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Episode #: 10504
Tape Date: 1/17/07
Air Date: 02/12/07
Director: Phil Sogard

Summary: One of those “ho-hum” shows…Kayla turns to Bo for help with Steve…who in the meantime is being taunted by EJ…With Victor and Willow’s assistance (but NOT Lucas’s) Philip frantically searches for Claire…and more of Belle and Shawn on the ship.

At the Java Café…Kayla meets up with Bo, worried about Steve. She tells him that Steve remembered some of what happened to him and they know he was held captive and tortured and shares what little she knows. She feels that there is a lot he is not telling her. Bo tells her that he talked to Marlena and she shared with him about the dreams she is having…that John came to her in those dreams and feels that they are involve Steve as well. He tells her though that they were just dreams and not to take them too seriously. But Kayla thinks that maybe there is more to it…John and Marlena have this connection. She thinks all of it is connected somehow. They both agree that Steve is in trouble and Bo says he feels that Steve is only trying to protect Kayla as she fears something horrible is going to happen, as she explains about Benjy giving Steve the tarot card and how they believe it was a trigger. Her phone rings and she learns that Steve has escaped from the psych ward. Bo thinks he knows where he may be and they take off.

Meanwhile, at Mythic…EJ is on the phone when Steve bursts in, telling he remembered and it was EJ that was torturing him and he was laughing about it. He demands to know what they did to him. He goes to strike EJ but he whips out the tarot card as Steve stares at it. He taunts Steve and pats him on the head, calling him a “good little dog” as Steve is helpless. He tells Steve that he was hand-picked by Stefano to be an agent for them and is under their control. He tells him he has will power and that is good, he will be a much better soldier than John Black was. Steve tries to fight it but EJ says if he fails, it will affect the ones he loves…Kayla and Stephanie. As Steve tries to fight it off, EJ keeps flashing the card in front of his eyes. About this time, Bo and Kayla come rushing in, demanding to know what EJ did to him. He claims he didn’t do anything, Steve came charging in and attacked him…AGAIN. Steve is mumbling incoherently, saying phrases like “it’s him”…”I saw him”…”in the room”. He tries to tell them that EJ helped torture him. He begs Bo to take him back to jail and lock him up (to protect Kayla, most likely). She promises to stay by his side. Bo tells them to go on to the car while he talks to EJ. But before they leave, Kayla walks over and slaps EJ right across the face, telling him he will pay for what he has done. After they leave, Bo tells EJ he knows about the tarot card and Benjy’s involvement as EJ says maybe Bo needs psychiatric help as well. He denies it all as Bo accuses him of shooting John. Bo says he is as sick and twisted as the old man. EJ says that he is a DiMera and Bo is a Brady…can’t they just get along? Bo tells him that Steve has been punished enough…he should be at home with his wife. But EJ refuses to drop the charges, saying that Steve is dangerous. Cocky EJ says that he is sure that Bo and Kayla can give Steve adequate care as Bo tells “Elvis Junior DiMera” to just go to hell. After he leaves, EJ says “not before you”.

On the Cruise Ship…The doctor asks Belle and Shawn about “Lucy Ann’s” immunizations. They claim she had them and he needs proof. He says the doctor probably gave them a form and they search for it. They try to stall and say that it’s late and they will find it and show it to him tomorrow. The doctor finally agrees and says he needs to see it first thing. After he leaves, Belle is panicking about it but Shawn says they will just tell him they couldn’t find it…the worst thing is, he will immunize her. Belle goes to shower and get ready for bed as Shawn hangs a sheet on one side of the bed to give her privacy. After her shower, he watches her shadow on the shadow on the sheet as she changes. He decides he will take the sofa and she asks if he is sure. He goes to take his shower as well (and comments to himself, it will be a cold on). After his shower, she watches him change in the same fashion he watched her as she is clearly getting a bit turned on. He goes over to kiss Claire goodnight (in his low-rider bottoms). Nice Shawn, you bend over right in front of Belle, giving her a clear view of your backside, lol. He tells her they need sleep…they will need it, they will figure something out re: the doctor. They go to bed (her on the bed, he on the sofa) but both lie there awake in the dark, thinking about each other.

At the Kiriakis Mansion…Philip is studying maps, talking on the phone to detectives, trying to find Belle and Shawn. Lucas comes in asking what is going on. An angry Philip tells him he lost his leg and his face, but neither of those hurt more than losing his daughter. He is angry with Lucas for not helping when Victor asked him to. Lucas tells him that Victor ORDERED him to go and steal Claire, but he couldn’t do it. He says that Belle IS Sami’s sister as Philip goes of on a tangent about Sami. Philip plays the family card (reminding Lucas that HE is HIS brother as well) then asks Lucas just WHY is he there. Lucas tells him he needs Philip’s help to get his job back, he can’t work for EJ…he doesn’t respect him. Philip asks if he respects Victor as he whines about losing Claire. Philip finally says he will talk to Victor about it, but Victor walks in, telling Lucas he made his choice and walked away…and for Philip to call security and tell them they have an intruder. Philip refuses and tells Lucas to just leave and says that Lucas only ever came to see him when he wanted something in return. With that, Lucas leaves as Victor assures Philip he did the right thing. But Philip says that Lucas was always good to him and hates that he got caught in the middle of all this. Philip tells Victor that he has been searching but can’t find Shawn and Belle. Victor suggests that he check the tax records of everyone on the ship and that way if they are under assumed names, he can find them. Philip asks where he can get tax records and Victor says he will be right back. Lucas is in the foyer on the phone with a garage, he is car won’t start. Philip comes in, telling him he felt bad for the way he treated him earlier (but says he couldn’t cross Victor) and offers his car to Lucas. He informs Lucas that Victor is getting old and won’t be around forever and when he retires, he will hire Lucas back. Lucas says he guesses he will just work for Public Enemy #1 until then…thanks Philip…great plan. Philip hands over a wad-o-cash to tide him over, but Lucas turns it down, telling Philip he hasn’t changed at all. Lucas takes the car keys and leaves. Philip goes back to the den and paces the floor as Victor returns with the records, telling him to get to work. Willow wanders in, going on and on about the mansion as Victor insults her on his way out. She tells Philip she went to the doctor and is 4 months pregnant. He tells her she had better hope that the baby is Shawn’s or she will be out on her butt. She swears it is Shawn’s, being that he is the only one she has been with and goes on to tell him that she is feeling “amorous”…and that because she is pregnant, it doesn’t mean she is dead, as she starts coming on to him. He shrugs her off, telling her he doesn’t mix business with pleasure. He tells her what he is doing and she asks if she can help…and what does she win if she finds them first. He says his undying gratitude and she says, well, that’s a start. Later, she cozies up to him again and begins to massage his shoulders and he gives her a look and she stops. Later, she is going over the list and jumps up and down excitedly, saying she found something…she thinks she found Shawn and Belle. Freeze Frame on Philip…as the previews show…

Chelsea (to Billie): I would have bet my life on it that Nick was a virgin…but do you know he did the deed with some older woman (as Billie gulps)…

Sami (crying to Lucas): I have to tell you something…and I don’t think you will like it…

Belle (shows Shawn an article in the paper with their pictures and says): Oh my God…someone’s going to see this and recognizes us…

As the credits roll…


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