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Friday, December 22, 2006

As expected, there was no feed today, because Days of Our Lives will NOT air on Monday, Christmas Day. I have posted a Holiday Movie Poster Parody and will leave today's show spoiler up. The Early Edition Gang wishes each and every one of our readers a Happy and Blessed Holiday Season!

EPISODE: 10,469
TAPE DATE: 11/15/06

It’s Christmas Eve in Salem and Sami helps the cops; Mimi and Max continue trying to get out as Chelsea, Stephanie and Abby search for them; Will has a close encounter with EJ; Abe’s vision worsens

ABBY, CHELSEA AND STEPHANIE go over the Hall of Records original paperwork on Victor/Titans holdings. Chelsea finds a property outside of town that has a barn, silo, farmhouses, etc., and shows it to Abby, who is sure that’s where Max is being hidden. Abby says she can feel that’s where Max is. Stephanie and Chelsea, the last two women with a crush on Max, smile at each other.

Max continues to whack at the wall until a small hole is created. It’s too dark to see through, so Max continues pounding, but hurts his shoulder. Mimi picks up the hammer and while gently whacking, more of the wall falls. Max claims he just loosened the bricks for her and she whacks once or twice more until a hole big enough for them to step through forms. They enter the next area and find it dark and cobwebby with only a closet in it. She says unless it goes to Narnia, they haven’t gotten anywhere. Max opens the closet and a corpse falls out and onto Mimi, who’s screaming in terror of course. He’s wearing a Civil War uniform. They find a ring on his finger and a gun on the inside of his coat. Max figures they can blast their way out of there. Mimi sidesteps Max who’s waving the gun around, talking about how dangerous the gun might be after all these years, and for her to stay clear. Max tells her he, Pop and Frankie use to go duck hunting twice a year and he knows what he’s doing. Mimi freaks out saying she never got over Bambi and still hears the gun from it. He kids about how they need to get out of there as he has plans for them later. He steps up and fires the gun and we next see him unconscious on the floor. Mimi panics, but he was faking it as she moans about missing Christmas. We see the 3 Muskateers outside the property (?) as they try to convince Abby they should just tell Roman and Bo about what they found and it’s Christmas Eve…they should be home with their families. They’ve already searched two farmhouses unsuccessfully. Apparently they didn’t hear the gun, assuming they’re in the same place. Abby tells Chelsea to go home, but she won’t forgive her for not helping. Chelsea gives Abby reality lesson 1A that Max isn’t going to profess undying love to her if they find him and she’ll be crushed if he doesn’t. She knows, she’s been there. Abby agrees to take Chelsea home and then she and Stephanie will come back and look for Max, but Stephanie wants to go home too. Abby finally gets frustrated and agrees to take the other two home and will come back alone.

Max asks Mimi to think positive. He said they can have Christmas right there and they have music, food, water. He’s thankful for Mimi and all she’s done to help his garage. She remembers some ornaments somewhere. Max goes to kiss her, but she feels cobwebs on her face and wants to wash it off. (Hard to get excited about all this knowing she’s leaving the show.)

Will is busy checking out presents under their tree when EJ knocks on the door. Will answers it. EJ asks how Will is doing considering Sami rushed to his hospital bed. Will credits being young and great genes for his speedy recovery from the surgery 48 hours earlier. He shuts the door on EJ and grabs the medical kit saying…appendectomy, here I come. Moments later he opens the door to EJ (who must have been insisting on coming in) and when EJ hugs him as they walk, winces telling EJ to be careful of his stitches. EJ pulls up his shirt and sees a taped bandage with blood on it and drops his shirt, but continues looking for Sami, opening every door to see if she’s hiding in there. Will offers to have him look under his bandage to see if his mom is hiding there..but EJ leaves and Will closes the door. Will calls Sami on her cell and briefs her about EJ’s visit. Sami is proud of how Will handled it, saying you’re my son, and orders him not to open the door to anyone until they get home.

