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Tuesday, December 18, 2006

EPISODE: 10466
DIRECTED BY: Albert Alarr
TAPE DATE: 11/13/06

Bo and Steve team up again, Billie visits Kate and the pub, Nick’s influence on Chelsea starts to show and John and Marlena are jetting back to Salem.

Kayla and Steve look through a scrapbook from their earlier days as they mention Benjy’s visit at the hospital. They find it hard to believe Stefano’s kid turned out so well.
Steve is feeling “romantical” and Kayla giggles (sweet) as he wants to carry her over the room’s threshold. They open the door full of love and giggles and find Hope there. Observing the two, she comments she missed a chapter (or two) apparently, LOL. They tell her that Steve did get his memory back at the Inn they stayed at, but Hope still suspects that Steve is only pretending. Kayla admits knowing how Hope and Bo tried to help Steve save her life by giving him memories of her. Hope tells them how Mimi and Max are missing (Patch can’t believe “Maxwell” is missing). Kayla goes to get her coat so they can go to the pub. Hope welcomes Patch back after he confirms it’s true and he says it’s good to be him again. He said Hope’s sheets she gave him helped him with Kayla, does she have any to help him with Billie? She says he’s on his own, but she knows he’ll do fine. He replies it’s not himself he’s worried about.

Billie pops into Kate’s office and finds her wrapping up some business before heading out of town on a “business trip” to Montreal. Kate lets Billie believe that’s what she’s doing until she answers her admin’s buzz to tell her Mr. K. called and his car will be downstairs in 20 minutes. Billie knows Kate’s up to something and refuses to let her leave without more info. Excited, she tells Kate about Steve’s call saying he was going to tell Kayla the truth about not remembering his pastand he wanted to be with her. Kate shows 10 seconds of happiness for her daughter before promising to call and do lunch to chat more about it when she returns. Billie remembers that Kate and Victor are competitors and demands the truth. Kate lies that Victor is emotionally distressed since Philip’s disappearance and he agreed to see a psychiatrist. Billie doesn’t believe that, but does believe that Kate’s trying to get Victor to bed and to go on a romantic holiday with him. She wished her mom was happy for her that a man she (Billie) wanted picked HER. Kate rushes out, promising to do lunch when they get back to celebrate.

Stephanie visits the pub (where Bo, Roman and Chelsea are already) to comfort Caroline and assure her Max and Mimi will be found soon. Roman briefs Bo on what he found at the Kiriakis mansion, but can’t do anymore without a search warrant. Bo said Roman can’t, but HE can. Bo says he isn’t on the force and nothing to lose. He’s Victor’s son and he wouldn’t press charges on him. Max needs them. Roman wants to go with Bo, but Bo refuses being Roman’s still PD Commander. Kayla and Steve arrive and Bo tries to take off after saying hi, but Hope asks what he’s up to. She tells him that Steve really did get his memory back. Bo gets an idea and goes over to congratulate Steve on really being back. Steve thanks him and remembers Bo owed him some money from 1989. LOL. Bo asks Steve for some help and the two of them leave together.

Stefanie joins Abby, Chelsea and Nick in a booth. Chelsea wonders if Mimi and Max eloped. Chelsea rattles on about how this lonely splicer is so in love with her that he’d take her to Fiji if she mentioned wanting to go there and Abby finally explodes for Chelsea to stop. (hey, that’s where the 14th Season of SURVIVOR was shot..wouldn’t it be interesting to see Chelsea on Survivor, LOL) Abby tries to tell Chelsea that the picture on the internet isn’t probably even the real person who’s emailing her and to think about him for once and not always about herself. Nick tells Abby it’s okay, willing her to stop before saying anymore. Abby admits feeling Mimi’s at fault for Max’s disappearance. Chelsea clarifies that if Max hadn’t fallen for Mimi that maybe she (Abby) would be the one who disappeared with Max instead. Abby retorts that at least she didn’t date her own uncle (ouch) and Stefanie pops up in both their defense that he’s not their “biological” uncle, haha. Abby finally breaks down, admitting she loves Max and he’s her soul mate..he just doesn’t know it. Stefanie and Chelsea chat outside after Nick takes Abby in to talk. Kayla joins them and asks Stefanie to help her find Grandpa Shawn who refuses to come home until Max is found (Kayla sure recovered quickly..and no Lexie around to watch over her). Chelsea watches Nick and Abby through the glass. She joins them inside and admits even though Max was technically her Uncle, she did care for him. She asks Abby if they’re okay and Abby says yes. Nick goes to leave and after asking Abby if she’s okay, gives her a kiss on the cheek goodbye. An awkward moment as he pauses in front of Chelsea. She tells him he can give her a kiss too, it’s not like she wants to jump his bones or something. He says my loss and leaves.

