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Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

Episode #10,467
Tape date - 11/14
Director - Roger Inman

The suspense is building, as Max & Mimi struggle to free themselves, EJ calls Patrick to Talledega to tell him of his plans, while Billie learns the truth, and the Salem P.D. enlists some junior cops to help in the search for Max & Mimi.

Billie is hugging Steve,unwilling to let him go, as she goes on and on about how happy she is that he is back home, especially after his phone call to her. Clearly uncomfortable, he ask if they can go somewhere private, & a grinning Billie comments that he just wants to be alone with her, and they head outside, with a pensive Hope watching. Billie continues to babble on and on, finally letting Steve get in a word. As he haltingly begins to talk of how, when he called, all he said was true, she realizes he is trying to tell her something. Just then Kayla arrives, she & Steve exchange a look, and she goes inside without a word. Billie finally understands what it is that Steve is trying to tell her, and he confirms that he has his memory back. A distraught Billie tells him she is happy for him, that he & Kayla are soul mates….again! But she berates him for not calling her to tell her right away. Steve tells her he is sorry, he was just going thru so much then, and he certainly did not want to hurt her. She pressures him to tell her what exactly she was to him. Chelsea comes out, Steve says he is sorry, and leaves.
Chelsea hugs her crying mom, and tries to comfort her. Then she announces that she is going to get a job. Yes, a job, and then she can help her mom out with the rent, and they can get a little apt. together, just the two of them. They can have people over, entertain, and if they want to have a guy over, they would not have to worry about Bon Bon coming out prancing around in her bra & panties. LOL Billie laughs, and thanks Chelsea, saying she did not think she would laugh again today. She looks in the window of the pub, sees Steve & Kayla in earnest conversation, then takes Chelsea’s arm and they leave.

Roman & Bo talk about how Victor did take Philip away from the hospital in Georgia, and was hiding him at the mansion. Bo knows they have gone somewhere else, and the mansion is closed up tighter than a drum. Roman realizes that Mimi & Max were right, thus Victor has got them under wraps somewhere. They are sure he would not harm them, as they are Philip’s friends. Roman suggests Bo go talk to Hope, and tell her what he was up to, which he does. He worries that Hope will be upset, but she isn’t, she is proud of him. She just asks him to be safe, that she wants him home, in her bed. Kayla comes and chats with them a bit, and they kibbitz back and forth.

Roman talks to Abby & Chelsea, telling them about the search for Max & Mimi, and how the police dept. could use their help. He knows that young people have places they hang, to get away from older folks, and wants to enlist their help in looking at those places. Abandoned houses, garages, basements, etc. Later, Abby talks to Bo & Hope, about the search, promising to pass out flyers, etc. Bo wonders about all the various properties that Victor may own in town, & suggests checking the hall of records at City Hall in the morning. (now that is refreshing, glad no one dashed over there right now, lol). Abby goes outside, sees Chelsea with her mom, and just tells her to call her in the morning.

Inside, Steve is telling Kayla about his conversation with Billie. Roman comes over to tell them that John called, he is home from Italy, and will meet with them in the morning. He leaves, Steve & Kayla resume talking. She suggests he write a letter to Billie, to tell her everything. He is not fond of that idea, saying he is not a poet, and would not have the right words. They discuss it a bit more, and he finally agrees that he will write the letter. (Now what the heck is that all about???). He tells Kayla he knows she loves him, and she smiles and agrees. He suggests they go home, and get naked. Kayla smiles, saying….and you said you were not a poet. (sigghhhh, lol).

