Thursday, February 15, 2007


Friday, February 16, 2007

Episode #10,508
Tape date 1/23/07
Director - Herb Stein

Bo disowns his daughter, Chelsea, Abby shows Max her mechanical ability and both make confessions, while Billie tries to shore up both Nick and then Chelsea.

Max is on the phone with Mimi, explaining how backed up he is at the garage and cannot meet her. He has 3 oil changes, a brake job, and a trans waiting for him. (About time he paid attention to his business and earn some money!) He hangs up, goes into the garage, surprised to find the lights on. Abby rolls out from under a car, explaining how she felt bad about leaving him in the lurch, knew how backed up he was, so she did 3 oil changes and the brake job. She left the trans for him. Max is surprised, (as are we!) but she said she learned a lot from just watching him. A grateful Max invites Abby out for a bite to eat, and she accepts, but wants to clean up first.
Later, at Chez Rouge, they talk about the bones being identified at David Lockhart’s, and how devastated Mimi is. They have no idea how the skeleton ended being sealed up in the church, but the police will find out. (Can't be talking about the Salem PD, lol) Mimi feels terrible at the awful things she has thought & said about her dad, deserting the family, etc. and here he was dead all the while. Abby asks if perhaps Bonnie is involved, and Max says they don’t know, but Mimi is worried her entire family will be in jail, and she will have no one. So he is trying to be there for her, support her, but just feels overwhelmed by everything. (hmmm, sounds like Max trying to say he is really not interested in Mimi, is just a "friend") Abby confesses to having been jealous of him & Mimi, and tells of the crush she had on him. But how she has moved past all that, and understands. Max talks of how he feels his life is empty, that something is out there for him, just in front of him, and he does not know what it is. Abby does. He misses racing and urges him to get back into it. He is scared, especially since the accident, and worries that there could be another one, and someone could get hurt. So she tells him to just get back in the pit again. He loves it all. He then tells her that she was not the only one who had a crush. After he broke off with Chelsea, and Abby came to work for him, he thought of asking her out. But, she was Chelsea’s best friend, and it would not have been a good idea. And then there was the age difference. Abby is indignant, saying she is almost as old as Chelsea, but Max says if they were older, the 6 years would not mean much, but right now, 6 years is a lot. And he knows how crazy her father is. He would swim across the entire ocean just to come and kick Max’s butt. LOL

Nick & Billie arrive back at the apartment, unable to find Chelsea. Nick beats himself up over hurting Chelsea, and destroying what had been building between them. He has lost a good friend. Billie attempts to talk some sense into him, reminding him that he was the one responsible for the change in Chelsea. Nick insists it was Shane Patton, but Billie again tells him that HE is Shane Patton. It was his words and his thoughts that caused the change in Chelsea. Now Nick worries that Chelsea will find out that her mother and Nick slept together. Billie says no, that will never happen. Nick questions why it is so important to Billie that he be in her daughter’s life. He would think after what happened between him and Billie, she would not want him anywhere near her daughter. Billie continues her pep talk, trying to build up his self esteem. She gets a call from Hope, and tells Nick that Chelsea & her dad have had a huge fight. They have to find her now. Nick thinks she will go to Abby. They leave.

Bo is really on Chelsea’s case. He shows her Patrick’s confession, and accusations against Chelsea, has her read the statement aloud for Hope. Chelsea reads how Patrick says she helped him in little ways. She claims it is not true, but Bo remembers how Patrick called Chelsea the night that John was shot. He wanted her to get in touch with Bo, which she did. He arranged for John to be in the boathouse, instead of Bo, with her help. No, No, Chelsea denies. Bo doesn’t believe her, and will not make the mistake of ever believing her again. Hope tries to calm Bo, but he will not be stopped. Chelsea is crying, and pleads with Bo. She did not help Patrick, he called her, asking her to tell Bo she saw him & Hope in a car heading out of town. No, she had not seen them, but she thought the call suspicious, and so called Bo right away.
Bo tells her he does not trust her, she always wanted to break up his family and he is tired of it. She admits that, at the time, she thought if Hope left with Patrick, there might be a chance for Bo & Billie. But she knows he belongs with Hope, she has changed, and she pleads with Hope, swearing she is telling the truth. Bo says he cannot trust her, won’t again, that she is not welcome in his house. He goes to the door, opens it and tells her to get out and never come back. He repeats it, telling her to get out, before he throws her out. Chelsea leaves. Hope immediately calls Billie, telling her what happened and that Chelsea needs her.

Billie comes in, and spots Chelsea, who is waiting for Abby. Now Nick begins to enter, but Chelsea lights into him, telling him to leave, hasn’t he done enough, and didn’t she tell him she never wanted to see him again. Billie asks Nick to go, which he does. Chelsea tells her mom what happened (we don’t see it) and bemoans how cursed they are, as every time it seems they have a chance at happiness, someone pulls the plug. Billie assures her they are not cursed, and instead, how blessed she is to have this beautiful daughter return to her, after all these years. She goes on and on, encouraging Chelsea, with a positive pep talk, and then telling her to just let’s go home, and raid the chocolate cupboard.

A sad and soulful Nick comes into the lab, where Dr. Rebert is working. (Boy, everyone sure does keep long hours, working late at night, etc.). Nick tells him how Chelsea hates him after his deception. Dr. Rebert is sorry, mentioning that not only is Chelsea a beautiful girl, but a great kisser, with lots of passion. He turns away from Nick, telling himself that he thinks the lab job is now filled.

Hope talks with Bo, thinking he was too hard on Chelsea, but Bo is tired of Chelsea’s lies and manipulations. He has done this for Hope, for his family, will not have it ripped apart. Hope tells him that really the blame is theirs. They should have been leaning on each other, and instead they both turned away from each other, and Chelsea just took advantage of the opportunities that thus presented themselves. She tells Bo she believes Chelsea, that they talked as they had never talked before, and reminds him of what Chelsea did for Shawn & Belle, and put herself out there for her brother. They hug, and Bo tells her what a big heart she has, but no. He will NOT give Chelsea one more chance. And the previews roll:

Billie to Nick: Knowing my daughter the way I do, it is gonna be a while before she forgives you. A while could be a very long time.

Chelsea to Abby: If I get the job, I’m pretty sure I can use him to make Nick jealous

Patch to Kayla: The DiMeras can come after me all they want, but I couldn’t take losing you again, sweetness

EJ ..holding the hand of a hospital patient: Nothing is too good for you, father.


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