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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

EPISODE: 10,485
DIRECTED BY: Jim Baffico
TAPE DATE: 12/12/06

Kate visits both Lucas and Philip (welcome back to Jay Kenneth Johnson); Sami visits John and tells him how she really feels; Willow toys with Shawn but Maggie gets the last laugh; Mimi visits Philip and gives Shawn the heads up on what she learned.

Kate arrives to find Lucas dressed and ready to be discharged from the hospital. She offers to take him home with her, but he tells her that he’s going home with Sami. She asks where Sami is then and he tells her, with her mom and John in ICU. She tries to convince him how much her children mean to her and that’s why she does what she does. She tells him how Philip has gotten Claire now and that she helped. She wonders how Sami, a woman maybe weighing 100 lbs, lifted that heavy beam. Lucas was unconscious and didn’t know what had happened. Although Kate’s grateful, she knows Sami must have had help. Lucas asks where this person is and would want some of the glory. Kate rationalizes EJ shot John that night and helped save him because it was the only way Sami would help him escape. (Lucas does a funny impersonation of EJ and his English accent saying, of course my love..etc. in reply) Lucas knows Kate hates Sami and tells her she’s wrong this time. He’s not Philip (rich), or Austin. He doesn’t need his mother like they do. She can either accept the fact that he and Sami are together or stay out of their lives (and Will’s) forever. (how many times have we heard that and she worms her way back in every time?) Kate changes her tune (supposedly) saying he and Will are too valuable to lose and promises never to bring it up again. Sami bursts in anxious to take him home and Kate tells her she’s grateful for what she did to save Lucas. She apologizes and says Sami’s been a Godsend to them, to take good care of Lucas and leaves. Sami asks Lucas who was that nice lady? Lucas smiles, thinking he turned Kate around. Outside the door Kate tells herself…that little tramp is lying and I’m going to prove it, before walking away. Sami offers to try and make it work with Kate if Kate is willing. He says his mom just offered to try too. (c’mon Lucas…how many times have you heard that before?) She leaves to take him home for lunch.

MARLENA shows the headline about Sami saving Lucas to comatose John just as Sami arrives. Sami’s worried about Marlena’s tired appearance. She explains the worry about John and Belle and Shawn’s losing Claire. Sami didn’t know anything about that and wants to call, but Marlena tells her what’s going on. Sami gives Marlena the positive thinking speech and bets $5 the first thing John says when he wakes is Hey Pretty Lady. Nearly in tears, Sami tells Marlena she knows how good John is and she wished she had told him before and that she loved him. Marlena smiles and tells her to tell him now. Sami tells John how she was a brat and knew he loved her and still does. He always stood by her when everyone else turned away and was as much a father to her as her own dad. Breaking down she apologizes for not telling him this before and how much it meant to her. She tells him she loves him and holds his hand. Marlena hugs her and says she knows John loves her just like she does and proud of her. Sami tells her how Daddy arranged for her to get the Good Samaritan Award at the pub. Marlena will be there when it happens and Sami leaves to get Lucas and take him home. She asks Marlena for some change so she can buy her own copy of the paper as Will bought them out. An old Italian coin is in her purse and she tells Sami she got it in Italy with John. Sami offers to stay, but Marlena shoos her to be with Lucas.

Marlena talks to John, urging him to return to her. She reminds him about the promise they made at the fountain. She puts the coin on the bedside table next to the phone and promises she’ll never give up on John., he’s her life. The camera pans back to the table and the coin is gone.

We find Philip still in dress uniform, but with bandages removed (and my, his face is perfectly smooth and shaven too) holding Claire (who’s got that stupid band wrapped around her head again). He tells her about how her picture was in his pocket at all times, even when he was wounded and she’s what saved him. They’ll never be apart again. Ding It’s Mimi, coming to tell him what he’s doing is wrong and he knows it. Claire babbles cutely as Mimi tells him about how Victor and Kate had her and Max hidden away. Philip isn’t sympathetic and she tells him he’s turned ice cold. He calls her Meems which gives her a little encouragement, but she tells him if this is the way she treats his friends, she hates to see how he treats his enemies. She goes to leave and Philip follows her into the hall (where’s Claire?). He apologizes and says he was angry when he reenlisted, but once he got overseas, he knew how much Claire meant to him and vowed to get her back while in the burn unit. He chastises Mimi for keeping the truth about his paternity until ground zero to try and save her ridiculous marriage and she’s as much the fault in this. Mimi knows she was wrong, but admits her mistake. She accidentally knocks over his bag and Claire’s passport falls out. He doesn’t deny taking Claire out of the country when she accuses him of it and tells her to leave or he’ll have her arrested for trespassing. He leaves to put Claire down for a nap. Kate arrives and calls out to him. He calls down he’s putting Claire down for a nap and she sees his itinerary to take Claire out of the country. She figures he’ll have Claire forever, just wait 3 months. Philip isn’t sure about that and says it’s all arranged he’ll have a nanny for Claire. They didn’t tell Kate so she wouldn’t have to deal with the police. She can’t handle losing another son, but he promises to return when he knows he won’t lose Claire. He wants her to visit them as much as she wants. They go upstairs to watch Claire sleep. (he sure is moving and looking good after being wheeled around in a wheelchair and bandaged earlier, LOL)

SHAWN visits Willow at Chez Rouge and asks how she could do that to him. She tells him there are 10,000 reasons, which is what old man Kiriakis paid her and that’s better than doing someone down on the docks. She tells him he’s the one who ruined her family, not her. He calls her a whore and starts to leave, but she calls him back. She tells him she’ll help him get his daughter back and return the money if he does one thing….kiss her. If asks if this is a sick joke. She offers to go to the DA and tell him she lied and leans forward, then laughs saying …see how easy it is to push him around. Maggie arrives when she hears their raised voices and Shawn tells her about the $10K Victor paid Willow and to tell Maggie. Willow says she doesn’t have to report to him and Maggie interrupts saying but SHE is her boss and does to her. Willow says she was subpoenaed and testified for Victor, but denies taking a bribe. Shawn says she showed him the cash and stuffed it in her shirt. Willow tells Maggie that was her savings and she’s changing banks. Maggie threatens to fire Willow, and Willow warns her to think otherwise. Maggie retorts she’s sacking Willow for incompetence and insubordination, then walks away, as does Shawn. Outside Shawn sinks to a crouch, asking how could he lose his daughter? Mimi goes to Chez Rouge and runs into Shawn outside. They update each other about Willow’s lying and he wishes he had taken Claire like he had thought, but he played by the rules. She tells him Philip’s planning on taking off with Claire, she saw Claire’s passport. Shawn decides enough of fighting fair. He and Belle are going to do what he had originally thought. They’re going to get Claire disappear with her….as the previews roll…

BO TO KAYLA: “Victor and Philip are up to something and I have to figure out what it is.”
KAYLA: “What can I do to help?”

We see a crying Stephanie kissing her dad goodbye and leaving…

MIMI to MAX: “You’re a genius.”
MAX: “I am?”
MIMI: “Yes, you just figured out a way for us to get to Claire.”

SHAWN to BELLE: “You and Claire are my life and I’m going to fight for you with everything I’ve got.”

As the credits roll…

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