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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

EPISODE: 10,461
DIRECTED BY: Phil Sogard
TAPE DATE: 11/7/06

Kate gets wise to Victor, Patch and Kayla enjoy a soak to celebrate their reunion; John and Marlena are busy in the bedroom while Shawn vows to make Belle proud.

We find Patch and Kayla soaking and snuggling in their room’s bathtub. She tells him how lonely it’s been all these years without him and she hasn’t been with anyone else since she lost him…saying he was worth the wait. Staring at her, he can’t believe he forgot her eyes or her soft skin. When he said he meant he forgot everything, he meant his past before he disappeared from that coffin. He can’t account for the past 8 years. She suggests he seek professional help, but he doesn’t think that will help. He just knows someone went to a lot of trouble on his account and he can’t put her in danger again. She might have to be strong enough to let him go again if it comes to that. He asks what if he’s married and has a gaggle of little kiddies somewhere? She smiles saying she’ll have to kill him then. He’s afraid of losing her again and she pulls his face towards her saying he never will lose her again and they kiss.

Later Kayla leaves the bathroom in her robe and hugs Steve from the back, telling him about all those lonely nights while he was gone. He promises no more lonely nights for her, he’s back. They talk rationally about his situation with Billie. She knows that Billie is in love with him and what are his feelings for Billie. He said Nick might have had them, but he and Nick are two different people. She’s the only one for him. When he was in “limbo land” he liked to keep things casual and in the moment, just like Billie. He’s honest and tells her he had told Billie he was going to end things with her and would be hers when he returned to Salem. Kayla levels that Billie’s not her favorite person after all that she did to Bo and Hope, but knows Billie will be devastated. Steve doesn’t think so, saying he suspects Billie’s know this is what would happen all along. She asks if he’s sure she’s the one he wants. He puts on his tank top and holds her shoulders saying..he’s her “Patch man”, her husband. You’re it for me sweetness and always have been. I’m home”…and they kiss. YES YES YES!!!!! He peels off his shirt and says they’re back where they started.

Mimi and Max visit Kate. At first she’s too busy to talk until they mention the magic word…Philip. They brief her on what they’ve found and when she goes to call Victor for his help, they share their suspicions that Victor knows exactly what’s going on with Philip. They need her help to find out where Victor’s plane went to that day. Kate calls and Lucas tells her that Victor’s having an early dinner at Chez Rouge with Belle and Shawn. They warn her not to let on what they’ve told her and Kate states she’ll be more subtle than that, this is her son they’re talking about and she’s not going to let him down.

Belle and Shawn are with Victor at a table as he holds Claire. They thank him for his help in getting Claire back, still not understanding why she was taken for just a couple of hours. They tell him about how they’re reuniting for Claire’s sake and decided to cut down on his visiting time with Claire so as not to confuse her during the transition. Victor is not happy about being asked to curtail his visits, even temporarily, with Claire saying that she and him have bonded. Shawn and Belle explain they need some time with Claire, but Victor rants about Philip being the only father she’s known for the first year in her life and where’s their respect for him? Victor mentions how it was too hard for Philip to stay and watch another man raise his child and Shawn reminds him that was what he had to do, and Victor knew all along it was HIS child, not Philips to boot. They reiterate about bonding as a family, saying Claire needs stability and structure. Victor points out that Shawn should stop looking through the Brady Pub Glass and that Belle’s still married to Philip and “squatting” at her parents home and Shawn’s living with a prostitute and working for a man being investigated by the police (ouch)
Kate enters and tells the hostess she wanted to see Victor, but he looks busy. She asks to put a note in his overcoat and when she slips the note in it, takes his house keys out. Staring at Victor (who doesn’t see her as he’s so preoccupied with Belle and Shawn), she mumbles to herself she’ll find out what he’s hiding from her.

