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EPISODE: 10473
TAPE DATE: 11/28/06

Life in Salem is hectic after Christmas..but not from returning gifts as John’s being rushed to the hospital after being shot; Sami’s manipulated by EJ to bed her and for her to save Lucas’ life; Bo finding Hope and delivering their daughter into the world and Kayla and Steve’s visit with Benji. This might be MY last Early Edition folks as rumors are Canada is going to be showing DOOL the same day as the U.S…but we’ll keep you advised when we know for sure.

STEVE AND KAYLA are eating dinner out with Benji and his wife. They toast true love and their surviving the gas attack at the hospital. Kayla thanks Benji for visiting them there. Kayla tells them she wants to have them over for dinner and excuses herself. Benji’s wife comments how they look the same as the last time they saw him. Steve comments about how their hair has changed and steps away too as he got a cell call (wish more people in restaurants would do that, good on you Steve!) and Benji’s wife asks him what he’s waiting give it to him so they can leave. Kayla and Steve both return as Steve tells them John was shot and they’re rushing him to the hospital. Kayla apologizes and says they’ll get together soon as she and Steve rush out. Benji’s wife encourages him to go after them and give them what he has so they can leave.

AT THE PIER…A replay of Tek telling Lexie not to let John down and rushing away before the ambulance and Roman arrives. Roman tells Lexie she has to tell him what happened. She tells him she saw what happened, the whole thing. She tells him about stopping to call Abe to let him know she’s running late and saw a couple men through a window and thinks it was EJ Wells. She can’t be positive as it was so quick and the windows so dirty, but he hammers her for positive id. We return as John’s being wheeled away, apparently not doing well. Roman yells for them to floor it and lots of noise, then apologizes to Lexie for coming on so strong. It was his operation and he got John involved. Lexie understands. An officer joins them and Roman orders him to see that the ambulance gets to the hospital okay. The officer whispers something to Roman and he informs Lexie that EJ must have stolen her car. He’ll have someone pick Abe up and will put an APB out on her license plate. Staring into her eyes, he tells her they have to nail EJ Wells. Lexie flashes back to Tek’s warning about making sure John’s shooter pays and her saying she can’t risk her marriage. Abe has been picked up from his appointment and now with Lexie. He tells her John has her to thank for helping him and Roman asks Lexie once again for her official statement. Lexie says she must be in shock as she’s rattled, but Roman tells her to give him an official statement and they’ll drop it for the night. Abe encourages her to tell Roman what she saw. Roman tells Lexie that they only have one witness and without positive ID, a guilty man can get away scot free. CSI team doesn’t get any evidence and Roman says it’s all up to her. Roman tells Lexie that Stefano is a bad man and can she live with herself if she lets him get away with this. Abe finally speaks up and says Lexie can make her statement when she’s up to it.

SAMI is frantically driving, trying to deal with EJ saying if she helps him get through the roadblock, that he’ll help her save Lucas. As he puts on his glasses and hat disguise (yup, that’s Stefano’s son, king of disguises…LOL), he warns her to just get him out of there or else. They get to the police roadblock and the officer asks for her license and registration..saying it’s not her car and she’s the designated driver as she doesn’t drink. EJ pretends to be asleep and they don’t even ask about him or want to see him (give me a break). Sami asks if he’ll help Lucas now and after they’re safely away from the roadblock, he appears to imply he will, IF she has sex with him. She asks why, he can have any woman he wants, and one who wants him. He tells her about how his father wanted him to plant his seed in the Brady of his choice and she should consider it an honor. Sami reacts like she ate a sour lemon and rebels, which turns him on even more. He warns her that Lucas’ life is in her hands. Sami asks if raping her is what he wants to do and he says however he can get what he wants is what he likes..already removing her clothes with his eyes. He asks her how it feels to hold Lucas’ life in her…..he clarifies he was going to say in her hands, but in reality he means between her legs…Sami angrily says OKAY, but asks for a guarantee he’ll help Lucas afterward. He tells her no guarantee and she tells him she hopes he goes to hell for all he’s done. He calmly replies his place is already being saved there. Leaning towards her, he asks if he should remove her clothes or does she want to. Fuming, she says she will, but he’s only getting her body. Snuggling next to her, he says…my dear, that’s all I’ve ever wanted….as she cries while he’s kissing her neck…afterward she zips up her sweater as EJ is blissfully smiling, claiming to be riding an endorphin rush. He says he’ll have to be sure to tell Lucas that…and Sami slaps him hard. She tells him he’s had his revenge and she’s scarred for life and will learn to live with what happened, but if he hurts her, Lucas, Will or anyone else, she’ll hunt him down and kill him (you go girl!) He retorts never to touch him again it will be the last thing she does., but our Sami warns him he better honor his promise , calling him Elvis to help Lucas and then he can slither back into his hole.

LUCAS is lying pinned down and imagines Kate joining him. She taunts him about how she warned him about Sami as she continues to take boxes of shoes out of her shopping bag, trying one on and tossing it in the trash. She tells Lucas that Sami is doing the same to him and the only person Sami cares about is Sami. After pulling a glass of wine from her bag, she disappears as Lucas lies there calling for first mom, then Sami. Later Will appears (in his mind) and he knows he’s not really there as Will tries to brush away snow unsuccessfully. Lucas is so tired and wants to take a nap as Will begs him not to, saying Mom’s on her way back and not to sleep for his sake. We join Lucas hearing Will’s voice telling him he loves him and to stay awake. Lucas opens his eyes and sits up, but Will’s not there.

