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Friday, February 9, 2007

Episode #10,503
Taped 1/16/07
Director - Herb Stein

The runaways run into a problem aboard the cruise ship, Steve undergoes hypnosis in the hospital, while we see the fallout from Sami’s little trick at Mythic.

Shawn brings in a tray of food, exclaiming about all the amenities aboard the cruise ship, including the pool He wants to take Claire and let her have some fun. Belle is adamant about not leaving the room, until they dock (Wow, must say it is a huge room, on a great cruise ship, and only $1000 for the 3 of them. Wonder what cruise line that is. LOL) Belle & Shawn argue, with him reassuring Belle, promising to take care of her & Claire. (Same convo we have heard repeatedly of late)Finally Belle agrees they can leave the room, but only with certain rules. They go by their passport names, remember they are from Nova Scotia, as Belle reassures Shawn no one is going to ask them to sing “O,Canada”. (The Canadian National Anthem). Now they look out the window and exclaim for a few minutes about all the stars, and how beautiful. (???)Claire wakes up, & Belle notes she is running a fever, insisting they have to call the ship’s doctor. He arrives, says her fever is not that bad, and no other symptoms. Belle mentions her cutting her molars, he attributes the fever to that, adding she may have a bit of seasickness, just give her liquids for the next 24 hours, do not let her get dehydrated, and if her fever spikes, to call him. He begins to leave, but asks for Lucy Ann’s passport. Shawn hands it over, and the doctor takes one look, saying there is a problem, there is no immunization stamp.

First a repeat of Sami proclaiming how up close and personal will be the attention the clients will be getting from EJ and Kate, should they be doing business with Mythic. She leaves the room, and Kate says to turn off the video. She goes after Sami, who reminds her that she saved her neck in EJ’s apt. when she was searching it, and then saved her son’s life, but Kate could not appreciate it. Sami tells her now that now SHE knows how it feels to be publicly humiliated. Kate reminds her that EJ is also on the tape, and will not be happy.
Billie berates EJ for sleeping with her mother. EJ retorts that life is short, and one takes pleasure where one can find it. (ugh, this guy is so oily, he must slide right out of bed, lol). Billie remarks she thought he was interested in Sami, but he claims he was, but she is now with Lucas, and so is off limits. Billie now leaves to go yell at Sami, as EJ tells Kate not to worry, he will fix this. He proceeds to go to the front of room, points to the screen, saying jovially, so did you all like this? How many of you thought that was me up there, raise your hands. All the hands go up. And how many thought that was Kate Roberts up there, raise your hands, and all the hands go up again. And now EJ lays down his smoke screen, proclaiming the ground breaking new technology of animated reality (Oh, brother!) called CGI tehnology, yada, yada, yada. At first Kate is puzzled, but then big smile, as she comes to the front, and EJ turns the presentation over to her.
Billie argues with Sami outside, wondering how she could do such a thing. Sami tells her how Kate set her up with a fake cable show, and warns Billie against EJ, saying she thinks she is really into EJ, and that is a mistake. Billie thinks Sami, herself, has the hots for EJ. Sami goes to the bathroom, and EJ comes looking for Sami. They chat a bit about their business deal, and Billie makes sure EJ understands that she is not going to end up on his trophy wall. He kisses her hand saying their arrangement will be whatever Billie wants it to be. Kate comes looking for him and both leave. Now Sami returns, looking green. Billie chatters a bit, then realizes Sami is probably pregnant. Sami admits it, saying only her dad and Kate knows, and now Billie. So now Billie babbles on and on about it, suddenly popping up with “OMG, Lucas is not the father, is he”. Sami has a fit, telling Billie she has never, ever cheated in her life. She would never do such a thing, She loves Lucas……Billie apologizes. Now EJ & Kate come back in, with Kate saying how things have been fixed, and that Lucas still has a job. Sami looks startled, and Kate socks it to her how Lucas would have lost his job if Mythic went down. Sami looks discomfited, and Billie shushes her mom up, saying Sami has the flu, and should go home. Sami leaves. EJ remarks that Sami looked terrible. He then leaves. Kate takes this chance to warn Billie against EJ, saying he is trouble. Billie wants to know why Kate is still in business with him, if he is so terrible. Kate wants what is best for Billie, who retorts that she only wants to pay her rent, and put her daughter through college, and for Kate to butt out of her life. She does not want or need her advice.

Steve paces, upset. He says he has been in jail many times, but this is much different. He complains about someone in a strait jacket having to be spoon fed, and spitting soup all over the orderly. He tells her they just got back together, and should be holed up somewhere, making love. (yeah, I agree, Steve). He wants to leave, but Kayla tells him he can’t, that he agreed. In comes Dr. Beal. Steve banters a bit with him, but finally lays down on the bed, Dr. Beal darkens the room, telling Steve to relax, and finally has him under hypnosis. The doctor begins a steady beat, asking Steve to go back and remember when he first heard this. Steve begins to remember (we see this in black & white) being in a room with bare walls, and being strapped to a table. He remembers his body shuddering violently, as he is being given electric shock treatments, and then remembers EJ close to his face, holding the devil tarot card, saying “You’re one of us now”. He becomes so agitated the doctor ends the session. Steve wakes up, but says he doesn’t remember anything. The doctor plays the tape back, and WE can see Steve recalls his memory, but again he tells them he does not. He leaves to go to the bathroom, while Kayla talks to the doc. She realizes he has been tortured, and the doc agrees, saying Steve is repressing these memories. Steve returns, saying he wants out of there now, but Kayla tells him he is supposed to be there for 2 weeks. The doctor says if he leaves, then his bail is revoked. Dr. Beale leaves, saying he will be back later. Kayla questions Steve, but he still insists her remembers nothing. They hug. He pretends he has to go to craft session, and gets her to leave. He takes a coin or some small round metal object from his pocket and proceeds to undo the screws holding the bars to the window frame. He opens the window, looks around the room, and out he goes. (Glad he is on the lst floor, evidently. Lol) And the previews show………

Kayla to Bo: He’s in danger, Bo. I feel if we don’t do something to stop this, something horrible is going to happen to him.

EJ (holding the tarot card) to Steve: If you fail to accept your fate, I’m afraid it’s going to affect somebody very close to you.

Belle: laying on bed with some huge bow in her hair (at least it looks like one) You look nice and refreshed
Shirtless Shawn: You don’t look so bad yourself

Willow to Philip: OMG, I found them. Shawn & Belle. I think I found them. (She is holding a paper, larger than letter size, but a single sheet. Thought it might be a newspaper , but only one sheet)


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