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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

EPISODE: 10,456
DIRECTED BY: Roger Inman
TAPE DATE: 10/31/06

Claire goes missing, charges against Bo have been dropped, Sami accepts EJ's offer.

Bo tells Patrick not to expect him to grovel because he dropped the assault charges. Hope talks to him privately, not believing his attitude. Even though Roman returns saying he’s a free man, Bo crosses his arms and says forget it…let Patrick take him to court so he can prove he’s a lying SOB. Roman pulls baby brother in his office and lectures Bo to be grateful Hope got Patrick to drop the charges. Meanwhile Billie has it figured out that Hope had to make a deal to get Bo released and knows his other shady dealings would come out in court. Hope watches silently and mentions Billie’s being there and Billie tells her she came to bail Bo out as no one else was there to do it. She was too busy sucking up to Patrick when she should have been next to her husband’s side. Hope accuses Billie of sleeping with married men, Bo and Steve. Billie tells her she doesn’t know what she’s talking about and only Bo’s friend. Bo joins them and tells them he changed his mind and just wants to go home. Looking at Hope he asks if he still has a home to go to. He’s not asking for her forgiveness, but needs to know where he stands. Hope says he can come home and before stepping outside. Billie said she’ll drive Patrick home. Patrick goes to sign the official papers for Roman as Bo and Hope talk privately in Abe’s office. He shuts the door loudly and asks her what kind of a deal she made with Patrick for his release. Before they can talk much longer, an officer steps inside to tell them their granddaughter was just called in as missing.

Back home, Patrick warns Billie not to interfere again or she and her daughter will regret it.

Sami doesn’t buy EJ’s ploy to get her to work for him, accusing him of trying to get her to work for him so she can prostitute herself like Kate is. EJ gives her a portfolio saying he bought up all the stock in Austin Reed Inc., and would make her a rich woman if she hangs in there another 6 months. He wants to make her a partner where she’d be 1/3 partner and Kate’s on board with the idea too. Mythic’s taken a beating and he needs her She makes it clear she’s only going to be a business partner, no sex involved. Meanwhile, Lucas arrived and chats with Kate in the outer room about what’s going on. Lucas walks in to hear Sami accepting EJ’s offer. EJ steps outside to make a drink at the bar in the reception area (?). Kate lets him know he hasn’t earned her trust and doesn’t agree with what he’s done. Sami tells Lucas about EJ’s offer to make her partner and holding the portfolio, said he bought up Austin Reed Inc. stock and would make her rich, all she has to do….and Lucas asks if she has to sleep with EJ…earning him a glare. She tells him that this is her chance to make something of her life for her and for her family. She bluntly asks him if he trusts her enough to let her do this. He tells her he trusts her, but not EJ. She levels with him that she’s only in it for the money and the challenge, not EJ. Getting respect means a lot to her and he knows that. He won’t stop her from going after her dreams but asks her to cut EJ off at the knees if he tries anything with her. She said her aim will be higher than that, LOL, and hugs him.

EJ tells Kate he knows what he’s doing. Sami and Lucas walk in as Kate tells EJ that Sami can be had cheaper. Sami says it didn’t take much to get Kate on her back (ouch). Kate tries to get Lucas to back her up on Sami not doing this, but he merely says Sami’s a grown woman and knows what she’s doing. They leave as Sami retorts to Kate that she and Kate now have equal power, but SHE didn’t have to sleep with the devil to get it (LOL).

