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Friday, February 2, 2007

EPISODE: 10,498
DIRECTED BY: Albert Alarr
TAPE DATE: 1/10/07

Another slow show...Nick tries to help Shawn while Chelsea visits with Belle as Philip makes threats. Sami gets an offer to sell her rescue story to tv while EJ turns cartwheels trying to get Lucas to work for him.

Kate builds up and introduces Sami to two men (producer and director) from HEROES AMONG US as her son’s savior. She tells her recollection of what happened and the two men applaud her afterward. They ponder if a similar story had aired recently and one checks to learn it’s been a year. They’re encouraged and want Sami to show them the actual cabin where she rescued Lucas. Later they tell Sami payroll will be contacting her as they’ll need to buy the rights to her story (wouldn’t that be the “legal department”) and she’ll make some money from this. Sami sincerely thanks Kate for her help. Later while Kate and Sami are alone (Kate picks up the bill), she and Sami talk and Sami thanks her for her help and giving her a second chance. Perhaps they’re more alike then they realize. Lucas keeps giving each of them second chances too. Kate appears to be humbled and sincere (would be nice if it were true) agreeing. Sami leaves after hugging Kate and telling her she’s going to go tell Lucas that they made peace. As soon as Sami walks out, Kate beckons back the supposed two tv guys to her table. She gives them ½ the money up front and we learn they’re really Private Investigators. Saying it’s none of their business, they ask why she’s so upset with Sami. She agrees it’s none of their business and privately says it’s because Sami’s a lying skank and dug her nails into her son, that’s why.

Lucas and EJ talk about Mythic’s publicity and how EJ wants Lucas to work for him.. EJ seems to feel they’ll steer the publicity away from his indictment and more into the company. EJ hands Lucas his contract, but Lucas admits having decided not to work for him. EJ chides him if he inherited some money and Lucas is honest that he doesn’t like EJ. All he wants is him out of their life and apartment building. EJ gives his word he won’t go after Sami and Lucas flat out calls him a liar. EJ asks Lucas if he believes Sami when she tells him there’s nothing going on between them. EJ denies shooting John and denies being anything like his father Stefano. Will returns home and EJ leaves. Will finds out why EJ was there and mentions they need the money with a baby on the way. Lucas reminds Will that’s not public knowledge and goes to make sure EJ isn’t eavesdropping (he’s probably got a bug planted under a chair). EJ walks in carrying a Playstation 3 asking Will if he could use one. Will says yeah, but reflects on it and says he’d ask his father for one if he really needed one though. Lucas nods appreciatively. EJ says it was a gift from a client and says it was only gathering dust in the closet. He tosses it in the trash which upsets Will, LOL. Lucas finally tells Will he can have it if he wants and Will is thrilled, grabbing the bag and heading for his room. Sami returns home excited about her lunch with Kate until she sees EJ when she walks in. He leaves and Sami’s uncomfortable. She tells Lucas about the good lunch and his mother’s help in telling the producers of the tv show about her saving his life and they’re going to get paid for it. He’s happy as they’ll need the money being he can’t work for EJ, telling her about the comment EJ made about a baby.

EJ walks in later (commenting they really should lock the door) and invites all 3 of them to the company retreat in Manhattan the next week. He makes a comment about the kid can come and Sami’s taken back until he clarifies he meant Will (obviously he wasn’t).

An agitated Belle tells Chelsea and Nick that she has to be on that ship, NOW. She knows Philip is on his way despite their saying otherwise. Chelsea tells Belle they’re not going to let Philip take their daughter away. Belle can’t stop crying and Chelsea calmly tells Nick to go get her some hot tea. Belle remembers that what John use to get her when she was upset. Chelsea knows how Belle feels and Belle remembers what happened to the Benson’s and realizes she does. Nick watches Chelsea comfort Belle by telling her who all is praying for her. He confirms how many people are pulling for them and want to help. Merle returns telling them how much the bail is ($8,600) and a pretty boy and spacey blonde chick were visiting Shawn. Belle freaks, knowing they’ve found them. They ask Merle if he can keep Philip out, but he tells them he stays out of domestic disputes and walks away. Chelsea says she’ll keep him out and Nick is astounded, claiming she’s not a heavyweight, more of a teacup poodle (LOL). He’ll go get Shawn out of jail. Another girl there tells Belle she’s lucky to have family looking out for her and Chelsea reiterates they are family (what she’s always wanted) and everything will be okay. Belle tells her that she was the last person she’d expect to ride to their rescue and knows Shawn will be grateful too. Chelsea hopes so. She tells Belle to pack up as they’ll need to leave as soon as Nick and Shawn return, so Belle hands Claire to Chelsea. Claire is happy to eat her crackers.

Shawn figures he was just arrested for being drunk, but is read the full list of charges. Surprised, he promises to get the money for his bail, but someone speaks up saying not to believe that as Philip and Willow gloat on the other side of the bars. Merle arrives to talk to the cop, asking about the American kid. He tells Merle there’s $8,600 in bail. Philip offers to bail Shawn out if he tells him where his family is. Philip starts losing it through the bars as the two exchange nasties. Shawn tells him Belle and Claire left on a bus, but Philip knows otherwise. The usual angry banter and Philip gives Shawn one last chance to get out of jail. Nope. Willow takes her turn at being smug and Shawn shoots her down by asking if she ever looks in the mirror and wonders what she’d do for a dollar. She holds her stomach in response. Philip shows the court order to the cop and wants to check out the shelter before Shawn gets out. Later Philip tells Shawn he’s going to get Claire and there’s nothing he can do about it. He tells Willow to go back to the hotel and pack their stuff up. She doesn’t feel he should do the cops work, but he says they won’t know unless she tells them. Nick hides when he sees someone (Philip) and joins Shawn when he’s alone. He tells them Kayla and Steve sent $10K and it will cover his bail. Shawn accepts that but worried about Belle and not having enough money for the ship then..but when Nick tells him Chelsea brought the money, complains about that too. Nick explains she put herself on the line for him and he’s only along for the ride. They both call for “Pete” the guard, worried Philip will get to Belle before they do. Pete tells them Philip is charging Shawn with kidnapping.

Back at the shelter Belle is busily packing (they didn’t have that much stuff)..and says they need to stock up on diapers and food. She asks Chelsea to go buy Stacy’s (another gal at the shelter) daughter some food and a snowsuit with the money she brought. Chelsea realizes how selfish and shallow she’s been only wanting to learn who her mother’s boyfriend was and a mystery man on the internet’s name. She wants to be more like Belle, saying everyone loves her. Belle is taken back by that considering she’s on the run and has about $5 to her name, but Chelsea is having a light bulb moment on life. Claire is absolutely adorable how she touches Chelsea’s face when she’s crying. Philip arrives and pounds on the door, insisting she open up.

Philip to Belle: You think this is about Shawn? There’s only one person that I want to see suffer for the hell I’ve been through..and that’s you Belle.

Chelsea to Nick (with Shawn, Belle and Claire there): We did it.
Nick: No, you did it. As Chelsea smiles proudly.

Sami’s bending over pulling on something and Lucas tells her to stop it, she’ll hurt the baby.
Kate asks: “You’re pregnant?”

As the credits roll..

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