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Episode #10,476
Taped 12/1/06
Director - Roger Inman

Bonnie panics when hearing about the skeleton, & drags Mimi to visit Patrick in jail; Marlena visits Hope & new baby, as Belle spots the woman from the diner at the hospital, & Chelsea gives her mother the 3rd degree about her “visitor”.

Hope is admiring her little baby, telling her that she would have known the minute she saw her that Patrick was not the father, as she looks just like Bo. In he walks, with both oohing and ahing over their bundle of joy. Marlena arrives with congratulations, and comments on their beautiful little girl, and how happy she is to meet her. Hope tells her how sorry she is about John, while Bo says he is sorry he let John take his place. Marlena apologizes to Bo, telling him she said some horrible things to him in ER, did not mean them, and realizes how frightened he was for his wife. She tells him how John was struggling to tell her something, but only could say “killler”, she knows he did not mean EJ, and she has no idea what he was trying to tell her. She mentions Steve being there, and Bo promises to ask Steve what he thinks.

Shawn is comforting a worried Belle out in the hall, as they wait for word on John, who is in surgery. She talks of how her parents had just gotten married, and were so happy, and now this. Shawn promises to protect her and Claire, and they hug. Over his shoulder, Belle spots the woman from the diner, who sees her, then quickly grabs a little boy’s hand, scurrying off. Belle tells Shawn, thinking it very odd, but said perhaps that is the woman’s grandson, and decides to go look for her. She takes off, and runs into the woman again, who is very cold and curt. Belle asks if the boy is her grandson, but the woman says, no, she is just taking care of him. A doctor comes out with release papers for the boy, and the woman is obviously trying not to let Belle see what is going on. Her badge falls to the floor, Belle picks it up and returns it, and the woman leaves. Belle returns to Shawn, telling him what happened, and that the woman works for Child Protective Services, & was taking the boy to a foster family. She begins to ponder all the personal questions the woman had asked them, and then wonders if perhaps they were being investigated without their knowledge. Shawn tries to assure her that Claire is healthy, well cared for , has loving parents, so there could not be any reason to do so.

A replay of Billie & Nick hearing the car, Nick grabbing his clothes, and scooting off to Chelsea’s room to hide and get dressed. There, he realizes he is missing his belt. Out in the living room, Chelsea walks in, asking her mom what is going on. Billie manages to slip Steve’s letter into the pocket of her robe, and scolds Chelsea for not calling Nick herself, to tell him she would not be there. Chelsea proceeds to make some rather unflattering remarks about Nick, which of course, he overhears. He gets a bit angry and vows to forget about her, but changes his mind 2 seconds later. (Nick, we all thought you were sooo much smarter than this!) Chelsea then brags to her mom how she was working, has over $40 in tips (hard to believe she earned even that much, as inept as she was), which she actually gives to her mother. She tells her how she already lost her job, blaming Willow, & not mentioning at all what she did herself. LOL, typical Chelsea.
She finds a belt, wants to know whose it is, and laughs off Billie’s answer that is probably belongs to Patrick. Tooo small, says Chelsea. She realizes her mom had company, Billie lets her think it was just someone she picked up, Chelsea thinks her mom is just too cool, and says she is going to take a shower, then come down, make popcorn and Billie can tell her the whole story. She goes to her room, where a panic stricken Nick is hiding under the bed, watching as Chelsea’s under things drop to the floor. When she goes in the bathroom, he scoots out of the room, surprising Billie, who did not know he was still there. She is urging him to leave, when in walks Chelsea. Stutter, stutter, as neither Nick or Billie know what to say. She blathers on, deciding Nick must have found her Lonely Splicer. Nick gulps, says yes, and more stuttering, as he says the guy is on the west coast…..in San…….Francisco, Jose’…San something. Chelsea pesters for a name, and he somehow spits out the name Shane……(Egads, Days writers, there are thousands of men’s names in this world, Days already has a Shane, could you not think of something new? Just like giving us Nick Fallon when you just gave us Nick Stockton). He stutters a bit more, and comes up with the last name of Patton, Shane Patton. A brain surgeon, no less. (Oh, Nick, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive). Chelsea insists he find out everything he can, likes, dislikes, even boxers or briefs. LOL.

Bonnie arrives, moaning to Mimi about her brother being arrested again. Mimi can’t believe Patrick has done anything that bad, but Bonnie fills her in on the kidnapping of Hope. Both feel his staying to help deliver her baby, then turning himself in will help his case. Bonnie is upset because Patrick has already been moved to County, and wants Mimi to go with her to see him. Mimi mentions having to give a statement about the skeleton to Abe, which is new to Bonnie. She tells Bonnie about the ring, with an insignia on it that looked vaguely familiar to her. As Mimi fills her in, Bonnie is becoming concerned, and is even more insistent that Mimi go with her to see Patrick.

Evidently now at “County” (jail, I presume) Bonnie & Mimi are in the visitor’s room as Patrick is brought in. He is glad to see them, they talk about getting him an attorney. Patrick has no more money, the police confiscated all he had, calling it “ill gotten gains”, so he asks Bonnie for all the money she took from him. Bonnie is silent, and just has no money. Mimi offers what she has saved from her 2 jobs, saying it could be a down payment. They all know that without a good lawyer, Patrick could be sent away for 20 years or more. Now Bonnie wants Mimi to tell her brother about her adventure in the church basement and the skeleton. Mimi explains a bit, mentioning the guy was a murder victim, and not 150 years old. She speculates that when they get thru with foresnsics they will no more. Bonnie wants to talk to Patrick alone, so Mimi leaves.
She tells Patrick he has to keep his mouth shut, if not for her, then for Mimi. If she ever found out what I have done……Patrick interrupts her, saying there is no reason for him to be questioned about that skeleton at all, and not to panic. But Bonnie persists, asking what is she to do if some smart detective I.D.s those bones, and he is in prison. Patrick say that if that happens, “you are on your own”. Their time is up, and a guard takes him away. Bonnie makes a call….which is obviously to Connor, since she says “This is your mother”. She tells him something has come up, he has to come home right away, and to get his butt on an airplane NOW, or the Lockharts just may be going down in flames.

Dr. Tucker has come into Hope’s room to tell Marlena & Belle that John is out of surgery, and is doing as well as can be expected. He explains that John had 2 bullet wounds, that one went into his chest, causing bleeding in his lungs….which deprived his brain of oxygen for a while. He may have brain damage. He is in a coma now, and the doctor cannot guarantee anything at this point. He is sorry. Hope calls everyone to her bedside, to say a prayer for John. And the previews show……….

Max to Mimi: I don't want you to go. They kiss as Shawn, holding Claire, opens the door and see the two of them

Belle: You mean my father may never wake up
Dr. Tucker: The odds are not in his favor. Marlena listens

Steve: You don't believe what Marlena said.....that he was responding to me being in the room, do you?
Bo: Well, he definitely got worked up about something.

Kayla to Hope: I have this fear that someday I'm going to wake up, and he's gonna be gone


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