Patrick arrives at some bar (reminds me of the Cheating Heart, ha!) to meet EJ. He is definitely not happy to have to come to this “armpit of the earth” in the middle of the night. EJ tells him that John Black knows he is Elvis DiMera, that Stefano sent him to Salem, and that he is the perpetrator of all the black glove crimes. Patrick panics, saying they both need to get plane tickets and get out of town. EJ assures him he already bought 2 plane tickets…one for himself and one for Patrick…to Salem! Patrick is surprised (and so are we. Why drag Patrick all the way to Talledega, only to turn around and fly him right back? Odd.). They argue, with Patrick saying he will just get away himself. EJ threatens Bonnie, talking of Patrick missing her funeral, & mentioning that Bonnie blackmailed him for a wad of cash, because Patrick has a big mouth. EJ asks Patrick if he has talked Hope into going away with him. Patrick says yes, and EJ then tells him he just go back to Salem and tell Fancy Face Brady their plans are pushed up earlier. Patrick tells him that he cannot do that, it is Christmas, and she has family. They argue some more, as Patrick warns him he will not hurt Hope. EJ makes fun of him, saying he really does have the hots for Bo Brady’s wife, and wonders where Patrick intends to take her, even though that baby is not his, and mentions the thatched hut on his little island. He talks of how Patrick followed him around Europe, begging him for work, knowing he was a DiMera, but tells him not to worry, that it will be his (EJ’s) hands that will get bloody, not Patrick’s. What the heck is he talking about? EJ says that 3 men will die, and the lst one will happen before he leaves Salem. Patrick pressures him as to who the victim will be, and EJ announces that it is John Black. Patrick believes EJ would never get away with it, and if he succeeds, Patrick will be cheering along with everyone else when they hang him from the nearest light pole. EJ tells him that he will be getting one last message regarding Hope Brady, and then he will never be hearing from EJ again. Then warns him that a surprise on the order of a hurricane or typhoon is in store for his little friends in Salem.

A tied up Max & Mimi talk of Victor, Philip, and their predicament. They are tied together, back to back, & Max says they have to try and escape. They manage to stand up, and he asks her to try and wiggle free. Mimi gives him an argument, but he tells her that sooner or later one of them is going to need to take a leak……..and she is a girl. She gets the point, and tries to wiggle in unison with him. That does not work, and he finally remember he has a knife in his front jeans pocket, so he tells Mimi to try and wiggle round to face him, as he cannot reach it. She succeeds, and now it is his turn. He manages to wiggle round, but they fall, with Mimi on top of him. She delves into his pocket, but they are pretty deep. She feels something metal, but he says those are his keys, go further down. She says she feels something……but he assures her “that is definitely not my knife”. The look on Mimi’s face is hilarious. Mimi tells him she feels like she is in an x-rated movie, but she finally finds the knife, and manages to get the blade open, and cuts thru a rope, freeing them both. She wonders where they are, maybe in Vic’s basement….but Max assures her that Vic has a 30 room mansion, and his basement would not look like this, with all these candles, and velvet cloths. Mimi gets a light bulb moment, and realizes they have to be in a church basement, and both wonder why no one ever came in and heard them. Ahhh, another light bulb moment, as she remembers the little abandoned chapel just outside Salem, past Univ. Hospital, and figures this is where they are.
Max looks around, finds a mattress (for a cot, it looks like) and they have the velvet cloths to wrap around themselves to keep warm. Both are starving, and look what Max finds. A picnic basket. Filled with food. How kind of Victor. Looks like enough food for a couple of days…but then what, Mimi worries. Now Max finds a radio which doesn’t work too well, but manages to find a Spanish station playing salsa music. Mimi tells him to leave it on, she likes that it is upbeat. They munch a bit, then Max says it is time for bed. Mimi is a bit hesitant, as the bed is a very small one, and perhaps they need to talk about this first. And the previews show….

SAMI TO LUCAS: (anxious voice) I’m afraid of EJ. He was violent, he’s capable of anything, even murder.

PATRICK TO HOPE: You go be with your family. Enjoy it.

KAYLA TO STEVE: There’s just one last thing.
STEVE: What’s that?
KAYLA: Did you write that letter to Billie?

ABE: Sami, we’d like to set a trap for EJ Wells
JOHN: In other words, they need someone to help set him up
ROMAN: We’d like YOU to be that someone.
Sami is shocked!
And the credits roll


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