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Episode #: 10455
Tape Date: 10/31/06
Air Date: 12/04/06
Director: Roger Inman

Summary: Hope makes a deal to get Bo out of jail…Mimi put the squeeze on Bonnie for money, so Bonnie shakes another money tree…Lucas and Sami’s romantic evening is interrupted by EJ, who makes her an offer.

At the Hospital…Patrick is still moaning about his money disappearing as Bonnie says whoever took his 3G’s probably already spent it (oops). He asks how she knows how much it was and she covers by saying he told her, even though he knows he didn’t and is sure she swiped it. She acts offended and leaves as Hope comes in. Hope asks him to drop the charges against Bo. In the hall, Bonnie is busy counting her money as Mimi comes up and puts the squeeze on her, wanting money for her trip to Atlanta. Bonne claims that she is broke, but Mimi isn’t buying it…and asks who she owes money to. Mimi says she knows Bonnie took Patrick’s money and she wants some of it as well. Bonnie tries to leave, but Mimi threatens to go squeal on her. Bonnie finally gives in and decides to share. Patrick can’t believe what he is hearing from Hope. She tells him that Bo says he didn’t beat Patrick but he swears that Bo did. Hope says that she has known Bo since she was a teenager and this is just not something that he wouldn’t do. Patrick asks if she is accusing him of lying. He throws up Billie in Hope’s face and tells her no, he isn’t going to drop the charges. They argue over it as Hope practically begs him…saying that the Bradys need Bo…especially Shawn and Caroline…they depend on him and they won’t be able to take it if Bo goes to prison. Patrick asks what about her…does she need Bo as well? In the hall, Mimi drools as Bonnie counts out money for her. She hands it over, saying that is enough to get her to Atlanta. Meems says on the bus maybe, but we are flying…and helps herself to some more. Bonnie is still swearing that she would never take “poor Patrick’s” money…but Mimi informs her that Patrick is involved in some kind of scam with EJ Wells and Shawn is involved as well. Mimi thinks that Bo had nothing to do with the beating, but Patrick used it to score points with Hope. She tells Bonnie she had better put a stop to whatever is going on before Patrick ends up 6 feet under. Patrick asks Hope if she and Bo are getting back together. She dances around the question, telling him that they have a history and have had children together and that she is invested in it. Patrick swears that he would never hurt her like Bo has. She begs him to drop the charges and he says he will…on one condition. He wants her to go away with him…as they had planned. She balks at the idea, but he badgers her and uses emotional blackmail on her. She finally gives in, but says it has to be HER terms, beginning with separate rooms.

At the Garage…Max is getting ready to leave as Abby mopes around asking him about changing his mind. She is sure that he is doing this for Mimi because he has feelings for her. She reminds him about the “I love you” Mimi uttered over the phone, but he claims they are just friends. Abby thinks that there is more to it and perhaps Mimi is so interested in finding Philip because if she brings him back to Salem, maybe this will give her another chance with Shawn. But Max doesn’t think that’s the case. Later, Mimi shows up with the money (telling them Patrick loaned it to her). Abby assures Max that she will handle the business while he’s gone and hopes he knows what he’s getting into.

At Sami’s…Lucas and Sami are on the sofa eating pizza, watching a movie (I assume it is either Pretty Woman or Runaway Bride, since they give shout-outs to Julia Roberts and Richard Gere). Sami is really into it but Lucas turns it of at her favorite part, saying it’s JUST A MOVIE. He would rather do other things, lol, as they start kissing. They get into it pretty hot and heavy, but Sami puts a stop to it, saying she wants to make sure and wait for the right moment…oh hell…maybe this IS the right moment. They throw caution to the wind and start back at it. They are ready to move things to the bedroom when the phone rings. Lucas wants her to ignore it, but she fears it may be Will. She answers it and to her surprise, it’s EJ. He informs her that when Mythic Communications bought out Reed and Company, that included her contract and that she is still on the payroll. He wants her to come down to his office. She refuses and he reminds her that she has been cashing the checks she has been getting, as she claims she thought that was severance. After she gets off the phone, Lucas tries to talk her out of it, but she says she has spent the money. Lucas tries to get her to call EJ back and tell him she quits…he makes enough money for all three of them. But she says she has to go talk to him face to face. Lucas says ok, but he is going with her. She tells him that she has to fight her own battles, even though Lucas thinks that EJ is still after her. He reminds her that she had the hots for EJ as well at one time. She laughs and tells him that she had the hots for BRAD PITT at one time as well…but she got over that too. She says that Lucas is the only one she wants…and she wants him more than anyone. Lucas is sure that EJ will try anything to split them up, but she says that EJ is just out of luck. She goes to get dressed and later comes back in a sexy red dress. Lucas says she can’t wear THAT, but she says she is just going to let him see what he isn’t getting. Lucas gets a call from Victor, wanting him to come over and they vow to take up where they left off when they get back.

