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Wednesday, December 27th, 2006

Episode #10,471
Tape date - ll/16
Director - Phil Sogard

Patrick comes for a reluctant Hope, causing Bo to give chase, while Sami & Lucas get caught in a blizzard, and Chelsea, as usual, turns the investigation into the skeleton into a scenario all about her.

In the abandoned church, Abby, Nick & Chelsea stand around as personnel descend thru the trap door into the basement. As they wonder about the soldier who ended up trapped down there, Chelsea turns the conversation to Lonely Splicer, and proceeds to give Nick a hard time about not finding him yet. She gets a call on her cell, walks away, leaving Abby & Nick to argue. She tries to persuade him to come clean, but he is upset that Chelsea cares for this guy, and not him. Abby tries to make him realize that it is HIM…both people. She wants Nick to tell Chelsea the truth. Chelsea returns, saying it was her mom, and she has to go home. Now the cops come up, carrying the skeleton on a stretcher. (Cannot get over how well preserved that Civil War uniform is!) Chelsea pesters Nick again, who tells her he thinks Lonely Splicer is in love with her, which makes her ecstatic. Chelsea gets another call, this time from Patrick. (see below). She immediately calls her father. Nick berates himself for chickening out about telling Chelsea the truth. Abby tells Nick that Chelsea is going to find out eventually, and it would be better if he told her.

Sami thinks they should maybe turn back, with it snowing so hard they cannot see the road. Lucas says he is driving slowly, and they should be o.k. She tells him she would rather be stranded with him in a snow bank, than back in Salem.She rants about how she believed EJ was her friend, and swallowed his lies. Lucas tells her not to worry, her dad and the Salem P.D. will take care of EJ. Uh, Oh, we hear funny noises, and yep, the car breaks down. Lucas tries to see what the problem is, but no go. The fuel injector is plugged. Sami worries about freezing in the car, then remembers a cabin she saw a mile or two back. They decide to hike back, dragging their bags with them. Aha, they find the cabin, and manage to gain entry with no problem at all. And wonder of wonders, a nice , big , dry stack of firewood sits next to the fireplace. Lucas manages to get a roaring fire going, while Sami puts out some crackers & snacks. They sit in front of the fire, laugh ing and teasing each other about Sami’s almost wedding to Austin. Lucas tells her that when she makes plans, the caterers no longer even unpack the food. They kiss, with Lucas asking Sami if she is sure She is. They kiss again.
Later, as they bask in the afterglow, they have a serious talk. Sami mentions how she hated thinking about Lucas in bed with Carrie. Lucas asks in a roundabout way if she ever slept with EJ. Sami is hurt, and angry, as she already told him she had not. Both admit they hate being jealous, are sick of it. They promise that they will be honest & true to each other, for the rest of their lives, and shake on it. (uh, oh…..that is going to come back and haunt one of them, for sure)

Patrick comes in to find Hope taking down some decorations, and with her back to him, saying they are closed. She turns around, and Patrick asks her if she is ready for their trip. She tells him she is not going, and he mentions their deal. Now she attempts to persuade him to testifying against EJ, but Patrick denies being involved with him. Hope knows better, and tells him to stop lying. She asks if he wants his baby to grow up knowing what his father has done, or worse, have his father in prison. They argue, and she refuses again to go with him. Now he pulls a gun, threatening her, as they continue to argue. Caroline comes out, Patrick puts the gun in his pocket, and Caroline wants to know what is going on. Hope just says Patrick came in for a drink, but she told him they were closed until tomorrow. Caroline agrees, telling him to try the Cheatin Heart. Hope covers for Patrick, and Caroline has some work to do in the back, then leaves, telling Hope to call her if she needs a hand with anything. Patrick again pulls out the gun, Hope picks up her coat, as Patrick makes a phone call to Chelsea! He tells her to be sure and tell her father that she saw him & Hope in a car, heading out of town, reminding her now the field will be wide open for her to get her parents back together. Chelsea tells him she is so over that, and hangs up. Hope is putting on her coat, then turns and sprays Patrick in the eyes with a can of something like Mace. He recovers, and orders her out the door to go with him. Later, he stops in front of some building, and Hope wants to know what is going on. He says for her to get out, he has his orders.

John & Marlena stop by, just to give moral support, as they are on their way to pick up Will, who is staying with them while Sami & Lucas are out of town. They all talk of how much Sami helped them with EJ, and how proud they are of her. A policeman comes in, saying that EJ is not to be found anywhere, so is probably at the boathouse. Bo is all wired and ready to go face off with EJ. He wonders about Lockhart, but Roman assures him the Salem PD has a tail on him. (yeah, right!) and Patrick is still in the house. (Patrick already explained to Hope that he borrowed his neighbor’s SUV on the pretense of having to haul something to the dump, and went out the back way, so his car is still in his driveway.)
Marlena wants to leave, but John protests. He says that HE was given the death card, and would like to just hang around and watch it all play out. Marlena agrees to let him stay, while she goes to pick up Will. After she leaves, Bo gets the call from Chelsea, telling him about her weird call from Patrick. Bo reams out Roman about the “tail” on Lockhart, and is furious that his wife has been kidnapped. He refuses to go to the boat house and leaves. Now Roman is in a pickle, but asks John to take over for Bo. John is reluctant, but finally agrees, and gets wired up, too.

Later, at the boathouse, John is in the dark, asking Roman if he can hear him. Loud and clear says Roman. Suddenly, we see EJ behind John , telling him to drop the gun, nice & easy. John does so. John tries to tell EJ that it is all over for him, but EJ tells him that Sami is like cellophane, he saw right through her attempt to dupe him and is disappointed John thought he was so stupid as to fall for it. John tells him all the roads are blocked out of town, and that Roman will be there any second, as he has heard every word. Oh, no, replies EJ, he has a little thing which jams the transmission. We see Roman outside in a car, getting nothing but static. Back inside, John asks EJ, “do you expect me to help you escape”? EJ points his gun straight at John, saying, “No, I expect you to die”. And the previews roll, showing………

Sami yelling: Lucas, watch out. He looks up, as a huge amount of snow engulfs him, and she screams.

John: Stefano’s world is one I would never want to live in.
EJ: Your not going to have to worry about that very much longer.

Bo: Lockhart’s got Hope in there. He’s threatening to kill her.
Roman: Alright, we gotta talk him out
Bo: I’m not in a charity mood
Roman hollering: Don’t lose your cool

Patrick: What’s that?
Hope: My water just broke. I’m having the baby.


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