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Episode #10,491
Taped 12/18/06
Director - Herb Stein

EJ returns to Salem to taunt both Roman & Sami, while Chelsea shares her news with family & friends, and Steve manages to help Shawn & Belle flee the country.

Sami is crying, as she & Lucas sit in front of the roaring fire, with Lucas happy as a lark over the news that Sami is pregnant. He goes on and on about the baby, and how he will help, as Sami continues to shed tears she tries to attribute to “hormones”. Lucas talks of how they will tell the child, when it is older, about the night it was conceived, the miracle of Sami saving Lucas’s life, and how the child is also a miracle from that night. Sami doesn’t want praise or awards. Lucas leaves to get Sami something special to eat, since she is so nauseus (amazing how he gets around on that broken leg with only a cane). Now EJ calls Sami on her cell, and she realizes he is back in town. He has some of his slimy, innuendos to taunt her. She tells him she knows he shot John, and she has kept her word not to tell anyone she saw him. He mentions all the honors she is getting for her heroic rescue, and claims he kept his word and helped her with Lucas. She angrily tells him never to call her again, and abruptly hangs up. Lucas returns to a sobbing Sami, and tells her he realizes she doesn’t want to have this baby, not to worry, they will work it out. He presses Sami to tell him what is going on with her, it cannot be all hormones. She makes excuses, and Lucas gives her a huge pep talk.

Abby & Nick arrive at Chelsea’s invitation, but hesitate to sit down. Chelsea assures them she invited them as her guests (where did she get the money?) as she wants to ask for their forgiveness. She apologizes for all the mean things she has said to them, and then goes on about Shane Patton changing her. Abby is rather unbelieving, while Nick seems to listen with a rather surprised expression. Billie comes in, having been to an AA meeting, and wanting some of Caroline’s chili. Chelsea asks her to join them (great hat, Billie!). Nick gets very nervous, clumsy and knocks over the water glass. Chelsea now springs her news, bringing out a letter that says she has been accepted at Salem U. Billie is thrilled, until she hears Abby mention Shane Patton again, and does not like this internet friendship. She then lets Chelsea know she cannot afford the tuition, but Chelsea says not to worry. She has talked to financial aid office, and can get a scholarship because she had such good grades in high school. Abby is rather disbelieving of that, but Chelsea assures her that with the scholarship and a job, she will have no problems. She talks about splitting atoms and gene cells, and Nick is surprised. Chelsea claims she aced chemistry and physics. Billie is surprised she has a job, but Chelsea says not yet. Billie remembers all the community service work Chelsea did at the hospital, & asks Nick if he can get Chelsea a job in his lab. Nick says no way, but Chelsea hocks onto that right away and begs him to try and talk to his boss. Chelsea then tells her mom how she can have the apt. to herself, and not worry about having her secret boyfriend over. Billie gets upset, saying she has no secret boyfriend and gets up to leave. Nick gets very nervous and also leaves. Chelsea now talks to Abby about school, knowing she is only going part-time while she works for Max. She tells Abby that Max will let her work any hours, and she should consider enrolling full time, at least for one semester. She goes on about frat parties, football games (hey Chelsea, football is over til next fall..)and how much fun they could have. Nick follows Billie, telling her they have to talk.

Philip barges into Roman’s office to rant about the police not finding his daughter. Roman says all the roads are blocked, and they are doing all they can. They have words, as Philip tells him that Shawn just called him to say they were near the finish line. Roman tells Philip that he was getting ready to do the same thing with Claire, mentioning Brussels, Philip tries to brush it off, saying if he had to go on a business trip, naturally he would take his daughter, but Roman reminds him he was not allowed to leave the country either. Then Roman brings up the way Victor enticed Belle to the diner, in order for Claire to be taken, and then use it against her in court. They argue big time, and are really nose to nose, with Philip angrily threatening Roman. (This is not the cute Philip we used to know, lol). He leaves and in walks EJ Wells, now complete with beard. (Wonder if he is supposed to now be trying to resemble Stefano??). EJ claims that as soon as Steve told him the Salem police wanted to question him, he returned. Roman tells him he is going by the book, and proceeds to read him his Miranda rights. EJ denies shooting John, and taunts Roman about not having any witnesses, since both Lexie and Tek are missing. He enjoys showing off how obviously up to date he has been kept. Roman asks him why he came back, and EJ tells him to see old friends, especially Roman’s daughter, Sami, with whom he has become exceedingly close. This does not set well with Roman, who tells him what a good man John Black is, and how he was wired, but EJ managed to block the transmission, and Roman should have gone in right then. EJ replies that John broke into his safety deposit box, arranged for his apt. to be searched, and got exactly what he deserved. An angry Roman calls Officer Caesarus in to book EJ and take him to a cell.
Now Philip returns, telling Roman that Shawn & Belle are going to need money, and probably the only thing Belle has with her of value is her wedding ring. When she tries to sell it, alarms will go off all over. “So you reported it stolen, huh?”, sez Roman. He then tells Philip that if he & Victor are not happy with the Salem PD, perhaps they should hire their own police dept. LOL

Steve calls Kayla from a roadside phone to tell her they are nearly there, all is o.k. Belle & Shawn send love to their folks. Steve is anxious to get going, but Shawn is making excuses about getting coffee or something. Steve finally agrees to get some juice for Claire, and when he & Belle leave, Shawn calls Philip (glad he has enough change in his pocket for the pay phone, lol). He tells Philip they are nearly at the finish line, and he will not ever see Belle & Claire again. He hangs up. Later, they are back in the truck, with everyone sleeping, and Steve fiddling with the radio, trying to get some music other than elevator music. (Boy, all I ever get is country or rock when I travel, lol). He finally gets something with a beat….uh, oh. As he listens to the drums, he starts having another episode of being tied down, and having shock treatments. He starts yelling for it to stop, waking Shawn (hard to believe Belle & Claire did not hear a thing). Steve claims he was talking to a tailgater, who finally passed them. Shawn asks if he is all right. Sure. He tells Shawn they are just 20 miles from the border, and it won’t be long now. Now we hear sirens, as Steve says they have company. Belle urges him to stop, saying he is going too fast, and they have no car seat for Claire. Steve refuses to slow down, and in an absolutely unbelievable manner, Shawn climbs over Belle & Claire and takes the driver seat, while Steve goes into the back of the truck. And they did not slow down one iota. Mind you, it is winter, and there is lots of snow on that road.
The cops are yelling thru a bullhorn that they will shoot out the tires unless the truck pulls over. Steve raises the back door of the truck, and begins yelling (like when he has an “episode”, and starts throwing boxes out on the road. (it IS a delivery truck, after all) The cops evidently pull over, tho we never see them. Now Steve comes forward, telling Shawn & Belle it is just a short distance to the border, don’t stop for anything, then ditch the truck. He is going to jump out the back and divert their attention. He goes to the back and jumps out.
Shawn & Belle continue into Canada, and we now see them outside the truck, in the snow, talking of what they will do next. For some reason, Belle pulls off Claire’s hat, (it obviously is cold, so that was odd). Shawn picks up their bag, and they begin walking. And the previews show…..

KATE: Did you shoot John or not?
EJ: Kill a man in cold blood? I could not do that, you know that, don’t you?

SAMI: Tek & Lexie aren’t coming back
LUCAS: Why would you say that? (Roman looks on)
SAMI: Cuz they’re dead and EJ killed them

CONNOR: Give it up, Mom. You’re a Lockhart and you got a right to know
MIMI: Who is it?
CONNOR: It’s………..

CHELSEA…RATHER EMOTIONAL: Nick, I really like you


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