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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

EPISODE: 10,495
DIRECTOR: Roy Steinberg
TAPE DATE: 1/8/07

Hope gets some bad and good news; Chelsea and Nick offer their services; Steve agrees to get help with his episodes; Philip finds an allie.

Philip is waiting for Max when he arrives for work. The two exchange words about his helping Shawn and Belle take Claire. Philip won’t leave without Max’s help in finding his daughter. Max tells Philip off, offering only a postage stamp to mail his sorry self out of town, so Philip tries money next. Max turns down the “bribe”, but Philip says it’s not a bribe, but help to get Max back in the racing game. He even offers cash. Philip knows they’re hiding somewhere in Toronto and no one will know Max told him where. He smugly hands Max his cell phone to make the call. Max opens the phone, punches a button and begins a conversation with Shawn. He asks how things are going and an address to send a care package to. The line about money to take curling lessons tips Philip off he’s NOT really talking to Shawn, LOL…and Max closes the phone, saying he’d change the oil in 1,000 cars before helping Philip take Claire away again. Philip grabs Max and slams in into the locker. He rants about how his life is and he’s lost a leg and sees horrible images of fallen friends when he closes his eyes. Claire is the only good thing left in his life and he needs her back. Max feels for all Philip’s gone through and done for his country, but he himself grew up living in cardboard boxes, but you don’t see him treating people differently for it now. He tells Philip it’s not his new face he doesn’t recognize in the mirror, it’s the bastard he’s become and orders him out. Philip vows to find Belle and Shawn and when he does, it won’t be pretty.

Outside the pub, Abby makes a cell call to Jennifer. She hopes she didn’t wake Jennifer, but needs her advice, something that will affect the rest of her (Abby) life.

Abby walks into the garage and finds Max working underneath a silver mustang. His shoes are tapping away to a song on the radio and she smiles. She taps his leg and he rolls out quickly and stands up (thinking it was Philip back). Abby is distracted being he’s shirtless (give me a break…it’s winter and freezing on the border of Canada..he’d be wearing coveralls at least! He’s also wearing jewelry that could easily get caught in parts, etc., but I digress) He wipes away oil on his shoulder (see!) and happy to see her as his computer is acting up. She tells him she’s quitting. She hands him a dress shirt (guess all his t-shirts are dirty?) and he puts it on saying she doesn’t want to see his heart breaking. She explains about she and Chelsea going to Spring Semester at Salem U and needed to get away. He asks if she’s getting away from him, but happy for her that she’s going to school. He makes sure she realizes they’re still friends and apologizes for not paying more attention to her. He says Mimi means a lot to him and she figures school is what she needs right now.

Hope and no-name Brady are visiting Maggie. Hope’s worried about Shawn. Maggie comments on how adorable the baby is and Hope says she’s definitely Bo’s baby…who fights off sleep like it’s a demon when something is bothering him. Willow arrives and Maggie tells her she’s not getting her job back and not wanted there. Willow says it’s about Shawn and Hope will want to see her. Maggie steps away to try and get Willow’s last check to get rid of her and Hope tells Willow they’re not interested in what she has to say. Now alone, Willow tells Hope she’s 8 weeks pregnant with Shawn’s baby (doesn’t anyone use birth control in Salem?) Hope doesn’t believe her, saying even if she is pregnant, it probably isn’t Shawn’s. Willow pulls a Dr. note out of her purse to prove she is pregnant. Hope looks at the document and says it doesn’t prove Shawn is the father of her baby. She tells Willow to leave. Willow threatens to get Shawn named as the father of her baby with the court and will tell the media. They’d love to hear how he and his baby are on the run after he’s gotten another woman pregnant. Hope asks what she expects them to do. Willow says they’re the only family she’s got and thought they’d be happy to hear the news and help her being she’s homeless and has no insurance. If Hope won’t, maybe Grandpa Bo will. Hope makes it clear she’d do anything for her family, but won’t give Willow a dime. She can go back to Victor if she wants to. She also warns her that if she tries to muddy Shawn’s name in family court, she’ll expose her past for the lying tramp she is. She gets up and pushes no name’s buggy away from the table.

