Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Wednesday, January 17th, 2007

Episode #10,486
Taped 12/12/06
Director - Herb Stein

Stephanie says goodbye to family, while Mimi & Max learn of Philip’s travel plans, and figure a way to help Shawn & Belle.

Stephanie is getting ready to leave and tells her dad how excited she is about her new job in Dayton. Soon she will be racing again, and talks of how alive she feels when on the track. Steve assures her the entire state of Ohio will be blown away by her. They get very emotional as they talk about what they mean to each other, and then about following their dreams. She chides him about playing safe, and not letting the fire inside him burn, urging him to challenge himself. They hug, and tears flow as Stephanie leaves. After she is gone, Steve has a flashback of the episode he had in Child Services office, with Bo trying to snap him out of it. He pulls out his harmonica, and plays some harsh bars, like trying to drown out something else. He looks into a mirror, saying aloud to himself that “something is not right, and what are you gonna do about it, boy. Take an aspirin?”. He paces a bit, then again plays raggedly on his harmonica, as he obviously is in pain, hearing a loud banging. He lays his head on the desk.

A weary Belle comes out of John’s room, just as Shawn arrives. He tells her he had just gone for a drive, no where in particular. She cries about her dad, and then Claire. Shawn assures her they are going to take Claire back, then tells her about going to see Willow, finding out she lied, and that Victor paid her $10,000 to do so. He informs her about how Mimi found the passport for Claire, and that before Victor & Philip can take Claire away, they are going to take her first. Belle is hesitant, but both think Victor also paid off the judge. He gets a call from Kayla, puts her off, and then they leave to go see Mimi.

Kayla meets Bo, telling him she does not have much time, as she has to take Stephanie to the airport. She comments on his beautiful baby girl, asking if he has a name yet. Bo says they are waiting for lightning to strike. Kayla tells him to hurry up, or that baby will be called doodlebug forever. (And it is a shame the show has delayed naming the blanket doll for this long. Tsk, Tsk.) Bo tells her he thinks Victor paid off the judge. He rants about Victor’s underhanded methods, even mentioning how Victor got Caroline pregnant, knowing she was married. He comments that Victor only thinks of Bo as a big mistake, and is a sorry excuse for a grandfather to Shawn. He goes on that Shawn told Hope that he & Belle intend to take Claire back, and he is concerned. Shawn will not answer Bo’s calls to him. He wants Kayla to call Shawn, and caution him about taking the law into his own hands. She agrees and calls Shawn, telling him how worried his parents are, and telling him she would be glad to help in any way. He thanks her, but cuts her short, as he is in middle of something. When she hangs up, she gives Bo a pep talk, then has to leave.
As he sits there alone, Maggie comes along with a cupcake containing a lit candle. It is to celebrate the birth of his doodlebug. (even typing that seems awful, lol). She tells him people forget about the new dads, and he should make a wish. Bo proceeds to wish John had never gone to that warehouse to meet EJ, that Chelsea did not have so many issues, that Zack was a first grader now……all things he wishes he could change from the past. He blows out the candle. Maggie talks to him, trying to give him encouragement.

Kayla & Stephanie arrive at the Pub, to say goodbye to Shawn & Caroline. Grampa Shawn gives her a racecar he carved out of rosewood, and both give her a little pep talk, with Grampa telling her never to forget she is a Brady. Kayla remind them she is a Johnson, too. Hugs, and tears ensue.
Kayla gets a call from Shawn who needs a favor, and wants her to call the hospital. She agrees, and will call him back, which she does. Kayla & Stephanie say a final goodbye and leave the Pub.

Mimi tells Max all about finding the passport for Claire, and how Philip quickly made her leave. Because she became suspicious, she called Victor’s office, pretending to be a reporter wanting an interview. His secretary told her Victor had meetings, and his last one was tomorrow at 10 a.m. and then he would be out of the country for 2 weeks! Mimi is worried, figuring Victor is going to take Philip & Claire and flee. She tries to figure out what to do, saying Dorothy managed and so they should, too. Max is puzzled…..until Mimi explains that Dorothy managed to get into the castle against all odds and even tho it was locked. Max suggests they call a Scarecrow and TinMan who might help. LOLOL
He talks about how Victor will have tons of guards, and mentions how just two of his goons managed to kidnap the two of them, and lock them up. Mimi beats herself up over having kept the secret of Claire’s parentage for so long. As they talk, they realize that Victor & Philip would be long gone by now, so something must be holding them back. Something that could not be taken care of today. Mimi figures out it must be immunization shots. Belle & Shawn arrive and Mimi fills them in on what they have learned. Belle says Claire has had all her shots, but would need one to travel. They figure Victor would be taking Belle to the hospital, to a doctor who has never seen her before. They ponder how to find out, and Shawn remembers his Aunt Kayla, giving her a call. He asks her to call the hospital, and find out where Claire may have an appt. tomorrow. No questions, please. Kayla agrees, and calls him back, saying Philip made an appt for Claire at 1 p.m. with Dr. Tomlin.
Belle, Shawn, Max & Mimi order pizza, as they make plans to take Claire back tomorrow, at 1 p.m. And the previews show………

Roman: Feel like making a trip? Bo: Something tells me this is not a vacation. Where? Roman: Mexico City

Sami…laughing as she answers the phone: Make it quick.
I prefer it nice and slow myself.

Chelsea: Oh my God, Abby, he just signed off. I don’t get it. What did I say that was so wrong? (lol, Chelsea, honey, you rarely say anything RIGHT. )

Stephanie to Kayla: Is something wrong with dad? (they are at the Pub, so that is rather puzzling!)

Steve to Bo: Please don’t say no. Help me!


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