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Tape date - 12/6/06
Director - Phil Sogard

Billie confesses her misdeeds to Bo, Stephanie has news for her parents, Lexie is still hesitant about identifying John’s shooter, and Steve has another of his “episodes”.

Max is under the hood of a lovely, white, oh so clean car in the garage, when Mimi comes in. She whines about her dysfunctional family, relating how Patrick is in jail, Bonnie wigging out, Connor home from reform school and wanting to be a bronco buster, and her deadbeat dad no where to be found. She wishes she did not have to go home tonite. Max invites her to stay with him. Abe comes in to update them both about the skeleton. Not a high priority with forensics, so will take about a month before they will be able to give a report. Meanwhile, the ring was identified as having been stolen about 6 years ago. The owner came down to I.D. the ring, even bringing proof of purchase. Abe asks Mimi, since she thought the ring looked familiar, to think about why that is so. He mentions that the ring owner, name of Harold Cavanaugh, is about 80, in ill health, and has been in and out of the hospital. He leaves, and Max again invites Mimi over, remarking that he has cleaned the place up, clean sheets on the bed, food in the frig. He will sleep on sofa, but she says no, she will. She tells him she will make him a late dinner of pasta……and dessert (hmmm, wonder what THAT will be, lol) and perhaps they can watch a movie. She calls her mom, leaving a message that she will not be home tonite.

Abe is shoring up Lexie, who is nervous about having to come and identify EJ as the man who shot John. He leaves, and Roman comes out to have her look at some pictures. She has to make a call first. He goes back in his office, and she calls Tek for reassurance that EJ is the shooter. Tek tells her yes, definitely, reminding her that SHE is the one who made him leave and decided on this course, only to keep Abe from knowing they were in the vicinity of each other. She keeps him on the phone, puts it in her purse, and goes into Roman’s office. They look at pictures, but she is still hesitant, and wants 5 minutes alone “to clear her head”. Roman leaves the office, she pulls the phone out and again wants assurance from a frustrated Tek. They argue a bit, but he assures her that it definitely was EJ. Roman returns, and she says positively that EJ was the shooter. Roman wants to know what changed. Lexie stumbles over excuses, and leaves the room, but Roman is suspicious. Tek calls her, and she tells him she pointed the finger at EJ, and is not happy about it. Tek reminds her that he would have gladly done it. Now Abe comes in, she tells him what she did, they tell each other they love one another, and she leaves. Roman comes out, wanting to talk to Abe.

Bo meets Billie at the Pub, per her request. She tells him about finding an apartment for her & Chelsea, tho does not say where it is. Then she tells him how she did not handle the news from Steve very well, and when she got his letter, she drank a bottle of wine. Bo is sorry, and she talks about all those years of sobriety, and then doing something like that. He asks if she took a drink today, and she says no, but she wanted to. He tells her to come with him…….they are going to an AA meeting, which starts in a few minutes. Later, they return, and Billie says she feels much better after the meeting. Now she tells him there was more, and mentions the one night stand with the much younger guy. - legal age, but still a kid. She should not have done it, was wrong of her. Bo tries to make her feel better, but she really feels bad. So now he tells her a story of his own. About how he was 15 yrs old, big blizzard, and he was out shoveling walks for folks to make a buck. On his way home, he sees this woman, struggling to clear her own driveway. She had 3 small kids, and her husband had been killed in Nam, so he offered to shovel her out for free. Afterwards, she invited him in for cider and donuts, they were the only ones there. They sat at the kitchen table and talked, as she told how lonely life was for her. She rubbed his aching shoulders……one thing led to another. Billie says, oh, my gosh, she seduced you. And you have been traumatized ever since. Bo smiles, and says, no, he felt on top of the world, not traumatized at all. Billie is surprised, but Bo tells her the lady met a nice guy, and got married again about 6 months later. He assures her that her young guy is probably feeling the same way, and is not traumatized either. Probably feels like quite the man now.

Abby gives Nick a hard time about his lost virginity, and tells him she knows it was Chelsea’s mom. He denies it at first, but she knows the lost belt is proof. Nick admits it, says it was only once, and warns her not to tell Chelsea. They talk about how the experience changed him, how he stood up to Chelsea, and Abby warns him not to grovel to Chelsea and don’t be crawling back. Nick beats himself up a bit, and says he is going to avoid Billie for the next 60 years. LOL. Abby tells Nick that Chelsea was nuts about Lonely Splicer before she ever saw a picture, which proves she really cares about Nick, the inner Nick. She tries to convince him to kill off Shane Patton, and let Chelsea see Nick for who he really is.

At a table, Stephanie is happy her parents were able to come to dinner, as she has some exciting news. She waits til dessert, and then tries to make them guess. Kayla says that she is glowing, has a sparkle in her eye, she must be pregnant! Steve about has a fit, but Stephanie laughs, and no, she is not. She got a job with a new racing team and is moving to Dayton. She will start in the pit crew, and will be racing again before long. Kayla is not happy about Stef racing again, but knows it is what makes her happy. Steve gives his blessing, too, saying he will miss her, but promising that he & Kayla will be flying to Dayton to see her often. She hugs them both, and then leaves to meet some friends. Steve & Kayla talk about Stephanie, and not telling her about these episodes Steve is having. He goes to get them both a couple of brandies.
At the bar, Nick is working on the Santa for Maggie, and Steve stands next to him. Suddenly, Nick laughs with glee, as he has gotten it to work. We hear Jingle Bells playing, and then banging. Steve goes into an episode, grabbing the Santa and smashing it on the bar. Nick is shocked, and wants to know what the heck Steve is doing. Steve comes out of it, apologizes, and takes the drinks back to Kayla, not telling her what happened. She knows something is wrong, he is sweating. She tells him they can work through anything together, and he can trust her. Steve says, Always. And the previews show….

MIMI TO MAX: You care about me, is that what you are saying?

BONNIE TO CONNOR: Don’t worry, you are my son - running a con is in your blood

ROMAN TO MARLENA: I’m staying here, I’m not leaving tonight

BELLE TO JOHN: Give me a sign, anything, so I know you can hear me. John moves his little finger, touching Belle’s hand.


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