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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Episode #: 10468
Tape Date: 11/14/06
Air Date: 12/21/06
Director: Herb Stein

Summary: For those that have been rooting for Sami…another good show! She agrees to help the police catch EJ, after she and Marlena have a great mother/daughter talk…Max and Mimi search for a way out of their basement prison…Shawn and Belle use EJ’s money to do good, but someone is watching them… Steve has a surprise gift for Kayla…and Hope tells Patrick she is not going away with him.

In the Church Basement…Max and Mimi wake up together, as they rationalize that they did what they had to in order to survive. Then they start kissing. They break it off and start talking about finding a way out of there. Max hunts around and finds an old hatchet and then finds a sledge hammer. He tells Mimi to work on the barred windows as he beats on the door. Later, Mimi is ready to give up when they hear footsteps upstairs, They yell for help and bang on the ceiling. Upstairs there is (what looks like) a homeless guy, saying he will help them…but he wants money, asking how much they have. Between them, they have $60 and offer it to him, but he wants the money first. Max says he will slip half of it up through the cracks and will give him the rest when he lets them out. He does this and the guy takes the $30 and wishes them a Merry Christmas…LOSERS. They beg him to let them out, but he says they will probably beat him up and take the money back, so he dances on the trap door and tells them he will say a prayer for them as he eats steak for Christmas. Max slams the sledge hammer into a brick wall and from the sound, he can tell that there is nothing behind it. They wonder why there is a fake wall in the basement of the church as Max says he is going to break it down and find out. He strips to the waist (of course) and begins to beat on the wall as Mimi watches.

At the Java Café…Shawn, Belle and Claire are there (as she munches on a piece of toast), talking about how well Claire did with Santa. Shawn talks about how much Hope is going to be missing Zack and he is going to give her one of the pictures with Santa to her for her birthday. They talk about Max and Mimi missing and wonder if Victor is involved in it. Shawn says that when they are found, he is going to make peace with them both but wants nothing else to do with Victor. He also promises that he is going to do the right thing concerning the money he has saved from EJ. A woman stops by, admiring Claire and talks about what a handsome family they are. She talks about her son being in the service and his family in Germany and how she misses them. She asks what Shawn does for a living and he simply says he is between jobs. They chat a while as she wishes them a Merry Christmas and excuses herself. Shawn has an idea of what to do with the money and tells Belle that he is going to use the money from EJ to buy Christmas gifts for the kids at the hospital Christmas party…so they head out to do some shopping. The mysterious lady watches them as they leave (ok, you know right away she is up to something).

At the Pub…Hope and Kayla are decorating the Christmas tree, talking about various things. Hope is down and out, missing Zack. Patrick shows up, wanting to talk to Hope, even though she tells him this is not a good time. Steve walks up asking if there is a problem, so Hope takes it outside, telling him she is going to talk to Patrick. Steve tells Kayla he has a surprise for her. He whips out 2 tickets to the Clay Aiken benefit concert…he has talked with Stephanie and learned what a fan Kayla is. Kayla is thrilled and hugs him, but then tells him that they can’t go. Outside, Patrick talks about their trip as Hope tries to get out of it, saying her family needs her right now and there is no way she is going off over Christmas. Patrick gets a bit angry and warns her that if she doesn’t go, he is going to call the DA and press charges against Bo for assault. Inside, Kayla tells Steve that the concert is at the same time that the Bradys and Hortons host the hospital Christmas party and they have to be there…it’s tradition. LOL as Steve says there is enough Bradys/Hortons to handle it, but she explains that Alice asked and she volunteered Steve to read the Christmas story this year. He isn’t so sure about it, but she says that Alice asked and you can’t refuse Alice. He gives in but says as soon as the party is over, they are heading for the concert and at least catch the end of it. Outside, Hope says if that is what Patrick really wants, then she will make the call for him as she whips out her cell phone. He stops her as she says she isn’t going to play mind games with him. She is going to let him be involved with the doctor visits and will let him be a part of the baby’s life, but she is going to set a few ground rules…and rule number one is that she is NOT going off with him over Christmas. This is her first Christmas without Zack and she needs her family around her. Patrick drops his head and tells her he understands, to go ahead and be with her family and then leaves. Kayla tells Steve it’s all settled then, they will go to the party, he will read the story and then they will go to the concert. She asks him if he wrote the letter to Billie and he says he did and mailed it this morning. She assures him that he has done the right thing…for closure. He says he just wants to move on with his life…and the woman he loves. Hope comes in saying “look who I found”…as she is carrying Claire, with Belle and Shawn following, loaded down with gifts. They all ooh and aah over Claire as Kayla and Steve wish Hope a happy birthday with hugs. Caroline comes down from upstairs, thanking Hope and Kayla for decorating for her and asks if they have heard anything about Max. Steve says something isn’t quite right as he drags Kayla over under the mistle toe and they smooch. Shawn and Belle offer their help, so Caroline says they can help make egg nog. Hope asks Shawn about all the gifts as he explains he used EJ’s money to do good and they bought all these gifts for the children at the hospital. She is so proud of him and hugs him, saying I love you, Shawn Douglas. Outside, we see the lady from the Java Café (she is wearing some kind of id badge with a star on it) watching them. She whips out her phone and calls Victor, telling him that she has made contact and they will proceed as planned.