Victor refuses to be pushed out of Claire’s life. He tells them to grow up and Claire stands to inherit a legacy from him. He’s already set aside a quarter of a million dollar trust fund for her and money buys everything..can they do that for her? Belle thanks him as Shawn snarls saying they can as college is along ways away (gee, being Belle’s John Black’s child too means she stands to inherit his “legacy” too Vic). Shawn tells him that they’re Claire’s parents, he’s only her great grandfather and they’re the ones to determine what’s best for her. Victor tells them they’ll see about that. Shawn tells Victor they’re done here and asks Belle for a minute alone with Victor. She takes Claire to look at the tree as Victor asks what Shawn has to do for his imitation of the man…doe he plan to drive another car through his house or maybe a knife to his heart? Shawn says he doesn’t want to kill Victor, just be Claire’s father. Victor demands he’ll never be the father that Philip was and Shawn reminds him he was partly responsible for that by not telling him the truth. Claire has Philip’s name and he’s still the better father. Shawn tells Victor that Claire will forget him by the time she gets to the parking lot, but Victor vows that Shawn will remember this night for a long time. Shawn says Victor’s overreacting for a simple request for some space from Claire and that confirms his suspicions that Victor’s a bad influence on her. Victor throws money on the table and notices his keys are missing as he puts on his coat. The hostess explains they must have fallen out when Miss Roberts left a note in his coat pocket. The note says I KNOW ABOUT PHILIP. KATE Victor thanks the hostess and leaves. Shawn promises Belle to get his life together and deal with Willow and EJ and turn his life around so she and Claire will be proud of him.

Mimi and Max talk about the baby she and Philip were expecting, saying it’ll be better off without her. She asks about if he was a father and he said he wouldn’t let his daughter race cars. Mimi knows he would be a good father. She thanks him for standing by her, even if it costs Shawn’s friendship, saying he’s a keeper. They start to kiss and her cellphone rings. She sees it’s Bonnie calling and she should call her. She asks him (with tears in her eyes) to call her if he hears about Philip and leaves

Kate explores the hallways and hears music playing. She sees light under a door and softly calls out Philip’s name. Victor must have had the limo driver break every speed limit as he’s calling Kate’s name, saying he knows she’s there. She calls out to Philip. She tells Victor she knows Philip is in there and he opens the door with his remote (not on the key chain apparently) and she walks in and kneels next to Philip’s wheelchair. She tells her beautiful boy never to leave her again as Victor watches.

Marlena and John snuggle in bed as she offers him a Euro for this thoughts, LOL. They talk about Stefano’s empty crypt and how they should be careful. We see Enrico, their wedding visitor, outside their room as he breaks in with knife in hand to stab anyone on the other side. He slithers into the room and goes to the bed (think Psycho folks) and starts stabbing at it. An alarm goes off as John rushes from the dark and secures Enrico, now with the knife in his hand at Enrico’s throat as Marlena watches nervously. John demands to know where Stefano is as Enrico says he’s just the hired hand. The police knock on the door (called by lady in next room complaining of noise in their room). John tells Marlena to get rid of them and she does so, saying there was just some rough Amore in their room as they’re on their honeymoon. The policeman needs to inspect the room and does so…at least to see John in bed holding a glass of champagne as Marlena snuggles under the covers with him. The policeman sweeps the room with a glance and leaves. John gets up and opens the closet door to show Marlena that Enrico is gagged and in the closet until maid service finds him in the morning (hope he didn’t drink a lot of vino before coming to their room, LOL) John refuses to let her be a part of finding Stefano. Marlena demands to be part of it, pleading as well with tears in her eyes. She can’t sit around a hotel room waiting to see if he comes back alive or dead. He finally agrees to let her go with him. They’ll go together. She thanks him as he pulls a small gun out of the drawer and asks her to put it in her purse. She stares at it and he understands if she has second thoughts. She asks what she needs to know about it and he explains about the safety, etc. She puts it in her purse as he says they need to travel a couple hundred miles. He tells her she’s quite a woman and they kiss.

They leave the room (Marlena’s carrying her bridal bouquet) as she asks if John’s sure Enrico can breathe in there. He doesn’t give a damn and asks if she’s got everything. She shows her bridal bouquet and her bag (purse..he’s carrying all the suitcases, haha) and says she’s good to go. She knows he’ll protect her and therefore protect himself now. He asks if people pay for that kind of logic from her and she laughs saying she cures people all day long. He reminds her Stefano is not a game man, he’s the real thing. Marlena vows to be glued to his side as they go down the elevator kissing…

PATRICK to BONNIE and MIMI: Mom ripped me off again. If I don’t get my money back, I’m calling the cops.

VICTOR to KATE: I’ve filed a custody suit on Philip’s behalf and Shawn and Belle are going to lose any claim they’ve had to that little girl. Kate shakes her head disagreeing.

BO to ROMAN: Claire is my granddaughter and I’ve got to get to the bottom of this.

PATRICK to HOPE: Our trip is all set. Tickets and our itinerary (he hands to her)…first class all the way…

As the credits roll..


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