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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Episode #: 10463
Tape Date: 11/7/06
Air Date: 12/14/06
Director: Herb Stein

Summary: Max and Mimi are missing as Abby blames herself…Sami is determined to prove herself to Lucas at her new job, even when EJ asks her to go out of town with him…Bo finds out about the price Hope is to pay to Patrick…Shawn dumps Willow, and she doesn’t take it to well, to say the least.

At the Garage…Abby has gone back and noticed that all the lights are off. Coupled with the mysterious van earlier, she is frightened and has called Nick. Nick meets her there and goes to check the fuse box. He fixes it and they head inside, but she has a bad feeling that something is wrong. She turns on the lights and the place is completely destroyed, with things strewn everywhere. Later, Roman and the cops are there questioning Abby about the van. She can’t help with the make/model or license plate. Roman asks her about customers or anything else that may have happened earlier. She tells him about Max and Mimi searching for Philip. Roman asks if Max mentioned anything about Victor at all and she says no. A cop reports to Roman that he has called Bonnie and they have checked around and no one has seen or heard from either of them. Abby fears they have been kidnapped. Shawn Sr. arrives as Roman goes to tell him what he knows, which is actually nothing. He tells him to go home and he will let them know as soon as they hear something. Abby tells Nick that she and Max had an argument earlier and she ran out. She goes on to explain that she was upset because Max admitted he liked Mimi…meaning he is NOT interested in her…as she cries on Nick’s shoulder and says that Max only sees her as a little kid with a crush. She blames herself for this happening and thinks it wouldn’t have if she hadn’t left. But Nick tells her that maybe she would just be missing now as well. But Nick tries to reassure her, telling her that the cops will find them and then she will be Max’s hero. She finally calms down and thanks him for helping her as he convinces her that they should go home.

At Mythic…Sami is all excited about her new job but Lucas is not so thrilled, saying he doesn’t trust EJ at all. Sami asks if he is jealous as Lucas complains that they are not sleeping together. EJ comes in, telling Sami that he needs her to go with him to Talladega, Alabama for a sales conference where they are going to be vying for race team sponsors. Sami tries to get out of it, but he insists. Lucas uses the old “I told you so” routine saying that EJ will give her a few compliments, a few drinks and they will end up in bed together. But EJ says he doesn’t want to argue with Lucas…Sami chose to work there and tells Lucas to stop whining. He says this is a business trip, but Lucas reminds Sami that EJ tried to rape her once. EJ says if Lucas doesn’t trust him, then why doesn’t he just come along…and the trip is on him. Lucas jumps at the offer, but Sami says no…Lucas works for the competition. EJ says they can decide and leaves, saying he has to meet a friend…he will send a limo for them. After he leaves, Sami says no, Lucas is NOT going. Lucas wants a reason why not, but Sami wants to stand on her own 2 feet and prove herself. She asks if his comment earlier about her is what he really thinks about her. He tries to explain that he has been cheated on before (with Nicole and Carrie) and this mistrust issue isn’t about Sami…it’s about EJ. Lucas tells her what Kate told him about EJ saying Sami was going to have his baby but Sami thinks that Kate just made it up to cause trouble. Lucas asks what would she do if it were the other way around and some woman was chasing him to have his baby. Sami says she would destroy the bitch (lol). She agrees, he is right…if it WERE the other way around, she would be going along and stuck to his side. BUT…she asks him to be a bigger person than she would be…PLEASE trust her…she can prove she is worthy of his trust. Finally, Lucas tells her to go and she hugs him, saying this is a big step for their relationship and they kiss. Excitedly, she says she has to pack and has a 1000 things to do and rushes home. After she is gone, Lucas calls Victor and asks him if he can take a few days off.

At Shawn’s Apartment…Willow is decorating what looks like Charlie Brown’s little Christmas tree when Shawn comes in. She explains she saw it at a 2nd hand store and couldn’t resist it. As she goes to put the star on top, he stops her, telling her he can’t do this anymore…they are done (wow, sensitive guy, huh?) She begins crying, saying she knew this was coming. He tries to explain this wasn’t meant to be forever, but she cries what is she supposed to do now? This WAS a big deal to her and she gets angry, informing him she has the RIGHT to be angry. He admits that he is a jerk as she rants about him and Belle, saying that Belle is like a sweet little apple but is just rotten inside and that Belle will destroy him. She says he has some idiotic fairy tale image of him, Belle and Claire living happily ever after, but he is only digging himself a hole and someday the hole will be so deep, he won’t be able to breathe. She says Belle is not for him…he needs to live on the edge…fast cars…fast women (present company included). He tells her that when he met her, he was on the rebound…he is sorry, but it is Belle that he wants. She explodes and tells him to just go on…but don’t come crawling back to her…as she goes into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her.