Chelsea offers to run the money to Shawn and Belle. She calls herself the black lamb of the family and Nick corrects her she’s the black sheep, not lamb. She’ll get on the plane and take the money to them. (hope you have a passport with the new law in place) They all warn her how dangerous this is as Victor and Philip have declared war. Bo won’t let her, saying it’s too dangerous. Kayla chats with Chelsea and Chelsea figures Bo suspects she might take the money and run off with it. She tells Bo and Steve she understands why they don’t trust her after all that’s happened. Bo tells her even after all of that, they still love and trust her. Nick knows none of them will be able to fly under the radar. She asks again. They’re all in a booth now talking and Bo finally agrees to let Chelsea go, as long as she doesn’t travel alone. Nick happily offers to go with her and she smiles at that too, despite questioning that she’ll need a chaperone. Bo doesn’t give her any alternative, wanting someone to cover her back. She agrees and Bo will make the travel arrangements in Nick’s name so it’ll look like a couple off on a vacation. Kayla and Steve go to get the money. Nick goes to tell Aunt Maggie he’s taking off and Bo makes it clear Maggie should keep this to herself. Chelsea and Bo are alone and she apologizes again for all the trouble she’s caused, especially involving Zack and wants to make Bo proud of her. He tells her he is and they hug.

Later Hope and baby arrive and Bo’s happy to see his two favorite women, Hope and Doodlebug. She tells him about what happened with Willow and he tells her about Shawn’s call. She’s relieved to hear they’re safe in a safe house, but not happy to hear Bo’s trusting Chelsea to deliver the money. He tells her about Nick’s going too and she finds it ironic that a year after Zach died that their lives are in Chelsea’s hands.

Nick bustles in and Maggie’s walking with the paychecks near the bar when he enters. He tells her about going way for a couple of days and where he’s going. He talks in the voice you don’t think people overhear, but do, as of course Willow does and stands behind the fireplace in the middle of the room to eavesdrop. She hears enough and whips around to ask for her check. Maggie gives it to her and makes it clear she’s not wanted there again. Outside she pulls out her cell phone. She calls and tells someone she has some news they’ll be happy to hear.

Philip arrives outside the restaurant to chat with Willow. She tells him about overhearing Nick talking to Maggie and the bouncing Brady girl Chelsea is taking enough money to Toronto to get Shawn and Belle hidden forever. She still has money after Victor gave her the 10K, all she wants is to go with Philip to see the look on Shawn’s face when Claire is taken away from him. He tells her she knows how to hold a grudge and they shake on the deal. Abby walks up as they finish talking. She starts to walk by them, but Philip stops her and identifies who he is (at least someone doesn’t recognize him, LOL) She says hi to them and then excuses herself to work her shift and goes inside. She tells Maggie about seeing Philip out front with Willow and the two Horton gals figure out Willow might have overheard Nick. Maggie calls Kayla and Steve to warn them and Abby goes to find Chelsea. Philip isn’t worried if Abby overheard, saying they can’t do anything to stop them.

Kayla and Steve look at the stack of bills to send to Shawn and Belle. Kayla says she got more than the $5K knowing they could probably use it. She questions what Roman said about the man throwing boxes out of the delivery truck and jumping off of it. She’s concerned about what these episodes are doing to him. He admits having another one, but got the kids safe to Canada. She worried this isn’t acceptable. She and his daughter need him. She wants him to call Marlena and try hypnosis. The phone rings (Maggie) but Kayla stops Steve from answering, saying his sanity is more important and to let voice mail pick it up. He wants to talk with Benjy before talking to Marlena as this all started after their dinner with him. Kayla says okay.

Nick and Chelsea arrive outside the Johnson’s room, both with their overnight bags packed. Chelsea takes a moment to thank Nick for what he said about her at the pub, that she can do whatever she sets her mind to. They go inside and Steve hands the wad of bills to Nick, who puts it in his jacket. Steve warns them to keep a low profile at the airport as security might question someone traveling with that much cash. They leave and outside the hotel room door, Abby walks up breathless as she had ran the 10 blocks to the inn. She clues them in about Willow overhearing. Chelsea asks what they’re going to do and Nick says…outsmart them…as the previews roll…

CHELSEA (in black knit cap) to Nick at the airport: "Well, I just hope you know what you’re doing Nick."
NICK: "Yeah, So do I. "

SAMI (to Lucas at a restaurant): Well?
LUCAS: I said Yes.
SAMI to LUCAS: I can’t believe you’re going to be working with EJ.

EJ to KATE: The closer Lucas is working with me, the closer I am to Samantha. So here’s to the perfect plan, Samantha and me.

The police are knocking on the door, saying they know someone is in there…as we see Shawn and Belle (holding and sshing Claire) behind it…

As the credits roll..

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