BO breaks into the building where Patrick’s got Hope, pointing his shotgun at Patrick who’s crouched on the floor with Hope. He tells Bo that Hope’s in labor. Bo yells for him to stay away from her, but calls 911 for an ambulance. Bo is torn between trying to help Hope and keeping his eyes on Patrick..who is running around trying to get things to help and taking his jacket off for the baby once it’s born. Hope wants to push and Bo delivers the baby and wraps her in Patrick’s coat. He hands her to Patrick as he tells Hope the baby is pink and fine. Hope asks to hold her and Bo takes the baby from Patrick (all we see is the coat) and crouches down next to Hope with her. He calmy looks up at Patrick and says he’ll love and raise her like she’s his own. Taken by the intimate scene, Patrick replies “she is”. Hope looks up and says, “what are you talking about, we know you’re her father.” Patrick tells them no he’s not, she’s theirs, her and Bo’s. He tells them how he paid Dr. Bader to lie about the tests. Patrick says he’s not a saint, but he’s not a murderer either..if he was he wouldn’t be feeling what he is right now. He apologizes for putting them through all this. Hope tells him he did the right thing and that’s a good beginning. Later we find Hope in bed in the building and Patrick goes to check on the baby. Hope tells Bo this past few months she’s looked for ways for them to have a second chance and a way to put Zack’s death behind them and move forward. Bo said he has too, and life’s just not about grief. They can never get back what they had…but now they have this little life, this little blessing in their life..and she’s like a sign of how life will be. Hope and daughter are wheeled away by the ambulance crew and Bo promises to join her soon and refers to his daughter as his little princess (aww…just like Doug did to Hope). Hope kisses him and tells him to start thinking about a name for their daughter. Outside, Patrick tells him he’ll make sure charges against Bo are dropped and Bo said he knew EJ beat him up good and it’s pay back time.and urges Patrick to help them get EJ. Patrick doesn’t have a death wish and says he’s afraid of EJ Wells and Bo should be too. Patrick is taken away cuffed by an officer.

MARLENA is at the hospital as John’s wheeled in. She calls his name and he opens his eyes trying to say something. She pulls down his oxygen mask, but can’t understand him. They shoo Dr. Evans out so they can insert a chest tube and Steve and Kayla arrive. She tells them about how John came to, but has life threatening injuries, upset because John promised not to get involved. Kayla tells her that they can’t change the people they love. Steve wanders into see John while they’re talking (the same room that Marlena was just shooed out of (LOL) and he and John exchange glances. He tells John that Marlena’s outside talking to Kayla and she’ll be okay as long as he hangs in ..when John starts choking and the monitors start beeping. The doctor listens to John’s heartbeat as John starts convulsing. Marlena holds John’s mask in place and tells him to take it easy and he’ll be okay. She asks what he’s trying to say and Kayla and Steve are standing there watching puzzled as John keeps saying..killer, killer looking over her shoulder….Marlena tries to get John to repeat what he said, but he goes unconscious. Marlena doesn’t understand why John was looking at Steve when he kept saying killer. Kayla explains they’re both doctors and John’s brain was without oxygen and he didn’t know what he was saying. OR2 is ready and John’s whisked away. Kayla talks her out of going into the OR and Marlena says he can’t die.

EJ AND SAMI return to the cabin and Lucas is unconscious, but breathing. Sami demands that EJ remove the beam and he does so reluctantly, but says that’s all he’ll do. He’s leaving and taking the car and warns Sami if she tells anyone what happened, he’ll tell them she helped him escape and tell Lucas she’s been with him in the Biblical way for months. He says after he does one more thing..and she asks what that is…and he kisses her. She screams to GET OUT and he does so smirking that she was everything he expected and more and she rushes to Lucas screaming and throwing things at EJ as he calmly closes the door after saying that’s why he loves her. She pats Lucas’ face, calling him honey and promises to get him out of this and that they’re going to make it and she’s going to protect him (hmmm….another “who’s the daddy story on the horizon apparently…maybe she can discreetly get the DAY AFTER pill? yawn)

BO joins Hope in the ER and she’s calmly smiling..saying for the first time in a long time she knows everything is okay with them and their daughter. She can’t wait for her to join them and he says they’re cleaning her up now and she should be there soon. She tells him she loves him and asks him to go check on John and to tell Marlena they’re praying for him. Bo approaches Marlena who turns with tears in her eyes and tells Bo this is all HIS fault and if John dies, she’ll never forgive him. Bo is shocked.

KAYLA goes to check on John and Steve said he’ll wait for her at the desk. Benji rushes around the corner and signs to Steve that he forgot to give something to Steve, something important. He palms something into Steve’s hand, kisses him on both cheeks and dashes out. Steve looks at what it is and it’s a tarot card of the devil with red eyes burning and lightning bolts across the fingers on it’s right hand… the previews roll…

LEXIE TO ABE (out for dinner): Going blind is scary.
ABE: I’d rather die.

NICK TO BILLIE: I know how you feel.
BILLIE: How do you know?
NICK: Because I feel the same
BILLIE: God help you.

STEVE has a strong reaction to the tarot card and Kayla returns to find him confused and shaken.

MARLENA to SAMI: My husband is fighting for his life because it was more important for him to be a hero….

As the credits roll…..Linda

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