At Chez Rouge…EJ arrives, and the friend he was to meet is Shawn, who is waiting on him. EJ has a package for him to deliver to Patrick, and whips out a roll of money, but Shawn tells him that he can’t work for him anymore and hands the money back. Shawn tells him he is grateful for helping him but he will find another job, it is time to move on. He says he isn’t comfortable getting this much money for being a messenger…when he doesn’t even know what he is involved in. He says his dad warned him to be careful and he just can’t take the chance. EJ belittles him for being told what to and not to do by his “daddy”. Shawn explains that when EJ hired him, he thought it was to be a mechanic, but truth is that he cannot stand being involved with Patrick Lockhart…he hates the guy. EJ asks him just what does he think he is delivering? he opens the envelope and shows him business papers. But Shawn says he will probably regret this, but now, he doesn’t want to work for him anymore. He goes to leave and EJ says he is weak…just like his father. Before Shawn leaves, EJ reminds him that everything he did for him is CONFIDENTIAL…and the money he was paid bought his silence. Shawn tells him if he finds out that his dad is right and there is shady business going on…he will find out just HOW weak he is…and then leaves.

At the Brady House…Bo is in the kitchen getting them something to drink and as he goes through the living room, knocks Hope’s purse over and the itinerary falls out. He picks it up, reading it as she calls out to him. She comes down and sees him reading it and says “Oh God”. Bo is really upset about it as she explains she is only doing it to get Patrick to drop the charges against Bo. Bo asks what is he supposed to do about this and she insists that she can handle Patrick…and reminds him that she is a trained cop. She even says that if she gives Patrick enough grief, she thinks he will call the whole thing off, but Bo fears for her safety if she makes Patrick angry…or worse yet, if he gets her out of the country. She says IF they even go, she will be back before he knows it and then it will all be over. She begs Bo to let her handle it. But Bo says he can’t just sit back and do nothing. She insists and then starts kissing him. Finally he gives in, under one condition…if she feels something isn’t right, she is to let him know immediately. There is a banging at the door as Bo goes to answer it and finds Willow, who barges in, insisting to talk to Hope. She marches over to her and tells her that Shawn just dumped her and what is Hope going to do about it? She says she knows that Bo and Hope don’t like her, but she thought Shawn was different. But, she says he has made some dumb promise to Belle and now he has dumped her because of it. They tell her that Shawn is a grown man and they are not getting involved in his personal business, but she says that is a lie…they are all OVER his business. Bo tells her they are not discussing family business with her, but Hope asks him to let her talk to Willow alone. Willow tells Hope that she loves Shawn. Hope tells her she is sorry that she got hurt, but she knew all along that Shawn and Belle share a child together. Willow says “so what? are pregnant and I don’t see you rushing to be with the father”. OUCH…that hits a nerve with Hope, who says she sees that Willow has been doing her research. She says no, it’s just that she and Shawn share everything. Willow says that Belle is NO GOOD for Shawn as she throws her under the bus. Hope stops her, saying that Belle is like a member of the family and will not listen to her talk that way about Belle. Willow says she doesn’t want to talk about Belle anyway. So Hope asks her WHAT DO YOU WANT? Willow tells her she wants them to tell Shawn to live his life for himself and to be happy…and if she (Willow) makes him happy to go for it. Hope tells her that this conversation is over and she is not going to interfere with Shawn’s life. She opens the door and tells her goodnight. Furious, Willow says that Shawn will be sorry he treated her this way…and so will they as she storms out. After she leaves, Bo thinks maybe they should call and give Shawn a heads up, but Hope says no…let him handle it himself. They realize that it’s late, so they decide to head to bed…but not necessarily to sleep ;-)

Back at Shawn’s Apartment…Willow returns and cries over her little Christmas tree. She puts the star on top and then in a fit of rage, destroys the tree and starts tossing things around the room. She says you want to end it, Shawn…ok, then let’s end it! She grabs a pile of her things and throws them on the floor. She goes over to the cabinet and takes out a bottle of liquor and for good measure takes a swig, then pours the rest of it on the pile of things. She takes out a pack of matches and lights one and tosses it on the pile. Shawn is getting off the elevator and sees smoke coming from under his door. He rushes to the door, but can only get the door open a crack (she has the safety latch on). He frantically calls “Willow…can you hear me?...are you in there?...” as the previews show…

Bo (to Hope): There’s a part of me…I just feel like a failure…

Marlena (to John): No…you are not going in there…John, it’s not me…it’s YOU they want…We’ve got to go before it’s too late…

Willow (to Shawn): You wanted a home for your precious daughter…well, not it’s gone…so DEAL WITH IT…

EJ (to Sami): Why don’t we go up to my suite…get a bottle of champagne and celebrate your deal as the new face of Mythic, just the two of us…what do you say? (as Sami stares at him)…

And the credits roll…

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