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Tape date 11/1
Director-Albert Alarr

The search continues for the missing baby, Claire; EJ tells Kate his real plans for Sami (unbelievable!) while John & Marlena have a romantic evening in Italy and Victor is revealed as having a hand in Claire’s disappearance.

IN NORTHERN ITALY, John & Marlena are in evening clothes, strolling amongst empty tables, covered with red & white checkered tablecloths, with white lighted trees surrounding them and the sounds of water trickling in a fountain in the background, while a concertina softly plays. Marlena is impressed with how romantic it all is. John takes off his tuxedo jacket, placing it on a bench for Marlena to sit on (no idea why they could not sit at one of the tables), then manages to find a bottle of her favorite vintage champayne right there. As he is opening the bottle, he tells her the story of 7 sisters, who had rejected every suitor who asked for their hand. Their father finally said, enough is enough, and told them they were each going to marry the next man who asked them, so they all came to the fountain, tossed in a coin while making a wish for the man of their dreams. Amazingly, before the day ended, each sister had found the perfect guy. They entwine their hands holding their glasses as they each sip from their glass. They talk about coming to Italy to look for the DiMeras, as John says he “put the word out on the street” when they arrived. He expects to be hearing from the Chief. Marlena says something about Tony in jail and Stefano dead, but John says, who knows, Stefano himself could show up. Later, we hear some different music, as Marlena notes that John has hired musicians. While they are dancing, he suddenly has a bouquet of white flowers for her, and then gets down on one knee, asking her to marry him right here, right now. Marlena is smiling, and seems to be saying yes……as the camera pulls away to show a man, smoking a cigarette and watching them from around a corner.

AT MYTHIC, Kate is arguing with EJ about him bringing Sami into the company, saying they do not need a bimbo to represent them. EJ agrees. Kate says he has been sniffing around Sami since he got to town, and asks what he really wants. EJ replies that he wants Sami to have his child! Kate is as disbelieving as all the viewers when EJ goes on about how important it is in the aristocracy (since when is he in the aristocracy?) to produce heirs for the future generations. He says Sami is exciting (you can see the green eyed monster arising in Kate), and perfect to continue the line. He claims the right woman for him is a Brady, and the right Brady woman is Sami, claiming it is very important in his family to produce an heir. (and if anyone believes this garbage, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you may want to buy).

AT SAMI’S APT. Lucas is watching TV, when soft jazz music begins to play and he wonders what the heck? Out strolls Sami in a black teddy, with a black boa around her neck. Lucas is startled, as Sami begins a rather seductive routine. However, Lucas will have none of that, being still upset about her taking the job with EJ. They argue, but Sami convinces Lucas it is all business with EJ for her, and then does her best to seduce Lucas. She succeeds only to well, as they roll off the sofa onto the floor, and decide to take it to the more comfortable bedroom. They are on their way, with Lucas carrying Sami, when her cell rings. She insists on answering…..and it is her dad. She has to rush out, something about Claire, and she is not sure what happened, will call him, as she throws on a few clothes and is out the door. Later, we see Lucas watching TV, obviously the movie “The GodFather”, as we hear screaming from the set, and Lucas mumbles something about it being just a horse’s head. LOL. Knock, knock, and Mama Kate is at the door, bursting with the news that EJ wants Sami to have his heir for him. Lucas bursts out laughing at how ridiculous it sounds (and yes it does, Days) and doesn’t believe her, but Kate assures him it is true.

AT THE DINER, Belle tearfully identifies the item found in the parking lot (too bad it was not the headband, lol) as Claire’s. Bo & Hope assure her that officers are out searching for that guy. Roman asks the waitress to give a description of the man to an officer on the phone. As she begins, in walks the man, she points and says there he is. Roman orders him to drop his gun, Bo grabs him and demands to know where the child is. Faraday protests that he didn’t do anything, only returned to try and help in the search. He said he was in his truck when he heard the Amber alert, realized it was the child he saw earlier, so went home, got his gun and returned to help in the search. He is told people do not bring guns to help search. He says he has 3 little girls of his own, and would never hurt a kid. Officers take him outside to check his story. The waitress says the only other customer was a red haired, middle aged woman, who paid in cash, so no name on a credit card for her. Roman tells Bo & Hope to take Belle home, but she won’t go. Victor stays with her, promising to offer a $50,000 reward. Bo & Hope comment how if this was a kidnapping, why no ransom demand. They leave to help search.

