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Monday, January 29, 2007

Episode #: 10494
Tape Date: 12/27/06
Air Date: 01/29/07
Director: Albert Alarr

Summary: Sorry folks, I don't know what happened, but I lost the feed around the halfway point of the show this morning. I could still see a blurry picture after that, but had no sound. This is what happened up until the hourglass marker announcing the second half of the show. If I can find out any more details, I will add them later, or perhaps Linda or Barb can.

Max and Mimi arrive at the cop shop to see Roman. He is busy and talks about everything going on with Shawn and Belle and with releasing EJ. Mimi is just going to add to his troubles…she has the bag o’ bones with her and tells him that she found them. Roman wants all the details and she explains that she found them in her backyard and that she thinks her mom and brother are responsible. She explains she asked them about it, but only got lame answers. He threatens to haul them in but she asks him if he can hold off until she can get a DNA test done. They know that the lab is backed up, so can Nick do the test. Roman doesn’t like the sound of all this, but Mimi begs him and he finally gives in but warns her if he doesn’t have answers soon, he is bringing Bonnie and Connor in. Another cop comes in and tells Roman they have info on that stolen delivery truck and informs him that Steve was involved.

Later, Max and Mimi are out to dinner at Chez Rouge, but she doesn’t have much of an appetite. He assures her that she did the right thing by going to the cops but she is worried about Connor being dragged into all this. She says before it’s all over she could be the only member of her family NOT in jail. She tells him that there is something she didn’t tell Roman, or him for that matter. She doesn’t know if it’s true or not, but Connor told her that the bones are their dad.

Shawn calls to the pub as Chelsea answers the phone bombarding him with questions, asking where they are and if they are okay. She wants to help but Shawn only wants to talk to Bo. She promises to go and find him and bring him back to the pub. Shawn plans on calling back in an hour and a half and she says she will have their dad there. After Shawn gets off the phone, he tells Belle about talking to Chelsea (she isn’t so sure about that one) but he says she is going to find Bo and he is going to call him back. He suggests that maybe they should take a nap. Problem is, they only have 2 cots and Claire is asleep on one of them and Belle doesn’t want to disturb her. She suggests they share, but Shawn offers to take the floor. Belle apologizes for everything turning out like it has and thanks Shawn for all he has done. He says he only wants to take care of Claire and her. Belle asks what happens if they get caught but he assures her they will be fine…his dad taught him to take care of family…and she can count on him.

Steve returns home to find a worried Kayla. She notices that he has some bruises on his face and he explains what happened but he assures her that everything is okay and that Shawn, Belle and Claire are all safe. Bo comes over as Nick fills him in on the trip and assures Bo that they are safe. He warns Bo that they can’t contact them and that they are to play dumb as to knowing what happened or where they are. Chelsea and Nick arrive as she comes barreling in, babbling on about Shawn’s call. Bo thanks her as everyone hurries off to the pub.

Later, everyone is waiting at the pub for Shawn’s call as Chelsea tells them she admires Shawn for what he did. Steve suggests they lock the door so no one comes in while Bo is on the phone with him. Too late, as Roman walks in asking what they are all doing there. Bo tries to cover, saying they are just hanging out, talking about Shawn and Belle and wondering if they are ok. But Roman knows they are up to something and tells them that they were spotted in Toronto and that the cops are looking for them. Chelsea tells him to just leave them alone…Shawn is just trying to protect Claire. Everyone glares at her, so Nick leads her away. Roman tries to persuade them to cooperate and Steve says that Roman is just like everyone else…just doing what he has to. Roman asks them to please let him know if they hear from them.

Meanwhile, Merle wakes Shawn up, afraid he overslept. Belle wakes up too and Merle wants to tell them something. He has a friend of a friend who has told him of a freighter leaving for Africa and thought they’d want to know. Shawn is excited by the news, but Belle isn’t so sure. Merle says they could go as stow-aways and wouldn’t need passports. He assures them they would be safe, but it would come at a price.

I lost the feed around this time, the last thing I saw was the gang at the pub.


To continue....but my memory may be a bit faulty here, did not take notes..... Barb

Merle tells Shawn & Belle it will cost $5000. Belle remembers her wedding ring, and says it has to be worth at least that much. There is a pawn shop about 3 blocks away, & Merle says he will take her (while Shawn stays with Claire). She puts on a hat and dark glasses and off they go. Later she returns, sadly reporting she could not sell the ring, even coming down on the price. After going to 3 pawn shops she realized that Philip has reported the ring stolen.

At the Pub, Roman tells everyone about the info received from the Michigan State Police. He talks of the drugged out wild man who drove the truck, threw boxes on the hood of the delivery truck, then jumped off at 80 mph. and ran into the woods, eluding the state police. He rattles off a list of charges a mile long, then asks Steve where he was. Steve says at home alone, while Kayla was at Marlena's. They all go back l& forth, until Steve finally says that yes, he stole the truck, helped Shawn, Belle & Claire escape, threw the boxes off at the police car, and jumped off while the truck was doing 80. Now Roman is a bit skeptical, and Steve again says he was home alone, and did not do anything. Roman says he will file a report with the Michigan State Police saying he has no info, but if he catches any of them doing one thing, that will be it.

At Chez Rouge, Mimi is picking at her meal, apologizing to Max for not touching this wonderful food. She is clearly still upset, and finally tells him that her brother told her the bones belong to her dad. She tells how he left 5 or 6 years ago to go out west, looking for work. At least that is what Bonnie told her. She just woke up one morning and he was gone. Now she will probably be the only Lockhart not in jail, and worries about Connor, as he is still young, a good kid, has gotten into some scrapes, but will be in trouble because of Bonnie. She hopes Nick will be able to get the test done and they will get answers.

Back at the Pub, Roman is still warning the group, when the pay phone begins to ring. The looks on all the faces are priceless. Nick & Chelsea are in a booth, and stand up, and as the phone continues to ring, Roman wonders just who that could be. Nick says it is probably for him, that he lost his cell phone, and left this number for his boss to reach him. He hopes it is all right. Sure. He answers, and says, oh, Hi, Dr. Rieber. Shawn, on the other end, is puzzled, but Nick whispers they have company. Nick continues to pretend that he is talking to his boss, as Roman again warns everyone and then leaves. Bo rushes over to the phone, with Shawn telling him about the freighter (tho not the details) and needing $5000. Bo said not to worry, he will get it to him. Shawn will call back later to get details. Bo hangs up and tells the group the news. Kayla said she will go across the street to the bank and get the money, as Bo says they can send it to Shawn. Nick warns them that the police can trace a money transfer. Steve volunteers to take the money to them, but Bo says all of them are probably being watched. Chelsea pipes up, saying not her. No one is watching her. SHE will take the money to Shawn.
Back at the shelter, Shawn tells Belle his dad is going to get them the money. They sit down on the cot, his arm around her, as she says everything seems to be finally going their way.
Outside, we see a Canadian police officer, with his hand seemingly on his holster, walking up to the shelter. And the previews show......

Kayla telling Steve that they need to get some help to deal with this (am sure they are talking about his episodes)
Nick looking shocked at Connor
Philip saying he is going to get Claire back


Finally got around to watching Friday's show and I can fill in the previews for Barb...

Kayla to Steve: We need help! We can't do this alone!

Hope to Bo: Shawn and Belle's future rests in Chelsea's hands. God help us!

Phillip to Max: I will find Shawn and Belle. And when I do, it won't be pretty.

Chelsea to Nick: What are we going to do if Phillip knows about us?

Nick: The only thing we can do... outsmart him.


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