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Friday, December 8, 2006

EPISODE: 10,459
TAPE DATE: 11/3/06

Chelsea tells everyone about the “lonely splicer”; EJ gets propositioned; Patrick visits Hope, Bo investigates and best of all, Steve’s memory is finally reawakened.


Billie and child eat out once again (never see Billie working to earn the money to eat out so often, whatsupwiththat?). Chelsea notes the big smile on Billie’s face when she says goodbye to her caller (Steve) and guesses it was Billie’s favorite pirate. Now she’s encouraging her mother to go after who she wants (guessing she doesn’t want to lose her blog computer too). Chelsea knows this is important being she’s found her own true love (gag me). She shows Billie a picture of the lonely splicer (the doctor whose computer Nick was using), thinking he’s her new man. Later Billie signs the tab (ah, living on plastic) as she tries to tell her daughter not to expect anything from this. Chelsea is anxious to get home and prove her mother wrong about her new cyber love.

At another table we find Stephanie with Abby and Jake. She also shows the picture of Chelsea’s “lonely splicer” to Abby and Jake and steps away. Nick sees Willow walk through the restaurant, saying she’s hot..but Abby fills him in on who she is and he’d better watch his step once Chelsea learns he’s the lonely splicer. He admits taking the picture of his boss on his camera phone and sending it to Chelsea. Abby is shocked and Nick realizes the odds of Chelsea ever seeing his boss are very low. Oops…Stephanie returns later after just getting a call from Chelsea saying her mystery man is a doctor. Cue gulp from Nick and Abby. Willow walks by again and Nick goes to tell her what a hotty she is. She looks around to see Abby and Stephanie watching and tells Nick he’s a pathetic loser and for him and his friends to go to hell before walking away. He takes it good naturedly and rejoins the girls saying it’s a step up from geek (LOL, I like Nick). Stephanie leaves and he admits to Abby he’s playing the field so he wouldn’t be suspected as the lonely slicer. She says Chelsea is the one to confuse, not Stephanie.

Bonnie guesses Bo didn’t give Patrick his new makeover. She tells him that Mimi told her what he’s doing and he suggests she keep his nose out of his business.

EJ tells Bo he came to get his apology for kidnapping his granddaughter. Bo says he didn’t apologize and EJ gives him the mug shot of the woman who returned Claire. Bo said the woman had no record, but EJ’s found she was in prison 10 years earlier. Bo wonders how a race car driver found that out when the Salem PD didn’t.

Later Bo walks into a bar and sees the woman offering to buy the bar a round of drinks. He smiles nicely to make conversation with her, asking her what line of work she’s in. She says “day care”, but he slaps her mug shot on the bar and asks if that’s so. She denies taking Claire for money, reminding him she didn’t ask for the reward money, but he grabs her hand with fist full of $100 bills and figures differently, demanding to know why she did it (uh, Bo..if memory serves, you’re not on the force right now?)

Hope and Belle (not letting Claire out of her arms) talk. Hope offers to watch Claire if Belle wants to take a hot shower and relax, but Belle declines. They talk about Shawn and Hope defends Willow a bit, saying she’s not a prostitute any more and working at Chez Rouge to try and turn her life around. Belle doesn’t care, she doesn’t want her daughter around Willow..and being Willow’s always with Shawn, difficult to let her have Claire spend time with him. Hope asks if she jealous of Willow and realizes she and Shawn are both just getting out of relationships.

Love Laney’s poster yesterday and had to use that title today, haha. We find Shawn berating himself for not being a good father, blaming himself for what happened to Claire. Willow of course tries to convince him otherwise. Shawn grabbed some of the Salem brain on the way home and realizing delivering packages for EJ for so much money might just be what his dad is proclaiming…a bad thing, and doesn’t want to go to jail and be away from his daughter. He’s got to come clean with Belle. Willow speculates, and he confirms, leveling with Belle about what his job is and who he’s living with. She tells him she’s going to take a shower (sure is a clean little thing, isn’t she?) and then they’ll go for a ride in his new car. After we see Willow strolling through Chez Rouge, Shawn answers the door shirtless (of course), but still wet from his shower (must have a great shower in that apartment!) asking loudly if they forgot something. Oops, it’s Belle. (If those pants hung any lower..this who would have to be on HBO, haha). Belle apologizes for how she’s treated him and says it’s not him…and he knows it’s Willow she’s upset about. He takes her coat (but doesn’t put a shirt on himself) as they sit down and talk. She tells him he’s always been her best friend and says she put up a wall when he married Mimi. She asks why he didn’t turn to her instead of a stranger, a prostitute no less. Willow has walked up and overhears through the open door. He tells Belle that Willow is changing her life and he’s helping her. She asks if he still is (now he’s got his tank top on..guess the blizzard hasn’t hit Salem yet as they’re still driving convertibles around). He wants to be honest with her about something else though. Willow walks in, saying hi to Belle and asking Shawn if he’s ready for their romantic drive, catching both Shawn and Belle off guard.