Victor calls Belle and asks her (and Claire) to meet him at the Hudson Street Diner (oh yeah, Victor's favorite lunch place I'm sure) instead of his house. She agrees. Lucas arrives and Victor apologizes for interrupting his vacation (as Lucas remembers kissing Sami). Victor tells him that he’s going out of town for a while and asks if Lucas can run Titan in his absence. He’s going to Montreal for a week or two. Victor tells him his traveling companion is named Andrew Spivey and this trip must remain confidential. Philip listens in from the next room and Victor joins him and tells him as soon as they find a donor for the face transplant, he can begin his new life with Claire. He returns to Philip and said he’s on his way back to getting the surgery he needs and Claire.

are flying to Atlanta. He asks why finding Philip is so important to her. She tells him she feels responsible for his leaving the way he did and then getting injured. She wants to be a better person and help people, saying she talked to Caroline (his mom) about this. She suggested that a good way to start is to tell the truth for a week. She feels other than conning her mom for the trip money, she’s doing okay. He asks her if she is trying to find Philip so he’ll reunite with Belle and she’ll get Shawn back. Testing her honesty promise, he asks if he heard her right when she left the room saying she loved him…she struggles and admits he heard right before dashing to the lavatory to get sick (sure is roomy on that plane). Mimi returns and apologizes, saying when she said I love you didn’t mean it the way he thought, she had just heard her mom say it to her brother. She asks if they’re still friends and he laughs, saying yes. (man, that is a QUIET as well as roomy plane).

They arrive at the VA hospital and learn from a couple of other patients that Andrew left a week ago and don’t know where he went. (cue shot of Philip looking at a rare picture of Claire without the headband). The hospital administrator joins them and said he was transferred out a few days ago, but can’t tell them where he went, it’s classified.

Belle and Claire (still wearing that stupid headband) arrive. Belle gets Claire in her high chair and tells the waitress that Claire has already eaten, but would like some milk as she hands the baby bottle to her. Belle orders a tuna plate and cup of hot tea (love how Belle removes tempting items like silverware, etc., from Claire’s grasp) and gives her a cookie. The lady at the next table (reading The Intruder with headline saying Amazing Baby) takes a glance. A man stops by to say hi to Claire as he leaves and the lady leaves as well. Victor calls on the diner’s phone and Belle steps to the counter after the waitress assures her Claire will be fine as she’ll only be a few feet away. Victor apologizes for running late and says he has a gift for Claire he wants to discuss with her…a trust fund for a quarter of a million dollars. Belle is now absorbed in the call and tells Victor it’s too much and he disagrees, saying it’s his first great granddaughter and wants to do it. She hangs up, saying they’ll talk about it when he gets there. She turns around and Claire is gone. Belle is freaking out as she and the waitress rush looking for Claire. Belle had run outside as well. The waitress calls 911. Roman arrives and asks what happened and will put out an Amber alert. He asks for a recent picture (that Belle takes out of her wallet and YES, she was wearing the stupid headband in it too) and tells him what Claire was wearing (she didn’t mention the headband, guess it’s a known fact, haha)….Roman steps out as Victor walks in (man, that was FAST) and hold Belle as she cries in his arms Belle’s crying as Victor tells her she’s not a terrible mother. Victor steps over to see the waitress when Bo and Hope arrive. Belle tells Hope it’s bad enough she lost her son, now she might lose her granddaughter again. Bo tells Belle they’ll find Claire. Hope comforts Belle who asks if her parents know. Belle tells her they’re in Italy. Hope suggests Belle tell Shawn, but Belle knows Shawn will blame her, and rightfully so, and wants to wait a while before doing that. Roman walks in with a ziplock bag holding something white and Bo gives it to Belle, saying they found it in the parking lot. Belle takes it and says it’s Claires (must be the headband…the kidnapper did us a favor by taking the darn thing off, LOL!!!)… Victor found out from the waitress that the man who stopped to talk to Claire paid by credit card and giving the credit card receipt to Roman, said what his name was. Roman thanks him, saying good work and goes to check it out. Victor comforts Belle as the previews roll..

EJ to Kate: My interest in Samantha is not entirely professional.
KATE: What do you want from her?
EJ: I want her to have my child.

SAMI ( hugging Belle) to SHAWN: Leave my sister alone. She’s scared to death about losing Claire.

HOPE to BO: Sometimes I have to admit that Bo Brady is wrong. I just don’t hold out much hope for our future.
BO: Looking confused…says What?

JOHN (kneeling in front of Marlena): Would you do me the very great honor of marrying me, right here, right now.

As the credits roll…Linda

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