We find John and Marlena jetting back to Salem sipping wine and discussing what they’ve learned about EJ. He notes her bruised hand, wishing he’d popped Stefano when he had a chance for hurting her and Marlena found it hard someone so ill was so strong. She asks about their marriage certificate and he says it’s in his coat pocket. He wants to have it translated to see all that he agreed to she goes to get it. She pulls it out and pauses as the tarot DEATH card was with it and she asks what it is. John gulps and said he was going to tell her about that as she gets shook up as he expected he would. He mentions how Celeste was surprised that the death card was missing before and Marlena realizes the old man intended to give it to HIM and HE is the target. He didn’t give it to her and could have. He says they took vows to be there for each other and she asks how they can do that if he’s dead? She wants him to turn the case over to Salem PD, but he refuses, saying it’s personal and he can’t do nothing. She urges him to keep a lower profile and the card Stefano gave him was a gift, a warning to lay off. She tells him to put his family first and he asks if this is an ultimatum. She denies it being an ultimatum and he assures her she’d be his choice if it were so. She wonders if they should just let Stefano die of old age and John snorts if Stefano will ever die. He promises to get Abe and Roman up to speed once in Salem and he’ll be officially off the case. She says she’s heard this before as he reminds her about the promises they made before throwing the coin in the fountain. He gives her a similar coin and tells her it’s one for her to keep and remember how much he loves her and she can trust him when she looks at it. She replies she loves and trusts him too and asks if she can make one of his wishes come true, asking for ideas. Kiss Kiss. They decide to continue their honeymoon on the jet (sure beats sitting in coach watching a movie while they throw you a bag of peanuts, haha.)

Bo and Steve lurk outside the estate. Bo briefs Steve that Victor’s away on a business trip and when he’s gone, so is the staff. He hasn’t broken in “lately”, but glad Steve’s back. Steve smiles saying it’s good to be back. Bo has trouble with the door, so Steve kicks it in and says “after you Beauregard.” They look around with flashlights, looking for anything that might lead them to the truth. They smell antiseptics and follow the scent. They find the room Philip was hidden in and know Victor didn’t use the hospital bed and wheelchair. They hear security has been alerted that someone’s in the house. Bo snoops through the wastebasket of crumpled paper and bandages for clues.

Roman urges Hope not to take away Bo’s pride, it’s all he’s got left after losing his badge. Billie joins Hope at the pub and admits how happy she is about Steve’s call. Hope stares at her trying to decide how to answer. Hope finally says she isn’t comfortable discussing this and moments later Bo and Steve arrive. Bo fills Roman in, showing him the bloody bandage they found and had tested confirming it’s Philip’s blood. Max and Mimi were right, Victor took Philip out of the military hospital and must have gotten too close, so Victor got them. They can’t understand why all this is happening.

We see Mimi and Max tied together, back to back, in a basement somewhere. Max tells Mimi to stop screaming for help as she’s done so for two hours and no one has come down. She fears no one will come rescue them and is cold. He says they will and Victor will pay as the previews roll…

MIMI AND MAX are on the floor, she’s on top. She reaches down and says she’s found something…and “okay, that is definitely not my knife” (LOL) as she gasps (her expression is priceless)…

BILLIE TO STEVE: “You’re trying really hard to tell me something.”
STEVE: “I’ve got my memory back”

HOPE, HUGGING BO: “I could have lost this.”
BO: “That will never happen again.”

EJ TO PATRICK: "You’ll do exactly what I tell you to do."
PATRICK: "and I’m telling you exactly how it’s going to be and NOBODY is going to hurt Hope.

as the credits roll

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