At Mythic…EJ is telling Kate that they need to think about hiring a new representative since his image is tarnished. He suggests Sami, which sets Kate’s teeth on edge and she says over her dead body. She rants about Sami as EJ reminds her that Sami is already on the payroll since they acquired AR & Co. EJ points out that they can use her to promote their products to the “beer drinking, pizza eating race car loving” public and she is perfect for that. But Kate is adamant…NO, she is sure that EJ is just wanting to get Sami in bed. He claims this is just business and reminds her that he is the main stockholder in the company and outranks her…and if Samantha wants this job…then it is hers…as Kate huffs out the door.

Bonnie pays EJ a visit, saying she needs to talk to him and tells him about Patrick being beat up. He tries to play dumb, claiming he barely knows Patrick. But Bonnie lets him know that SHE knows better and knows that they are in cahootz and that Shawn Brady is getting rich being their human carrier pigeon. She subtly threatens to call the cops about all of the goings-on as they play a little game of cat and mouse. EJ sees he can’t lie his way out of it, so he pulls out a wad of cash (he sure seems to have a lot of those lying around) and hands it over to her, saying that they should be friends. She promises she won’t say a word to the police as she takes the money and leaves. After she is gone, his face drops and he says “damn you Patrick…you are more trouble than you are worth”.

Sami shows up at EJ’s office and tells him that he needs to find someone else…she will give the money back and effective immediately, she quits. He says that messes up everything…he was looking to make her a full partner with him and Kate…as Sami pauses when she hears that.

Bonnie meets with Lauren (the surrogate) on the docks and hands over the wad-o-cash. Lauren is impressed and wants more…keep it coming. Bonnie says she has shook every money tree she can find in Salem and that is it…no more. But Lauren tells her she had better keep the money coming…or she can kiss her “little gold mine” baby Kiriakis goodbye.

At the Cop Shop…Bo, Roman and Billie are in the office (Bo is free for the moment) as Bo is whining about how Hope has lost faith in him, thanks to Chelsea. Roman says he isn’t defending Chelsea, but it would help if Bo and Billie kept their clothes on when they are around each other (ROFLMAO!!!...go Roman). Roman goes to get Bo’s things as Bo and Billie talk. They cover a lot of subjects, like how Patrick is manipulating the situation to gain favor with Hope and Bo beats himself up over all of it. But Billie says she is just as much to blame and tells him that she told Hope that nothing happened. Bo says he can understand how Hope feels and says it’s all HIS fault. He says he is sure Hope must ask herself why he can’t keep it in his pants when he is around Billie. He says she has lost all faith in him. Billie says she feels guilty as well…they went to far, but they did stop before they crossed the line. But Bo says that Hope will just never understand. She reminds him that she and Bo do have a history together as well…and a daughter…and at one time they meant everything to each other. It is only natural for them to turn to each other for comfort. Bo says that is a habit they have to break. And Billie says that Hope has to break the habit of pretending that they never loved each other at one time. She says that they share a child…just as Hope and Patrick will now. Well, that starts Bo on a rampage about Patrick as Billie tells him to watch his mouth. Bo says well, if he is going to do the time, he would at least like to bash his face in. Roman comes back as Bo asks how things are going in the Wells investigation. Roman tells him not to worry about it…none of his business. He tells Bo he needs to stay out of trouble…go home and watch a movie. LOL as Bo asks if he should bake a batch of brownies as well. Billie also tells him to just stay out of it and if he doesn’t someone could end up dead. Roman tells him to just keep a low profile…this whole thing can be resolved. Borrow a page out of Ma’s book…have a little faith. Bo says he keeps telling Hope the same thing, but it doesn’t work…just as she and Patrick walk in. Stares all around. Patrick tells them that he isn’t going to press charges against Bo. Hope turns to Bo and says please, let it be over. Roman is happy over all this and goes to do the paperwork. Patrick offers the proverbial olive branch, and asks Bo if they can just put it all behind them. Bo tells him he doesn’t take handouts from dirt like him. Freeze frame on an angry Bo…as the previews show…

Sami (to Lucas): It just comes down to whether or not you trust me…do you?...

Victor (to Belle): What’s going on…why are the police here? (Belle): It’s Claire…she’s gone…she’s missing…someone took her…

Bo (to Hope): What kind of deal did you make with him to get him to drop the charges…what did you promise him?...

Patrick (to Billie): If you EVER cross me again…I will make sure you and your daughter regret it…

And the credits roll…

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