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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Episode #10,475
Taped 11/30/06
Director - Roger Inman

Sorry this is so late, but had some other commitments, it's my birthday...... and thus, this will be a rather condensed version. (Actually, not too much was going on, anyway) Nick & Billie discuss his "first time", and go for another, Sami explains to Lucas how she saved him, Kate returns from Canada, Willow jumps Chelsea's bones for taking her job, while Lexie meets Tek and argues over identifying EJ.

Chelsea is doing a lousy job of waiting on customers, not remembering specials, bringing wrong food to wrong tables, getting food orders before getting drink orders, etc. etc. In walks Willow, who gives Chelsea a hard time about taking her job. They trade snide remarks until Maggie comes over, telling Chelsea she has food orders waiting. Maggie thought Willow was in jail, but all a mistake, says Willow. Maggie knows better, tells Willow she has a violent streak, and more or less saying you no longer have a job. Willow reminds her that she always was very good on the job, so Maggie finally caves saying she can have her job back tomorrow, IF she trains Chelsea today. So........Willow accompanies Chelsea on her rounds, tho Chelsea is still making mistakes. When she has a huge tray of food, Willow is trying to show her how to hold the tray correctly, and down it goes. Maggie rushes over.....and sorry, Chelsea. You just are not suited for the job. Yep, Chelsea is fired. See Willow smirk.

In another corner of the restaurant (I think it is the same place) Lexie furtively comes in to meet Tek in a booth. They spend quite some time arguing over whether Lexie feels she can honestly ID EJ Wells as John's shooter. She wants Tek to look at the lineup (???) and text message her secretly, saying he positively identifies EJ. She does not want to get into trouble with Abe, and feels she cannot say she saw EJ definitely, unless TEK is seeing what she is, and saying so. (Sounds too peculiar and not making any sense to me). Abe calls, saying he will be home soon, as Lexie pretends to be in bed with a book, and waiting for him. She leaves.

Max & Mimi find themselves at the police station, called in by Abe. They talk a bit of their adventure in the church basement, as Max wants to know what is going on between them. They are about to kiss, and in walks Abe. He lets them know that the skeleton is not 150 years old, the dental work is modern, the uniform is partially synthetic fibers, and tells them they actually have stumbled on a murder. He wants to know how they found the body, heard about the sledgehammer, hole in the wall, and the skeleton falling out on Mimi. She remembers the ring they took off the skeleton, and gives it to Abe, who is going to send it down to forensics.

Sami is sitting alongside Lucas's hospital bed. His leg is in a cast, and he finally comes to, happy to see her. He thanks her for saving his life, and asks how she did it. She tells him how she returned to the cabin, and managed to get the beam off of him, then carried him to the road, flagged down a trucker, and he brought them to the hospital. Lucas wonders how she "carried" him, and she explains that she used blankets, really, to drag him to the road. He tells her about his hallucinations of Will and of his mother, and how Will told him to hang in there, Sami would return, but Kate did not have very nice things to say. Ah, cue Mother Dearest to come waltzing in, fresh from her trip to Canada. Seems she heard about John being shot, rushed back, and a nurse told her about Lucas. She immediately harps on Sami, blaming her for his broken leg, but Lucas tells her to cool it, Sami saved his life, and he would not even be alive if it wasn't for her. Kate rather ungraciously thanks Sami, who tells Kate she really does not want to fight with her any more. She & Lucas are back together, are very happy. Ahhh, Kate's eyebrows go up, she does not like hearing that at all, but she decides to leave.
Out in the hall, she runs into Roman, who is surprised she is back home. She curtly says she & Victor are Philip's parents, that is all. She brings up Lucas, and Sami's rescue, with Roman saying how proud he is of her. Kate remarks that it was amazing Sami was able to do all that all by herself. Roman replies that there are stories of people all the time, who got their adrenolin going big time in bad situations, and were able to do super human things to save others. Kate insinuates again that Sami could probably not have done that alone, planting the seeds of doubt in Roman, as she turns on her heel and leaves.

Nick wakes up, suddenly realizing where he is, and what he has done. He find Billie watching him with a very tender expression. He is upset because he is a friend of her daughter's. She asks why he waited so long, and Nick says he tried a couple of times and it did not work out. He says something about not knowing what to do, but Mrs. Robinson......oops, I mean Kate tells him he managed to find his way very well. Before you know it, they are off for Round 2. A bit later, both are on the sofa, with her giving him a couple of complimentary remarks, then asking is he is willing to go again. (So, O.K. if you all hate reading it, I hate writing it a lot more......the ick factor keeps getting bigger and bigger) Nick eagerly says, oh, yes, and as they begin, they hear a car come up the driveway. Ooopsy, looks like Chelsea has come home. Jump up, grab clothes. Billie shoves Nick, arms full of clothes, thru a door, telling him to go out the window thru Chelsea's room. Billie turns, expectantly, towards the door, which is beginning to open. And the previews show.......

Chelsea (holding a belt she found) "Who does this belong to". Probably Patrick, replies Billie.
Chelsea: Oh, no, too small to be Patrick's.

Shawn to Belle: I'm going to protect you and Claire. Do you understand? If we stick together, no one can hurt us.

Marlena: He just kept repeating killer, I wish I knew what he was trying to say.
Bo: Killer.....that is all he said?

Bonnie to Patrick: If the cops every ID who those bones belong to, you and I are in major trouble


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