Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Episode #10,516
Tape date 2/1/07
Director - Albert Alarr

Chelsea pays back Dr. Rebert, Abby agrees to a date with Jed, Shawn forages for food on the island, while EJ blackmails Sami once again. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Abby arrives at the garage, and has Max mumbling and bumbling a greeting. He is glad to see her, is behind in his work, and is tired of constantly holding Mimi’s hand, repeatedly saying he is sorry her family is a train wreck, but all will be o.k. He tells her about Bonnie killing her husband, how Mimi is so needy now, and he is drained. Abby goes under the car to change the oil, and then in walks Jed. What a co-incidence, it is HIS car on which she is working. Max gets a call from Mimi, and goes in the other room, leaving Jed to small talk with Abby for a while. He asks her out for coffee, she says no, she is sort of seeing someone. They banter a bit about college, classes, study, etc. Max comes out, asking Abby to lock up as he has to go see Mimi. He doesn’t have time to make out Jed’s bill, asks Abby to do it. He leaves, Abby has 2nd thoughts, asks Jed if the coffee offer is still open. Sure it is. She gets in his car and he backs out of the garage. (and just WHO is locking up the garage now. LOL)

At the lab, Nick is trying to get other girls to rat on Dr. Rebert, but they need the money and are afraid. Dr. Rebert comes out, wondering what Nick is doing there on his day off, when in comes Dr. Endo with Chelsea right behind him. She has reported him, but Rebert smoothly insists Chelsea is a pathological liar, and he is sorry he did not pick up on that during the interview. Dr. Endo mentions the intimate dinner, but Rebert insists it was to help Chelsea with her calculus. Nick chimes in, but Rebert brings up how Nick scammed Chelsea with the e-mails and his picture, calling him a stalker. But Dr. Endo knows all about it, Nick has told him. Rebert is still insisting on his innocence, when Nick offers proof. He snapped a pic of Dr. Rebert all over Chelsea in the car, (with his camera phone) just before he yanked him out. Dr. Endo takes Rebert into another office. Chelsea is happy, and thanks Nick. Dr. Endo comes into the lab, with a guard escorting Rebert out…….and informs everyone that Rebert has resigned and senior staff will oversee all experiments for now. He thanks Nick & Chelsea, calling her a colleague, which thrills her. He leaves, & Nick tell her she is just like Norma Rae or Erin Brockovitch. Lightbulb moment as Chelsea realizes that is really a compliment. She wants to make dinner for Nick. However, since this all started because of him, maybe he should make dinner for her. What is his specialty? Toast, he replies. LOL. And then comments that he makes a real mean peanut butter, banana & marshmallow sandwich. (Double LOL.) She decides she will make the dinner.

On the island, it is dark, but Shawn has found some fruit. He & Belle argue a bit over who will test it. Shawn wins and down the hatch. Oops, as within a couple of minutes, he upchucks. He then decides to sample some other fruit, and that stays down o.k. and actually makes him feel better. They figure it will be safe for Claire. He asks how she feels about squirrel, figuring he can fashing a spear from sticks and get them something to eat. I believe he even mentions Survivor, and calls himself Castaway Shawn. (Sorry, Tom Hanks, you are not, Shawn!) Belle nays the squirrel idea, so he mentions rabbits, and she just is not going to eat bunnies. So he asks about fish, and that is o.k. So he promises to try and fashion a net from the leaves, and catch them some fish in the morning. Claire is sleeping, and they decide to hit the hay themselves. They lay down, say goodnight, and suddenly, Shawn kisses Belle, who kisses him back, then pushes him away, all upset. Claire starts to cry. Belle babbles a bit and then makes him leave the shelter.

EJ is in his robe, in his apt. when Sami knocks on the door. He tells her to come in, he has been expecting her. She says Lucas is in the shower, and she wants to know why EJ wants to see Lucas this morning. He says he intends to tell Lucas she slept with another man. And now we have another round of EJ threatening to tell Lucas, of Sami referring to the rape, of EJ claiming it was not, and that he knows she is carrying his child. It is the same conversation, different room. Now EJ wants Sami to find out what the police dept. has on him. She says no, her dad never discusses cases with anyone, but EJ thinks she can wheedle it out of him. He threatens, blackmails again, and Sami wonders why he ever came back from Mexico City. He says it was her that brought him back, etc. etc. Sorry, but this is hard to even watch, let alone listen to. He insists that they have a connection, that no one else interests him, and more along those lines. EJ takes his cell and calls Lucas, threatening to tell him all. Sami finally caves, grabs the phone, disconnects it, and agrees to snoop, but claims it is only for Lucas & Will. There is a knock at the door. EJ wonders if Lucas saw the caller ID on his phone. Perhaps they should answer the door and find out. Freeze frame on Sami's face.
And the previews roll…….

Abby: It’s official, I am a failure at dating. Nick: I think I have an idea. I know a way to turn things around for both of us.

Kayla to Steve: You want to walk out that door? You’re gonna have to kill me first.

EJ to Sami & Lucas: You want the truth, Sunshine? I got it coming to you in spades.

Mimi to Bonnie, with Max looking on: For once in your life, just tell me the truth. Bonnie: O.K. , but you are not gonna like it. In fact, you’re gonna wish you never knew.


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