule of not using easy to figure out combinations). While Hope goes to get it, Bo asks Shawn privately if it was arson as we see Willow being led away by Salem PD in handcuffs as she glares at him (hmmm…does fire insurance normally cover arson?)

We return to Bo handing Shawn a little candy cane (aww) and opens one himself to suck on while telling Shawn he’s not there to lecture or come down on him like a dad..he’s there to help. He asks what happened. Shawn explains he told Willow it was over.while she was decorating the tree..Bo responds “ouch”, LOL. He waiting while she packed and left, but unfortunately forgot one thing…her key to the apartment. He didn’t realize she’s a psycho and would do such a thing. He should have learned his lesson from Jan Spears (right on writers!!) Bo said Shawn’s a lot like his mom, a big heart wanting to see the best in people. Bo thinks Belle loves him and will understand. Shawn asks why he could be such an idiot and Bo hugs him saying that’s his son he’s insulting..aww..and sticks the candy cane in his mouth, LOL. Cute scene!

The landlord reviewed his policy and the damages will be covered, so he tells Shawn all he has to do is pay the deductible and no law suit and leaves. Hope tells Shawn the landlord also was firm on Shawn’s moving out and asks if he wants to ask EJ for an advance to find a new place. Shawn tells them he quit. Bo snickers a good mechanic is hard to find, but Shawn tells him what he was really doing as Bo jokingly acts surprised at the news. Hope offers Shawn to move home. Shawn hesitates and Bo apologizes for how he’s been around Shawn and not praising him when he should have. Shawn says it wasn’t very often and accepts blame for his part of the fallen relationship. Hope steps in and says it’s been a hard year since Zack’s accident on all of them and the only way they’re going to get through it is together. Bo walks up behind Hope and sandwiches her between them..saying they’d love for him to come home and be with his family, especially for the holidays. Shawn agrees and they all smile and hug. (love it)

Marlena and John roam a hospital corridor and ask a nurse for Stephano Dimera. She points down the hallway. Marlena has flashbacks of being in the room they’re directed to and stops John. She tells John about the nightmare she had after being rescued by Smokey Robinson and finding John stabbed in the chest, saying this was the same corridor and door in that nightmare. She doesn’t want John to go into that room, fearing her dream will become true. John disagrees and said he won’t go back to Salem without answers. Marlena realizes he’s dead set on going in the room (which says DIMERA in bold letters on the glass, LOL..some hospital!) and asks John once he checks out the room if they can go home to Salem and make love for 40 years. An offer too good to refuse, he agrees and she walks away. Rico rounds the corner just as John’s about to step inside, pointing a gun at John. Marlena quietly observes from the next corridor, trying to figure out what to do (uh, remember the gun in your purse?) John tells Rico he’s not armed and didn’t come to hurt the old man, just talk to him. He pulls the ring out of his pocket which alarms Rico. He slams John against the wall and jabs his gun in John’s neck saying he warned him and now will kill him and no one is here to help him now. Marlena finally speaks up and we see her pointing the gun at Rico’s head (using her other arm as a brace), warning him what will happen if he doesn’t drop the gun. John tells Rico he was safer with the dry cleaning, LOL. Rico says he was ordered to prevent anyone from entering the old man’s room. Marlena suggests that Rico go in and tell “the old man” that Marlena is here to see him, saying if he doesn’t comply, the armoire will look like a palace to him if Stefano learns Marlena was there and he didn’t let her come in. Rico goes into the room and John cautiously removes the gun from Marlena’s hand, saying to remind him never to play poker with her. Unconcerned someone else might be lurking nearby, the two embrace as he thanks her for saving him. She tells him she had thought about calling the police, but figured they were on Stefano’s payroll and remembered a bad boy gave her a gun. He points out he’s glad he did so. Kiss kiss.. Rico returns saying the old man will see her, but not him and no guns. John says no way, but Marlena assures him she’ll be okay as Rico returns inside the room. John warns Marlena, but she promises to scream her brains out if she needs him. This is their only chance to get the evidence against EJ and Patrick. Rico and the goon step out of the room and Marlena steps inside. Rico lights a cigar and blows smoke in John’s face as he says “if he moves, he’s dead” and walks away. The goon raises his gun as we see Marlena stare at the bed as we only see a hairy, large man’s hand (wearing Stefano’s ring), waving for her to come closer. She does so nervously as the previews roll…

SHAWN TO BELLE: I don’t mean to scare you, but I think Philip and Victor are in this together. I think they’re trying to get Claire away from us.

MARLENA TO STEFANO: What do you want from me Stefano? He takes her hand and grasps it as we see his ring.

SAMI TO LUCAS: I think he’s connected to the Dimeras.
LUCAS: We have got to get you away from here before you get yourself killed.

RICO TO EJ: Your orders are to kill John Black and leave Salem forever.

As the credits roll..

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