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Episode: 10,480
Directed by: Roger Inman
Tape Date: 12/5/2006

Nothing exciting..our Salemites are just getting up to date with each other as Bo’s new calm demeanor gets Steve off the hook; Belle and Shawn meet their lawyer Dan; people meet NoName Brady at the pub (including her sister); Abby finds out about Nick and Billie (she should really join the force); and Shawn has a back up plan in case Victor wins in court.

Nick tells Chelsea she’s bossed him around for the last time and he’s out of there and leaves. Abby asks Chelsea what she’s ever done for Nick when Chelsea can’t understand why he did that. Abby privately tells Nick she thinks he did a good job with Chelsea, but although he agrees with Abby he deserves a girl that’s nice to him, he’s still in love with Chelsea. He knows there’s a deeper Chelsea then she knows and she’s his destiny. Abby tells Nick that Chelsea has to get to know the REAL Nick Fallon. He agrees and says Nick Fallon, studly scientist, will take over where the now gone Dr. Shane Patten was. He remembers promising to help Maggie take down Christmas decorations and leaves. Chelsea steps out asking where bad boy Nick Fallon is and Abby tells her to stop messing with him like that. Chelsea tells Abby about coming home to find her mom had been with a guy and even found his belt under the couch. She leaves to go to the pub as Abby grosses out that Nick may have been with Chelsea’s mom, remembering that Nick didn’t have his belt.

We find Chelsea freshening her lipstick when Billie calls to tell her she has a surprise for her at the pub. Chelsea tells Billie her “surprises” aren’t that great, unless she won the lottery or something..but Billie tells the brat to just meet her at the pub ASAP and hangs up.

SHAWN and BELLE are at the pub, worried about Victor taking their daughter away. He promises not to let that happen. A lawyer “Dan” is delivered to their table by Hope and Kayla, saying Frankie recommended him. Hope can’t believe Victor’s doing this, knowing they’d never deny Belle’s access to Philip. They discuss the overall picture as to how Victor knew about Belle’s true biological father, but played them. Shawn explains that Victor has things on him (citing how he drove the car in his house and Willow), but he’s changed and they just want their daughter. They ask what they need to do. Shawn tells him he’s moved in with his folks and gotten his old job back. Dan said that’s good, but Belle has to change too. Victor has proof that she’s a neglectful mother. She’s still is married to Philip legally and brings up the time Claire was taken from the diner. Belle says that Victor was there that day and even told her she was a good mother. Shawn isn’t happy when Dan says Victor’s got the upper hand right now and demands he start working for their defense. Shawn gets irate and refuses to sit and listen to Belle being calling a bad mother. Belle calms him down. Dan questions if Philip will show up at court and they figure Victor will pull out all the stops and bring Philip back in bandages from fighting for their country. Dan suggests they come to court as loving, rational parents and leaves.

Hope and Kayla talk softly as NoName Brady sleeps peacefully (isn’t there a law about not releasing a baby from the hospital nameless?) When the subject about more children for Kayla and Steve comes up, Kayla is worried about Steve and these new attacks he’s having. Steve just wants to dismiss them, but she knows they need to diagnose what’s happening.

AT the CPS OFFICE, Bo has to wrestle Steve to the wall after he tore apart the CPS office to prevent him from attacking the women. Steve freaks out, then calms down, asking Bo not to touch him as Beverly calls for the police. Steve returns to normal and apologizes to Beverly for what he did. Bo goes to take him out in the hallway when Beverly tells him they can’t go anywhere, the police are on the way. Bo identifies himself as Detective Brady (guess he’s back on the force) and he and Steve sit in the hall to talk things over. Bo warns him to talk fast before the cops come to take him away. Steve explains how this first “episode” happened the night he and Kayla dined with Benji (reminding Bo he’s the kid he and Kayla took in on their honeymoon and turned out to be Stefano’s son) and his wife Sonja. He explains the metal banging sound he gets in his head and this time he saw bright lights..but doesn’t know why it’s happening. (seems the devil tarot card might be worth telling BO about Steve!) An officer arrives and Beverly tells him she wants the one with the eye patch arrested for trespass and assault. A calm Bo intervenes and explains to Beverly that his friend just got his memory back after a long time and having a hard time. He clarified that Steve hit her desk, not her and was just trying to help by asking to see Claire. He promises to get Steve out of there and he won’t bother her again. Beverly said it’s the second time he’s interfered (hey, the first time made her job easier) and he better not do it again. Bo tells the officer he’ll take care of the paperwork and Steve thanks him. Bo just wants to get to the bottom of Steve’s problem. He asks if anything like this has ever happened with Kayla and Steve denies it, saying he’d never hurt Kayla. Steve asks Bo not to tell Kayla about this and he only agrees if Steve gets some appointment with a shrink as he’s looking out for Kayla’s best interest. Steve denies he’d ever hurt Kayla, but Bo reminds him only if he’s in his right mind and needs help. Bo isn’t happy about Steve’s keeping this from Kayla, but says if he ever hears about something like this happening again, all bets are off. (why are they still outside the CPS office…as soon as the charges were dropped, they should have left the building!!!) Steve just wants to see that look of trust in him that Kayla use to have.