Sami & Lucas…return home, him urging her to tell Roman what she learned about EJ, but she is afraid of what EJ may do to her, or Lucas or Will if he finds out. Lucas reminds her that she may spare them but others may also be in danger. He keeps on trying to convince her that she must do this and show a side of herself that others rarely see…that she could sacrifice herself to save others.

At the Cop Shop…John and Marlena are with Roman and Abe, filling them in on what they learned in Italy. They are all sure that whatever EJ is up to, it will only get worse. Bo shows up offering his assistance, much to Abe’s dismay. Roman and John both back him up. John says they will need Bo’s help even more now, considering HE (John) is officially off the case. The guys try to talk him out of it, but with Marlena by his side, he stands firm. Roman and Bo work on Abe until he finally caves in and allows Bo back on the force, handing him over his badge and gun (saying they were never that far away)…but he WILL keep an eye on him. John turns to Marlena and asks her if she is ready to become Salem’s #1 most boring couple. She says it will NEVER happen. They thank the Blacks for their help as they go to leave. In the outer office, she thanks him, even though she knows it is killing him…it is what’s best for both of them. He says that he wants to do what is best and if that means hanging up his holster, then so be it. Sami and Lucas come in, with her telling them she wants to share what she learned about EJ. She tells them about overhearing him and knows that he is connected to the DiMeras. Later they are all in the inner office as Sami explains what she heard. She tells them that EJ doesn’t know she overheard all of that as Abe promises police protection. John shows them all the death card that Stefano gave him and Roman asks why he didn’t tell them before. John says it was just a personal thing and that the old man was playing a sick game with him, letting him know he was a target. Lucas wants assurance that Sami will have protection as Abe explains to him she will, but Sami is still frightened. Roman wants to talk with John for a few minutes, so Marlena, Sami and Lucas step out. Abe, Roman, Bo and John talk about nailing EJ (John is there to only offer advice he says). They are sure they don’t have enough evidence and if they try and fail, he will walk. John says they will have to bluff him and set a trap.

Marlena and Sami talk in the outer office (Lucas is returning calls). Marlena says she is SO proud of her, but she is frightened for her as well. Sami takes her hand and notices the bruises, as well as the wedding ring. Inside, John tells the guys they have to let EJ think there is new evidence against him and they need someone that he trusts to deliver that news. They ask who as Abe suggests Kate, but Roman says she is out of town. They all turn and look into the outer office at Sami. Marlena tells Sami that she and John are married and that she loves him so much and she knows she will not like it. Sami tells her mom to brace herself…she thinks her mom deserves to be happy and she is so sorry for all the hell she put her and John through. Lots here, but she goes on to say that she knows that John has always loved her and was a good father to her, but way back when she caught them together (in the conference room) she convinced herself that John was the reason for all the bad things that ever happened to them and always blamed him. Marlena says that was as much her fault as it was John’s and she shouldn’t have blamed him. Afterall, she forgave HER (Marlena). Sami says of course she did…she is her mom. Marlena says that John has always loved Sami, no matter what Sami said or did…he will always think of her as a daughter (as both are in tears now). Roman is dead set against using Sami as bait, saying he can’t put her at risk. But Bo and Abe try to convince him that Sami is the only one that can do it and they will protect her at all times. Sami promises Marlena that she doesn’t hate John…she did such horrible things to him, but he never hated her back…and never held a grudge…she now sees why Marlena loves him so much (oh, this is good stuff here). She promises from now on, she is going to be better with John. Marlena thanks her and they hug, both crying as Sami is just saying, I am so sorry. The guys come out as Abe explains to Sami that they want to set a trap for EJ and need someone to help them…HER. Marlena can’t believe what they are asking but they say she will be safe. They want her to inform EJ that the DA is about to issue an arrest warrant and she is warning him, to help him escape town. The cops will handle the rest. All eyes turn to Sami as she says ok, I’ll do it. Lucas walks up behind her and says “like HELL you will”…as the previews show…

Mimi (to Max): Don’t do it Max…put the gun down…we will find another way out of here…PLEASE…

Abby (to Stephanie and Chelsea): I am going to keep looking for Max…I don’t’ care what you guys say…

Marlena: Abe, are you okay?...(as he falls to the floor and she and John try to help him)…

EJ (to Sami): If you are so concerned about your son, then why did you leave him at home…alone? (Sami): Because I went to the police…

And the credits roll…

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