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EPISODE: 10,470
DIRECTED BY: Albert Alarr
TAPE DATE: 11/16/06

An excellent Christmas show that’s unfortunately a day late for you all, but I loved watching it on Christmas morning! Set those dvrs, vcrs, tivos..whatever this is a show you’ll want to see as the Brady’s, Horton’s and Johnson’s celebrate with tradition, love and the Christmas Story at the hospital. Being Christmas morning I was going to do the condensed version, but couldn’t do it after watching the show. ENJOY!!!

Sami, Lucas and Will arrive outside the pub. Sami sends Will back to the car for Claire’s present and takes a moment to tell Lucas how happy she is that they’re a family again. Lucas takes the opportunity to add “in all ways but one”. She wants to uphold the tradition of waiting until they’re married and he agrees, hugging her and promising this time it’ll happen. She’s nervous about Stephano, but he assures her it’ll be okay. They all walk in smiling and greeted by Julie, Doug and Maggie. Nick shows Chelsea a picture of him in his younger days and she remembers her parents growing up made a big deal about Christmas too, but this family doesn’t want any part of her.

Kayla gets a call from Frankie, who’s stranded in Toledo Airport. He was anxious to return home to help search for Max. Steve tells sweetness that Max will find his way home and it’ll be a happy Christmas. He’s anxious to get to the concert, but lets her take him to the hospital to read the Christmas story first.

Stephanie is there and his two women encourage him to read the Christmas story to the children. Dressed in black leather, he pulls out his glasses and reads it to the quiet assembly of children. He stops, saying he can’t read this. He has to tell the story in his own words and does so, referring to God as the big dude and how they went to Bethlehem and had no where to stay and a guy asked them to stay in their barn. All the kids watch (most of you know the kids are family and friends of the cast and crew) as Steve tells the story in his own way, ending that the best gift of Christmas is love. He loves his daughter and his sweetness (as Kayla and Stephanie smile back) and Steve says he can tell they’re all loved too. Hope and Bo arrive for the rest. He concludes with PEACE OUT and a big sigh as he hugs Bo and Hope and his girls. Kayla and Steve rush off to the concert.

Belle, Shawn and Claire tell the anxious children that Santa Claus is here and encourages them with how Claire was in the hospital last year at this time and is doing well. Santa arrives (not sure who he is, but don’t think he’s a castmember).

Maggie delivers the eggnog to the living room and we find Nick and Chelsea. She thanks Nick for inviting her, saying she knew she wouldn’t be welcome at the “very Brady Christmas”, LOL. Doug and Julie arrive (yippee…) and after hugging Nick, give him his parents Christmas present that they were asked to deliver. Nick rapidly opens it and finds something for his computer he’s been wanting forever. Julie makes sure he opens the card (how many of you are nodding this is so true, LOL) and he reads the message to himself, saying how much he misses them as Chelsea watches on jealously.

Belle, Shawn and Claire arrive, also happy to be together. They’re greeted by everyone and Julie rushes her great granddaughter off to show others after saying she’s the cutest Brady yet. Sami and Belle compliment each others dresses and Sami comments on they’re back with their guys. Belle said they’re not really together, but Sami knows it’s just a matter of time.

Bo walks up to hug Hope, who’s lost in thought about Zack. He promises they’ll get through this holiday and asks her not to go away with Lockhart. Later they join Chelsea and Nick and Hope gives Chelsea a kiss on the cheek and wishes her Merry Christmas. A genuine smile crosses Chelsea’s face as Bo says c’mon kid and gives her a hug too and then they both wish Nick Merry Christmas too. Chelsea is more relaxed and smiling now.

Maggie announces that Mickey is out delivering gifts or food to the homeless or something (c’mon… we’d all love to see the original Mickey return..but if he can’t, get someone for Maggie). Maggie has the box of Horton ornaments and we find Alice in her chair, look beautiful and dressed in red. Nick hangs his ornament with Joshua, Jessica and Marie’s (Jessica’s mother and Alice’s daughter). Nick asks who’s next as Chelsea returned to the frowning stance. We see Lucas and Will hang their ornaments under Bill’s. Lucas hugs Sami and says next year it’ll be her turn (oh please make that so!) Doug and Julie are next (and great photo op as they kiss and their ornaments are between them). She wishes Doug Merry Christmas and he replies..”fair lady, you’re my Christmas treasure this year and every year” (sniff) Bo and Hope hang theirs next and together, sadly hang Zack’s, with Hope saying she’ll love him forever. Everyone is quiet and feeling Zack’s loss. Chelsea has tears in her eyes and goes to step out, but Nick stops her. Shawn hangs his ornament next to Zack’s as Belle watches sadly. Bo nods to Chelsea and she brings her ornament to the tree while crying and nervously hangs in on the other side of Zack’s, not able to get it to stay. Hope joins her and they do it together as she hugs Chelsea’s face to assure her it’s okay. (okay you owe me big time for crying on Christmas morning typing this up while my family’s still sound asleep, haha) Very sweet moment. We next see Tom, Alice, Mickey and Maggie’s on the tree as Maggie speaks. She comments on how many of there family isn’t there, either elsewhere in the world or have moved on, but they’ll always be family, now and every day and says Merry Christmas. Everyone says it then as the camera pans the fully loaded tree as we see missing family members mingled with the present ones. We see Jack and Jennifer’s and when Abby’s is shown, we rejoin her in her car in the boonies.

