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Tuesday, January 23rd, 2007

EPISODE: 10490
DIRECTED BY: Albert Alarr
TAPE DATE: 12/18/06

Steve helps Belle & Shawn get away; Kayla and Marlena await news together; Sami’s day ends with tears.


Kayla makes tea for herself and Marlena, who’s worried about her daughter. We see Steve steps outside from the church to call Kayla and tell her everyone’s okay and they’re going to hit the road. He can’t use that phone once they leave, but promises to keep in touch. She tells Marlena and excuses herself to touch base with Stephanie. Marlena assures her she’s alright and snuggles up with John’s picture on the couch. Marlena falls asleep as Kayla updates Stephanie on Steve’s call. Kayla returns to find Marlena asleep and takes John’s picture from her and covers her with a throw. Marlena calls out for John in her sleep. In her dream she hears John calling out for her and steps out on the balcony looking for him. She’s lost in the curtains on the balcony and pulls them all away seeing his face in the distance. She finally reaches him, calling his name and wakes up calling out to him. Kayla rushes to her as Marlena says John’s trying to reach out to her. She tells Kayla about John’s whispering KILLER to her just before surgery as he looked up at Steve, thinking Steve might be in danger. Kayla tells her about what’s happened to Steve and the episodes he’s been having, knowing Stefano is behind them and worried about his missing years and what might have happened. Marlena offers to help Steve professionally and Kayla said she had suggested that. Marlena suggests hypnosis. She says the two of them will be there for Steve.

Belle comforts Claire as she and Shawn hear a vehicle approaching. It’s a delivery truck. Steve walks in asking if they have a box to pick up, then asks if they’re ready for a road trip as he spends a minute with Claire (GET OUT OF THERE!). Outside Philip walks up in the snow and finds Claire’s stuffed animal on the ground saying…’gotcha’. Steve steps outside to call Kayla (see above) and after hanging up can tell by imprints in the snow they’re not alone. Belle and Shawn get Claire ready to leave when Philip walks in. Belle asks Philip why he’s acting like this and they’ve always been friends. Philip is shocked at this from her and says he only cares for Claire now and deserves more then either of them can give her. Philip brags about having the court and his name on his side, asking what do they have. Belle says Claire and walks away. Shawn stands between her and Philip, so Philip proceeds to beat Shawn unconscious, shouting at him what he said to him at the hospital about who’s daughter Claire is. He moves toward Belle as we see her turn and Shawn slowly getting up in the back of the church (where’s Steve?) Ah ha…Steve shows up and womps Philip on the head, knocking him out. Belle’s worried about Philip, but Steve says he’ll have a bump on his head, but will be okay. They have to get out of there. Shawn’s hurting, holding his gut and wants a minute before leaving. Steve warns them they only have a couple of minutes, but Shawn asks Steve for his help. We return to them locking Philip in the same place Mimi and Max were held (how did they know about it?) as Philip calls out to be let out of there.

We find them all driving in the truck as Steve winces. Shawn asks Steve if he’s okay (sure is a bright moon or headlights coming their way to cast such a shadow on Steve’s head, LOL) They talk about Canada and Shawn hopes they don’t flag their passports when they enter the country. Steve has a different idea, to put them on a freighter (paying off a crew member to hide them). He asks where they want to go and Shawn says Montreal. Steve says it’ll be a couple thousand to pay off the crew member and Belle and Shawn look concerned and Steve realizes they didn’t bring a lot of money with them. He questions what they were thinking about running off without money (good question) and they realize they should have, but weren’t thinking straight. Once they get to Montreal they’ll be okay. Steve hopes so, but thinks they’re making a big mistake. He tells them Kayla was right and they’ll always be looking over their shoulder. He asks how they’re going to pay for medical needs, food, etc. (yeah, did you bring Claire’s antirejection meds?). Shawn knows he’s telling the truth, but asks he lay off. Steve agrees, just frustrated. Unfortunately Victor/Philip have both money and power. Steve orders them to get some sleep as they’ll need it once they get over the border into Canada. Shawn has his arm around Belle and they close their eyes, but Claire is babbling away, LOL, obviously not tired. The music cues up as the camera freezes on Steve’s face as it looks like he’s fighting off another episode.

Philip is screaming at the top of his lungs for help. A cop arrives pointing his gun and Philip calls out to him, tells him who he is, calling him an idiot. He orders the cop to call for help on his radio. He takes Claires’s stuffed animal as he quietly rants. He calls Victor and the officer pops in to tell him they got a lead about a delivery turck that was stolen nearby. Philip tells Victor.

Sami and Lucas kiss in front of the fire as her award lies on the table. She feels like she’s in a dream, but he assures her it’s true. He knows she’s changed and can trust her now. Sensing her being uncomfortable and holding something from him, he asks what it is. The subject changes to Belle, Shawn and Philip as they both worry about their siblings. Sami tells him she wasn’t involved and he knows it, but it still surprises her no one blames her for it. Sami questions Kate’s latest affirmation to be friends, but Lucas is as gullible as ever and does. We return to him shirtless and them smooching as she stops and asks him if he’s happy, still not believing people will accept her for herself. He reassures her how hungry he is for her no matter where she is or what she’s done. He loves her and saving his life just added to that love. He says “I love my baby” and she giggles, then rushes out of the room (to get sick). Sami returns in her robe as Lucas is on the phone with Roman, asking if they’ve heard anything from Lexie. She’s missing. He fills her in on what Roman told him how Lexie lied about witnessing EJ shooting John, it was really Tek, and their case against EJ will be blown to bits. Sami looks shocked at that news. She pulls him down on the couch asking him to tell her everything her dad said. He tells her about how Lexie told Abe the truth and she and Tek took off together. Sami’s worried that EJ arranged for Tek and Lexie to disappear. He wonders if maybe Lexie and Tek just took off together? Sami is scared that EJ arranged for them to disappear so they can’t testify against him and afraid she and Lucas are next on his list. He doesn’t understand why she’s worried about that and she rushes out of the room again to the bathroom. She comes out later and he’s worried about her, asking if she was sick (he couldn’t hear?). He offers to call a doctor for her, but she tells him no. He tells her it’s been a long night and they’re both exhausted. H e suggests they just go to bed and cuddle under the covers. We see her looking into the fire with tears in her eyes. She tells him no, there’s something she has to tell him first….she turns around, takes his hands in hers and looking him in the eyes says…I’m pregnant, then bursts into tears in his lap….as the previews roll….

NICK TO BILLIE: “I think we should talk about that night, don’t you?”

SHAWN to STEVE (in the truck with lights flashing behind them): “Pull over, we’re not going to make it.”
STEVE: “I’m not pulling over….”

ROMAN to EJ: “What are your reasons for coming back?”
EJ (sporting his beard): “Your daughter, for one. We’ve become very close.”

LUCAS TO SAMI: “You don’t want to have this baby do you, Honey it’s all right, we’ll find a way.”
SAMI breaks into tears.

As the credits roll..

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