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Wednesday, January 31st, 2007

Episode #10,496
Taped 1/9/07
Director - Roger Inman

Slow show today, with not much going on. Lucas gets a job offer he doesn’t refuse, while the Chelsea & Nick begin their trip to Toronto, all the while trying to keep Philip at bay.

Nick & Chelsea are driving to the airport, and realize they are being followed by a very expensive imported car. Chelsea panics, but Nick has a plan. Behind them Willow has seen Chelsea turn around, but Phil just says “Be afraid, kids, be very afraid”. Willow loves Philip sounding evil, and remarks they make a good team. Phil retorts “You’re a whore, Willow. I don’t take things lying down, and I don’t get used”. Willow sees the car ahead turn, and remarks this is not the way to the airport. Nick has turned off onto Mockingbird Lane, to get something from Aunt Maggie’s house. He parks the car, tells Chelsea he will be right back, lock the doors and turn on the radio. He leaves, and ol Phil pops into the car. He now makes some veiled threatening conversation, but Chelsea tells him that she & Nick are on a date to a movie. Phil is disbelieving, and promises he will be following them. Nick returns, ordering Philip out of his car. She admits she did not lock the doors and they take off. Nick says he has a few tricks up his sleeve, and needs Chelsea to distract Philip at the airport, kiss him or something. He shows her something (I could not see what it was, but think it is a knife). She cannot imagine how THAT is going to take care of Philip.

At the airport, Nick & Chelsea are in line, wanting to get aboard first. They have some good natured banter about each not wanting an aisle seat. Yawwwwnnn. Finally Philip & Willow arrive, (wonder how he got tickets already for this particular flight, since he did not know about it beforehand) and Nick tells Chelsea to go do her stuff. She goes up to Phil, wanting to talk to Phil in private, and he tells Willow to take a hike. Now Chelsea babbles on about not wanting Nick to get hurt, and how she will tell him where Shawn & Belle are. She keeps an eye on Nick, and when she notes he has completed his “trick”, she goes up to Phil’s ear, and yells into it that they are in Canada, idiot. She rushes back to Nick and they go thru security. Now Nick tells her to wait, as they watch Philip & Willow’s turn. As Philip’s bag comes thru the machine, the inspector tell Philip to stop, and asks if he can open his bag. Philip says go ahead….the bag is opened, and the inspector/guard draws his gun, a few more guards surround Philip with guns drawn, and order him down on the floor. Nick grins and takes Chelsea to board their plane.

Loud music & voices wake Claire who begins crying. Belle tries to soothe her, and Shawn goes to quiet down the party. Outside two guys are drinking and bopping to the music, rambling about having played guitars like that at one time. Shawn shuts off the radio, telling them folks are trying to sleep. They turn it back on, and Shawn hits it, evidently breaking it, making them leave. A cop comes along, the guys go inside, and Shawn hides. The cop knocks on the door, shines his flashlight around a bit, and then leaves. Shawn goes back inside, and tells Belle about the cop. Belle says Claire is teething, is in pain and she has nothing to help. He will go to a close by pharmacy, but Belle tells him that is dangerous for him. Later, Claire is crying and guys are yelling to shut the kid up. She takes Claire outside, as Shawn returns with the medicine. They apply it to Claire’s gums, and she quiets down right away. They go back inside. Now there is banging on the door, as the cop has returned. The banging stops, and Claire is babbling Mama over and over. (it is soooo cute, and she does it throughout the scenes) Belle worries that Steve may be the one to come with the money, but Shawn figures his description has been sent out, so his dad will send someone with a low profile. All three lay down to get some sleep. (Must be really chilly in there, as they never take off their outer clothes)

Lucas & Sami are having dinner with Kate, as Lucas tells about being fired by Victor for refusing to go after Belle & Shawn. He asks her for a job, surprising her, and she is hesitant, as she explains about still having EJ for a partner. And speak of the devil, who walks up to join them. Lucas wants nothing to do with him, but EJ shows him the paper, with headlines that say “Racing Star Cleared of All Charges”. Lucas doesn’t believe it and says he knows EJ shot John and there was a witness, but EJ laughs, saying that first it was Lexie who claimed to be a witness, and then it was supposed to be Tek. He mentions that his troubles are probably because of the warm feelings he has for Samantha. Sami sits silent. Kate mentions Lucas looking for a job, but Lucas says no, thanks, he changed his mind. EJ again offers Lucas a job, but Lucas refuses. EJ leaves.

Kate yaks it up, urging Lucas to go talk to EJ. Lucas asks Sami, who says he should do whatever he thinks is best. Kate finally convinces Lucas to go talk to EJ, and Lucas comments that if EJ comes anywhere near Sami, he will kick him all the way back to Trafalgar Square. LOL
Lucas has joined EJ at his table, and tells him he wants EJ to stay away from Sami, in fact he wants him to move. EJ is fond of his apt. but Lucas insists. EJ now mentions Lucas & Sami probably making wedding plans, and then asks if they are planning on having children. Lucas stares, then says, no they are not. EJ agrees finally, that he will move, and will cross the street if he sees Sami coming anywhere in his vicinity. He conveniently has a contract in his pocket, with generous salary, stock options, perks, etc. (My, my, EJ must live by the motto “Always be prepared”). Lucas signs it.

Meanwhile, Kate has been questioning Sami as to why Lucas is so worried about a job, after only 1 day, commenting they must have savings. Of course they do, says Sami, but they want to keep the money as savings. Lucas is just being responsible. Now Kate mentions having seen a producer, and their conversation turned to Sami’s rescue of Lucas. The producer was intrigued, and wants to Sami to tell her story. It is a Human Interest Reality program, with a different and true story each time. Sami wonders why Kate is being so nice to her, but Kate dances around the reason, just saying she knows they have been at odds in the past, but Sami did save her son, and she is ever so grateful. (Watch it, Sami, sounds like the snake in the Garden of Eden, lol).
Lucas arrives, telling the women about accepting the job. Sami seems happy for him, then Kate urges her to tell Lucas about the TV show. Now Lucas is happy for Sami, who will be a TV star, so he says. Kate is positive about Lucas joining Mythic and is looking forward to working with her son. Sami & Lucas leave, while Kate says she is going to have a drink at the bar. But she stops at EJ’s table, telling him she wonders just what EJ is up to. She leaves, EJ twirls his wine glass, saying “the closer Lucas is to me, the closer I am to Samantha. So here’s to the perfect pair”, as he empties his glass. And the previews show:

CHELSEA TO NICK: I will tell you the name of the one guy I slept with, if you will give me the name of your one and only

SHAWN: I can take care of you and Claire
BELLE: I know (they look as tho they are about to kiss)

PHILIP TO VICTOR: I don’t trust Willow, but I want to keep her in my sight until I find Claire, and then I never want to see her again


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