We now see the woman in her car, talking to Claire in the back seat, yep, still wearing that awful headband, poor kid, and munching on another cookie. The woman is glad the baby is so quiet. Later, we see her again, as her cell rings and she tells the person that yes, she knows what she is to do.
Meanwhile, Victor is staying with Belle, and promises to offer a $50,000 reward for the safe return of Claire. Belle gives him another pic of Claire to use on TV, and he goes outside to give it to Roman. Shawn comes in, and begins ranting at Belle as to how she could let this happen. She is crying as she tries to defend herself, and Sami rushes in, holding Belle and scolding Shawn. Bo & Hope go to see EJ, where Bo accuses him of taking Claire, but he has no idea what they are talking about. He offers to put up some money for ransom, but Bo assures him that Victor has that covered, and warns him that it is not wise to cross Victor Kiriakis. Bo tells EJ that he knows he & Patrick are behind all the black glove business and are targeting the Bradys, and that he will prove it eventually. They leave. Bo gets a call on cell, saying that Claire is safe. He & Hope argue a bit, as she tells him that he was wrong, and EJ had nothing to do with Claire’s disappearance. Bo is not convinced.

Back at the diner, Victor comes back in, telling Shawn he should stay with Belle, but Shawn knows Belle wants no part of him. Sami is comforting Belle, telling her how Will came home safely when he was kidnapped. She wants to call John & Marlena, but Belle says no. Shawn comes over and apologizes to Belle, who gets hysterical. Just then, the door opens and in comes Roman, carrying Claire, while 2 cops have the red haired woman in handcuffs. She claims that she left the diner, was driving her car when she heard a noise in the back seat, turned, and there was the baby. She remembered seeing her in the diner, so turned around and came back here. She wants the cuffs off. Roman tells the officers to take her outside, get her statement, and take off the cuffs. Bo & Hope had already returned, and everyone is happy that Claire is safe. Hope invites Belle to come and stay with them, rather than that big empty penthouse, and Belle accepts. Bo invites Shawn, but he declines, saying Belle would not want him there. He says goodbye to Claire, who waves bye bye, and says bye, bye, da da. (yes, that baby is absolutely adorable, as cute as can be.)

Kate returns to the Mythic offices, and admits to EJ that she told Lucas about his plans. He does not mind much, he likes a little sport. She tells him she doesn’t care what he does business wise, but do NOT mess with her family.

At Victor’s mansion, he opens the door to the red haired woman, who has a parka hood covering her head, to make sure no one saw her. Victor takes out an envelope of money, and she says she knows that she is to take the money, leave town and never return. She asks him what was the point of the whole thing, but Victor tells her it is not her concern. After she leaves, he goes to see his bandage wrapped son, Philip, telling him that this was the lst step in getting Claire away from Belle, to be finally with him.

Sami returns home, all ready to kiss Lucas again, but he will have no part of it. He finally tells her what Kate said about EJ’s plans for Sami. She does not believe it, thinks it funny and that Kate was just jealous, so EJ was playing with her head. She tries again to kiss Lucas, but he will have no part of it. He tells her he has already taken 6 cold showers, thank you, and is not in the mood for another.

Bo, Hope & Belle are leaving the diner. Belle has Claire, & will meet them at their house. She says she is glad this nightmare is over, as she takes Claire and leaves. Hope gathers the diaper bag stuff together as Bo says to her, “Is it over?” And the previews show……

Stephanie: She is freakin gorgeous!

Chelsea: God, I think I am in love.

Abby: The second Chelsea finds out who you are, you will be history
Nick: That’s just it. She Won’t find out. Not until it is really the right time.

Rico: (to John & Marlena) Senor Black, I bring you word from the House of DiMera

Victor: (to Max & Mimi) I would hate for anything to happen to you two, because of information I shared with you.
Max: Is that a threat, Victor?


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