Tuesday, December 12, 2006



Episode #10,462
Tape date - 11/8
Director - Phil Sogard

Victor explains his plan to Kate, Max tells Roman what he & Mimi were up to, and he in turn calls in Bo, Patrick confronts Bonnie about his missing money, and Hope decides not to take things so slow with Bo.

Hope is napping on the sofa, with Bo watching her and stroking her hair. She awakens and they talk of how both have missed this, being close. They kiss, which surprises Bo, but Hope tells him that taking things slowly is still in place. They talk a bit about Patrick. Hope goes upstairs as Bo gets a phone call from Roman. When she returns, carrying a box, Bo is gone, having left a note that he went to meet Roman and will be back soon. Cue the doorbell, and there is Patrick, telling Hope he has the tickets for their trip, itinerary, etc. She is not happy to note the tickets are to CabaSanLucas, and tells him she only promised to go to Chicago. He claims it is winter and it is cold in Chicago, and talks of beaches, sand, sun, etc. She wonders why he is so insistent on this trip, but he claims only wanting to have her get away, stress free. She tells him that she agreed, but she will not sleep with him, that they will definitely have separate rooms, and again maintains that though she promised to go, it is a business deal, nothing else. Patrick tells her that she WILL change her mind about him eventually, and leaves.
A bit later, Bo returns, sees the box which evidently contains some clothes to be donated, and yells up to Hope that he will take the box out for her. Down the stairs she comes, in a negligee, telling Bo she has something else in mind for him. They kiss, and holding hands, go upstairs
Patrick confronts Bonnie, wanting all his money back, which Bonnie hotly denies taking. He knows EJ gave her money for him, but Bonnie asks how he could believe him over his mother, and talks about giving birth and how hard cause he was breech (& is that not typical mother Bonnie, LOLOL). Mimi comes in, wanting to know what is going on. Patrick tells her that Mom took his money again, and threatens to call the cops. Bonnie does her song and dance routine about accusing innocent Mommy, yada, yada. Mimi goes to Bonnie’s purse, pulling out a wad of $100 dollar bills and tosses it to Patrick. Now Bonnie outs Mimi taking some of it before, and Mimi confesses needing some cash in order to help out a friend, promising to pay it back. (Bonnie is such a piece of work!) Patrick says it is not O.K. and leaves. Now Mimi questions Bonnie about where all her money is going. Alice’s is successful, is packed all the time, but Bonnie claims expenses, etc. She goes for another beer, and Mimi rummages thru a drawer, finds a ledger and looks thru it. Bonnie returns, has a fit. Mimi wants to know what is going on, she can see Bonnie took a 2nd mortgage, is not paying her bills, and is debt up to her eyeballs. She warns her she is going to lose the restaurant. Bonnie claims she is investing it, a sure thing, with a payoff in about 3 months (ahhh, so that is when THAT baby is due….lol) and that she will be rolling in dough, with a mansion on the hill, Lockhart Manor.

Max arrives to meet Roman, telling him all about the search for Philip. He recounts the trip to Atlanta, the close mouthed staff at the hospital there, how Philip was not there. He explains about telling Victor, how Victor told him & Mimi that the CIA is hiding Philip. He then tells Roman he wanted him to know what they had been up to, in case anything happened to them (ooops, flags go up, this means something will, of course, lol). He talks of how everyone knows Victor can play dirty, and also lets him know how much more time Victor has been spending with Claire. That Victor still thinks of Claire as Philip’s daughter. Max leaves.
Later, Bo has arrived, and Roman fills Bo in. They talks about Victor, Claire, Philip, and why Nancy refused the reward money, but had a load of cash she was tossing around. Bo thinks that it will lead to EJ Wells, but Roman points out that perhaps they should look towards Victor. They toss ideas back and forth, with Roman telling Bo that he has to stay out of it, he is off the force, and Abe warned him. Bo retaliates with the fact that Claire is his grandchild, and that Abe only warned him to stay away from the Wells investigation. He can poke around this one.
Later, we see Bonnie having dinner with Lauren. Actually, Lauren is enjoying her lobster, Bonnie seems to be playing with a slice of bread. Lauren thinks Bonnie should try the lobster, too, but she cannot afford it, cannot even afford Lauren’s. Bonnie tells Lauren how she is tapped out, she has taken out a 2nd mortgage, is in debt over her head and cannot raise another nickel. She asks Lauren to give her a break, she has given her so much already. Lauren threatens to find money elsewhere. Bonnie lets her know that when the baby is born, there is a gravy train waiting, and both of them will be rolling in dough, if she will just cut Bonnie a break now. Lauren finally agrees, then asks her benefactor to now order her some crab legs.

Victor tells a teary eyed Kate his plan to restore Philip’s face. He explains how Philip’s face is injured so badly, but Kate cannot believe he kept her in the dark about their son. She wants round the clock care for him, and begins to call the hospital. Philip taps for her attention, and shakes his head NO. Victor takes her to another room, and tells her of his master plan….the doctor from Montreal, the plan to fly Philip to the clinic there in the Titan jet, which is standing by. He then tells her how Philip is a changed man, how he got a letter from Philip when he was in the hospital, talking about Claire. He tells her that he has filed a custody suit on behalf of Philip, for full parental rights to Claire. He tells her Belle & Shawn will lose all rights to Claire. Now they have words. Victor tells her that if she had let Philip know from the beginning that he was not Claire’s bio father, this situation might not have developed. He talks of her always interfering in her children’s lives, and look at the result. She has driven Austin out of town, Lucas into Sami’s arms, Billie is miserable, and Philip reenlisted and is badly injured. He says Belle was Philip’s devoted wife, and Shawn his best friend, and that they will pay, asking her to be on Philip’s side and keep her mouth shut. She says she was always on Philip’s side. They argue some, as they talk about Max & Mimi. Victor wants them on ice for a bit, and needs her help, talking of them being a family again, Philip, Victor & Kate. (I thought only the kids had that mantra….Puleeze!) She calls Max, telling him to get Mimi and she will meet them at the garage and tell them what she found out. It is unbelievable.
Now she goes to spend some time with Philip. Later, Victor comes is as both are listening to music. Victor holds out his hand to her, she is hesitant, but finally takes it, and they dance, as Philip looks on.

Max returns to the garage, and finds a worried Abby pacing the office. She tells him there has been a black van in and out of the parking lot, and she was scared. Max thinks it is a customer, but Abby says a customer would come in. Max goes out to check, and returns to report the van had peeled out of the lot. They get into a big argument about Mimi, and all the time Max has been spending away from the garage with her, on these wild goose chases. She leaves, with Max offering to drive her, but she has her own car. Max gets a call from Kate, and calls Mimi to join him at the garage. She arrives, and he asks her if she noticed the black van parked across the street. No. He then tells her about talking to Roman, so they decide to call him about the van. The phone is dead. As she is about to call on her cell, they hear a crash, and Max says someone broke thru the door. The lights go out, Max goes to see what happened. A yell. Another crash. Silence. Mimi peers around the corner….and the previews show……..

Sami to Lucas: You said I’m so spineless, that a couple of drinks and compliments from EJ and I’ll jump into bed with him. Lucas, is that what you think of me?

Abby to Nick: I could have warned Max before they tried to hurt him. I would rather die with him than live without him.

Shawn to EJ: I can’t work for you anymore

Willow to Hope: Your son just dumped me. What are you going to do about it? (Bo is looking on)


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