Mimi comes out of somewhere wrapped in a blanket as her clothes were dirty. He’s done a little decorating with the ornaments and lights they’ve found. She asks him to hold the blanket while she gets dressed (why didn’t he just turn around?).’s so he can see her shadows as she changes on the wall.

Abby is searching for them in her car, using her flashlight to check a map. She starts the car, asking God for his help as we see Max and Mimi dancing to Spanish Christmas carols, enjoying themselves. Max tells Mimi about her and him and on Christmas and she’s happy about the you and me part. Abby gets out of her car after hearing church bells ringing, calling for Max as we see him and Mimi kissing in the basement. The light sways as they also hear the church bells, encouraged someone will find them. Abby steps into the church and calls out to them and they answer. Max and Mimi hug. They call out about the trap door and Max taps it with a broom to show her where it is. Abby lifts the carpet and can’t get it open, so finds a convenient little crow bar on the altar (LOL) and does so. Max it just below it pushing it up with her and he and Mimi get out. Max hugs her and Abby smiles brightly, thinking her dream came true, but after Mimi thanks her, Max goes to Mimi and kisses her, relieved they’re out for Christmas. Abby’s smile fades.

Many of the Horton party have moved to the pub after the hospital (Bo, Hope, Shawn, Belle, Claire) as we also see Stephanie there. Max and Mimi walk in and shout “we’re home” and are greeted by Bonnie too (?) Stephanie hugs Abby and finds out Chelsea’s prediction was true about Max and Mimi.

Kayla and Steve arrive too late and the manager said they started early because of the storm. She said she’s got all she needs now with Steve back and they dance. The guy tells them they’re closing and Kayla steps into the ladies room first. Clay Aiken walks in asking where his car is to the airport as he doesn’t want to miss his flight. Steve introduces himself, assuring Clay not to be afraid of the patch..he’s not a crazy fan, LOL, and offers him a ride to the airport and his car is right outside. He explains they were late as they read THE STORY to the kids at the hospital. Clay said if you’re late, that’s a great reason. Steve tells Clay to tell him if he’s overstepping, but asks a big favor, explaining his wife is a big fan and they just got back together after 16 years…cue the commercial as Steve explains (apparently). Kayla returns and Steve seats her at a front table. Clay walks out and introduces himself to Kayla. Steve explains they’re driving Clay to the airport and Clay tells Kayla that Scott found a track to one of his songs and he’d like to sing one of his love songs as a gift from Steve to her. He sings the perfect song about a man giving the only thing he can..himself…as they watch lovingly and kiss…the song continues as we join the pub folks as Mimi and Max step aside to hug and kiss as Shawn watches a little jealously…until Belle and Claire join him and he smiles and takes his daughter and holds her…while Sami watches smiling and Lucas and Will join her. Pop Shawn kisses Caroline at the bar and Bonnie pours herself another drink (sigh). Chelsea watches morosely as Nick joins her and puts his arm around her and pulls her in for a hug. Bo and Hope kiss in front of the pub tree as the picture fades and

We RETURN TO THE HORTON HOME as Doug, Julie and Maggie look outside and smile. The camera pans on all the pictures on the mantle…Belle & Shawn, Jack and Jennifer, Sami & Lucas, Doug & Julie, Bo & Hope, Abby and then an old black and white of the Horton original family. Alice holds Tom’s picture and says “Merry Christmas Tom, my darling Tom. Merry Christmas to all those we love near to us far away..the blessings of this day will be with you now and all the days of our lives. As the camera shows her and Tom’s ornaments and the tree angel as we return to Clay finishing his song I CAN ONLY GIVE YOU EVERYTHING I HAVE as he smiles watching Kayla and Steve kissing.


LUCAS TO SAMI: When you talk about mistakes you’ve made, is EJ one of them?

HOPE TO PATRICK: I’m not going.
PATRICK takes a gun out and says “and I say we’re leaving, now” as Hope looks shocked at the gun.

BO TO ROMAN as John is there and listening: “He kidnapped my wife Roman!”

JOHN TO MARLENA: “Stefano sent EJ to kill me Doc. Stefano gave ME the death card and this is my fight.”

As “Santa Claus is coming to Town” plays and the credits roll…
The Early Edition wishes everyone a wonderful day..


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