Later Hope’s alone downstairs when Patrick comes to call (guess Claire’s taking a nap). He lets her know he’s been keeping an eye on her and asks when she’s going to follow through on her part of their deal. She defends Bo’s anger problem by saying he’s been through a lot lately. She will go to Chicago with him, but asks for his patience (wait any longer and you’ll be having that baby in Chicago too). He tells her he’s made the reservations and it’s in 2 weeks. She points out that it’s just before Christmas and this will be their first Christmas without Zack. Patrick points out he just wants to spend some time alone with her, is that too much to ask. She said no, if she was sure it was Bo that beat him up. She feels something’s not right and he wants to convince her she belongs with him, not Bo.

Bonnie’s playing pool when EJ joins her per her request. She tells him Patrick needs money to get out of town and wants EJ to replace the money stolen from her son. EJ asks what she has to negotiate with for it…and she asks him to step into her office to find out. EJ asks what Bonnie’s got to bring to the table for the amount of money she’s talking about. She tells him he’s a foreigner in their country and drowning for attention so to speak. She offers to be his life preserver and for him to grab on and she’ll keep him up as long as necessary. He asks Mrs. Lockhart if she’s trying to seduce him and she laughs, saying that takes too long and pulls him off his stool. After a Bonnie style kiss, he wipes his mouth and graciously refuses her offer, handing her a HUGE wad of bills saying her dedication to her son is wonderful, but his heart is spoken for and he will give her the money if she agrees to stay clear of him. She accepts, but tells him if his heart ever goes unspoken for, to let her know as she licks her palm and wipes his lips with it (eww).

Patrick leaves and EJ is there waiting for him outside. He warns Patrick what will happen if his mother ever approaches him for any more money, it will be the last thing she ever does. (hmmm…there’s snow on the bushes and a few flakes even falling…yup, definitely tank top convertible driving weather, haha)

Guess the Lockharts and Reeds take turns at Billie is looking at Chelsea’s mystery man and his cyber correspondence with her. Chelsea claims to be able to spend her life with this man and figures he’s a doctor by the stethoscope around his neck. She remembers someone who could help track him down and leaves.


As Steve slips into their hotel bathroom to make a call to Billie (saying he’s going to tell Kayla the truth about losing his memory), Lexie takes Kayla’s blood pressure (120/85). Kayla admits being nervous, scared to death in fact, about finding out if Steve truly remembers. Lexie leaves and Kayla moseys up to Steve, but he steps away and says he can’t lie to her any more. He doesn’t remember “them” or loving her. He told her he did what he did to keep her alive, but only got bits and pieces of his memory back. She says she already knew and was afraid it was true. He stops her from going to see Lexie. He sits down to chat with her and tells her what a strong woman she is and so good with Stephanie. He admires her and says she’s a special person. He never wanted to hurt her (as she looks devastated). Kayla tells him she wants to remain friends and he of course, agrees. He goes to hug her and she pulls back, stepping into the bathroom to collect herself before breaking down.

Later, we see Steve had fallen asleep on the bed and there’s a thunder and lightning storm outside. He dreams of a time in the past during a similar storm when he’s with Kayla and flashbacks of him and Kayla in their younger days flash through his mind of them kissing, him in the hospital, etc. (none were significant to me, but Barb might elaborate if she remembers them better). He’s woken up by housekeeping knocking on the door, asking if anyone’s there and looking afraid, he goes to knock on the bathroom door asking Kayla to open up. She’s just finishing dressing and opens the door to him. He’s all nervous about Kiriakis is after the disk and after them..urging her to be quiet. Kayla tells him that was in the past and no one is after them. More memories flash through his brain as Kayla repeats no one is after them, that was in the past. He remembers setting off the sprinklers and wants to save her. He gets dizzy on the chair as he tries to light the sprinkler as all the memories flash through his head again..of him with Kayla, having Stephanie, holding Stephanie, putting Kayla’s engagement ring on her finger, etc…and she helps him off the chair as he weakly sits on the floor. She tells him he’s stuck in the past as more memories flash though and he says I REMEMBER, I REMEMBER…calling her sweetness as he strokes her face and says I remember everything… and she cries in happiness…as the previews roll….

BO TO HOPE: I told you what happened and you don’t believe me after all these years, you know what…I’m outta here…
HOPE: Bo, no wait please…
BO: I can’t live in a house with someone who doesn’t trust me…as Hope looks shocked…

WILLOW: Shawn and I share everything, including a bed. Tell her! As we see Shawn’s face and Belle’s surprised one.

KAYLA TO STEVE: I can’t let you get my hopes up again.
STEVE: Look at me…I’m back…as Kayla cries.

And the credits roll…

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