Nick arrives and Maggie asks him to look at a wind up Santa Claus that Mickey gave her that doesn’t work. He agrees and she questions if he’s got woman problems and he doesn’t deny it. Abby arrives and tells Nick that Chelsea told him her mother had a one night stand with a stranger the night before. He doesn’t think that’s their business, but Abby continues on how the guy left his belt behind. Nick turns and Abby knows it was him by the expression on his face.

Billie walks in and is surprised to see Hope and NoName there. She asks Kayla how she and Steve are and wondering if this will ever seem less awkward, tells Kayla she got Steve’s letter. Kayla is glad, saying Steve meant it from his heart. Billie tells Kayla she’s glad she and Steve are back together and means it. She goes over to coo over NoName as Hope watches a little nervously. Billie asks for the baby’s name and Hope admits to not having one yet and asks if she’s got any ideas. Hope says they call her Doodlebug and Billie says she likes the name Eileen from an old movie she saw, but Kayla and Hope diss that. Doodlebug cries and Kayla asks Billie if she’d like to hold her. She accepts quickly and does so. Kayla thanks Billie for encouraging her to be with Steve. Billie jokes…men…can’t live with them and you can’t kill them.

Chelsea arrives and sees Billie holding the baby. She asks if Billie adopted and Billie gives her the look. She says she’s Bo and Hope’s baby. Chelsea clarifies Hope’s and Patrick’s, but Billie corrects her, saying she’s BO and Hope’s. Chelsea smiles, knowing she has a baby sister and asks to hold her. Billie stands to hand the baby over to Chelsea when Hope arrives and takes NoName, smiling nicely and saying hi to Chelsea, then asking the baby if she’s ready to eat. Kayla tries to assure Chelsea that Hope didn’t know. Billie tells Chelsea her surprise. She rented an apartment for just the two of them which brings the smile back to Chelsea’s face. She tells her that it’s down the hall from Lucas, Will and uh, Sami.

Before returning (above) Hope gives Belle and Shawn a pep talk about how the family will be there for them in court and they won’t lose their daughter. Shawn tells her if they try to take Claire from them, he and Belle will disappear with Claire where they won’t be found.

Bo and Steve return and Bo sits at the table while Kayla is concerned about Steve and he says Claire’s in foster care (gee, hope the foster family knows about Claire’s anti rejection medicine she needs to take). Kayla says Stephanie has some news and wants to have dinner with them, so they go to leave. Hope senses something’s wrong and Bo says it’s not good.

Bo joins Belle and Shawn, saying Hope filled him in on what he said about taking off. He tells them Claire’s with a nice foster family and reminds them the judge almost always rules for the mother. They just have to show the judge they’re who Claire needs to be with. He returns to Hope and Shawn softly apologizes to Bo, but tells Belle that Victor’s paid off judges before. If the judge rules for Victor, it’s a big world out there, let’s just see if Victor can find us….as the previews roll….

BILLIE (sad) TO BO: I shouldn’t have involved him in my drama and it was wrong.

ABBY TO NICK: I want you to tell me what happened. I’m your cousin and your friend.
NICK: Okay, it happened, but only once.

LEXIE (on the phone to Tek): I want you to be absolutely sure Tek.
TEK: It was EJ Wells, you can swear to it.

MAX TO MIMI: If you really don’t want to go home tonight, there is a solution. Why don’t you just stay with me?

As the credits roll…

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