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EPISODE: 10,483

Lightning speed court dates in Salem as Belle and Shawn are in front of the judge and their witnesses arriving (everyone dressed very somber in black!); Bonnie and Connor return home with the bones. I missed the first part of the show, but my tape starts where Hope is asking Marlena something and Marlena replies..I don’t know. (I have filled in a couple of things from the beginning.....Barb)

Outside in the hall, Belle & Shawn are pacing, awaiting the start of the hearing, as Bo & Hope arrive to support them. Then Marlena arrives, surprising Belle, who had not informed Marlena, but she says the "mom network" let her know. Hope admits it was her. Victor arrives, and all are not happy with him. Bo asks to speak with him privately, and then asks why he is doing this. Victors goes on about Claire's welfare, and then says something about always stepping up for his son. Bo replies that HE is also Victor's son, so how come he never stepped up for him. They return, the hearing is going to begin, so Victor, Belle & Shawn go into the courtroom.

Hope & Marlena talk about John. Marlena says she saw a specialist in deep brain trauma this morning. The specialist agrees with Dr. Tucker, there is no hope for John, and also recommended a long term care facility. Marlena cannot bring herself to do this. Hope tells her that she knows John better than anyone, so what does she think John would want her to do if he could be there. Marlena replies "I don't know"

The judge asks Victor for his statement and he says he’s there as a concerned father, grandfather and great grandfather. He loves his grandson and considers Belle a member of the family, but he and his son are more concerned for his great granddaughter Claire’s welfare. He has enough evidence to prove their life is in too much disarray to raise a daughter and the judge is more interested in facts, than Victor’s opinion. Victor cites how Shawn drove his car through his home and a couple of years ago drove his motorcycle through the window at St. Lukes, endangering people, saying they’re dealing with anger management problems here. Until recently he was living with a prostitute or in the back of a garage and then sunk his father’s boat where he was living, saying he was out of a job and even shacked up at the YWCA for a while. Belle is a wonderful person, but has no job and is living with her parents. When asked if her parents are a stable influence, Victor replies had that been the case, he wouldn’t have been there. However, her mother has a history of mental unstability and her father was shot recently in a police sting operation and is in a coma. One that he isn’t expected to recover from. Belle and Shawn’s face react to this dialog (both wearing black suits). The last straw was his son’s reason for filing for custody and says how Belle was inattentive to Belle at a diner and Claire “wandered off”. The judge asks why Shawn’s name isn’t even on the birth certificate or filed for paternity and sushes Shawn when he tries to talk, saying he’ll have his turn. Victor sums it up, saying Philip and Claire love each other and he wants to give her the stable home she deserves.

Lawyer Dan speaks up for Belle and Shawn. He says the charges were out of context and many family and friends have offered to testify on their behalf. He lists off their names (1/2 of Salem) and the judge first wants Belle and Shawn’s comment on the charges.
Shawn says he admits to what was said, but he has stepped up to the plate and gotten his life in order. For Claire’s best interest he had even offered to let Philip and Belle raise her, but then Philip abandoned her. Claire needed a father and since then he has been there for her and doing what’s best for her. The judge asks what he’s done and he says he’s gotten his mechanic job back for one. He moved back in with his parents to try and save enough money for the 3 of them to get their own place. He wants to give her the type of home he had growing up and asks the judge to give them that chance. He says Belle is an incredible mother and she, like him, would give their life for their daughter. The judge asks Belle if she’d like to add anything. Belle tells the judge how Victor never told them the truth about Claire’s paternity all this time…and about Philip’s wherabouts. He never told them Philip was back in Salem. In tears she tells the judge how she and Shawn have been there and loved their daughter. She begs the judge to let their daughter come home with them. She mentions Philip’s absence again. The judge sways toward Belle and Shawn, so Victor brings up how the criminal element is involved, citing Patrick and EJ Well’s involvement with the Brady and Black families. Victor has a witness and Willow is brought in and sworn in. She testifies that Shawn was working for EJ Wells getting cash under the table for his own needs, like a new car. Belle pops up, saying Shawn only wanted money for his daughter and is told to sit down. Willow continues and Shawn pops up, saying she can’t be trusted and even set fire to his apartment. She’s only saying what she is to get revenge for being dumped. Victor cites how it’s another time Claire’s life could have been endangered. The judge has heard enough and thanks Willow before excusing her. She solemnly says she only did so to help the little girl as she doesn’t want her to turn out like her. She glares at Shawn on the way out.

Outside Hope and Bo worry about how it’s going inside. Willow had strolled up all dressed proper with hair up and in a black suit before going into the courtroom. Bo asks why she’s there and Willow asks why would she? After testifying above, Willow says she only testified to what their son deserved on the way out. Marlena arrives, concerned about what’s happening. Bo tells her that Victor is speaking on Philip’s behalf and the judge won’t award custody to someone not there.

Apparently the morgue attendant called Salem PD about what happened and Abe and Lexie are there. Joel explains about the missing skeleton, and then tells about the young teen boy he thinks was intentionally distracting him with his story of a relative who died. Abe is going to send the police sketch artist to get the person distracting the attendant’s description on paper. Lexie thinks it’s a high school prank, but Abe fears it was the killer.


Bonnie orders Conner to get the bones out of the trunk (she should have buried them on the way home). He carries the bag in and she tells him to hide them behind the boiler. Conner takes the opportunity to barter for a motorcycle and she agrees, anxious for him to hide the bones before anyone walks in. Abe knocks on the door saying he needs to talk with her. Abe and Lexie walk in. Conner pretends to be listening to his music at the table. They say they’re looking for Mimi and when they learn she’s not there, Bonnie hurries them off…raising Abe and Lexie’s curiousity. Later Conner arrives in western hat and jacket after doing surveillance of the block to see no one is watching them. She tells him Mimi doesn’t know about Mr. Bo Jangles and won’t.. She sends him to the basement with the bones saying they’ll bury them later.

Max is all dressed in a suit and tie, and wakes a sleeping Mimi with a couple of lattes. He got single and double, not knowing which she wanted. He already has been to courthouse to sign up as character witnesses, which upsets Mimi, as she wanted to go, too. They chatter on and on (meanwhile, the hearing is already going on, so much for wanting to get there on time) They both say how much they care for each other and he asks her to move in. Mimi says they need to move slow. She goes to change for court, and returns dressed in black top and slacks. Knock’s Abe and Lexie. He tells them the skeleton they found went missing from the morgue, probably who knew how it got there took it. Without forensic evidence, they don’t know how old the skeleton was. The morgue attendant is giving them a description now. He asks Mimi for help with the ring and she’s drawing a blank. They have to get somewhere so the Carvers leave.

When Lawyer Dan argues that Philip isn’t even there, how can the judge award him custody, Victor says he is. We see Philip in dress uniform, carrying his hat, with face all bandaged as he’s wheeled into the courtroom. Bo, Hope, Marlena, Mimi and Max watch as he’s wheeled past them and Bo whispers to Hope “this is not good”. Victor introduces Philip to the judge as my son, Philip Kiriakis (surprised he didn’t use his military ranking being he was in uniform)…as the previews roll…

NICK TO ABBY: I’m going to take your advice Abby. The next time Chelsea writes to Dr. Shane Patten, I’m ending it.

MARLENA (hugging a crying Belle): Don’t you dare give up. We’ll get Claire back.

BO TO SHAWN: If you go after Philip, you’ll be making a big mistake.

LUCAS TO SAMI: You wanted a second chance baby, you got one now.
SAMI: This is the part where you really want to tell me not to blow it…as they kiss…

And the credits roll..

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