Lucas lets them all know he doesn’t approve of them using the woman he cares about and putting her in danger (ironic considering it’s her parents, stepfather, uncle and Abe asking her to do it in the first place, ey?). Sami is touched to hear Lucas vocalize that sentiment. Marlena takes the men into the office arguing she isn’t happy about this either, but they insist that Sami is the only one who can do it saying EJ moved across the hall from her for a reason. Sami and Lucas chat privately and she asks him to continue having faith in her. After Will’s call (see above), Sami tells Lucas and asks him again to let her help the police. Lucas says okay, but he and Sami walk into the closed door meeting in Abe’s office and Lucas demands that he set the ground rules…they can use Sami, but HE’S calling the shots. Love the expression on the top cops and other’s faces at that announcement.

John and Marlena wait with Abe in his office and Marlena is concerned about how Abe’s holding his head (he spilled some water earlier too). He collapses on the floor and John rushes over to help him too. We next find Lexie giving him some medicine and upset he called her instead of an ambulance. He’s worried about losing his job, but she convinces him his health is more important. Marlena has a friend that’s an opthomologist that specializes in transplants and offers to have him see Abe discreetly. They talk about how he’s seeing through Zack’s eyes and the gift he gave him of site. Abe finally agrees to see Marlena’s friend and shocked he can barely see his own hand. Lexie tells him it’ll be okay with tears in her eyes.

Later we find Sami sitting in a club having a drink when EJ joins her. He told her that he stopped by to see her and she tells him that Will told her. She told him not to scare her son like that again. EJ asks why she’s there if she’s so concerned about her son and she tells him, because she went to see the police. We see Roman and Bo outside the club listening in. EJ doesn’t trust her at first, but she tells him about overhearing Uncle Roman on the phone with forensics and they found new evidence in the Eve Michaels case and are planning on arresting EJ after Christmas. EJ asked why she’s telling him and when suspecting he doesn’t believe her, she grabs her coat to head out, but he grabs her arm and she sits down again. She convinces him (apparently) that she likes him and felt she owed him after he stood by her (when Will was missing). Her family isn’t close and Lucas didn’t even trust her for one night alone with EJ. If Will hadn’t needed emergency surgery, who knew what would have happened that night? She continues on telling him about wanting to help him and heard her dad flag his passport and notifying other modes of transportation out of town. She’ll help him though after Christmas. There’s a boat house and she can sail him out of town and they can be together, saying sabatoge is her middle name, LOL. He apparently is believing this as Lucas storms into the club and rants at her for being there with EJ. He grabs her coat and insists she leave with him and she does so looking apologetic to EJ. Outside we see Bo ordering the undercover guys to stay with Wells and to keep an eye on him as Sami and Lucas join them laughing. Roman tells her he’s proud of her and not use to being praised, says “thanks Dad, I just hope it worked and EJ goes away for a long time.” A happy Sami wishes her dad Merry Christmas and same to Uncle Bo as she and Lucas walk away arm in arm to go home. Bo asks Roman if EJ takes the bite, if Roman’s looking for the perfect present for his baby brother, the chance to cuff and take EJ down would be it. Roman wishes Bo a Merry Christmas then.

Inside EJ gets Sami’s drink (hope she paid for it already, haha), stirs the candy cane in it and drinks it, then smiles. He calls Patrick and says the day after Christmas is when they’ll settle all bets. Patrick is to make sure Bo Brady is very aware he’s leaving town with his wife and to keep him distracted all evening. EJ said he’ll take care of everything else and after hanging up with a smile, repeats to himself…EVERYTHING…

As the previews roll..

Max to Mimi: I really like you.
Mimi: Is that a good thing?
They kiss and we see fireworks exploding…

SHAWN hangs Claire’s ball on the Horton tree as Belle holds her. He tells her she’s right there with the rest of the family from now on.

STEVE to CLAY AIKEN: I wonder if you could do a favor for me and my wife.
CLAY: “Sure, what can I do.”
STEVE: “You’re the coolest.”
CLAY chuckles.

As piano music plays 12 days of Christmas with the credits….(sweet)


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